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Best Javascript Frameworks for Web Development

Varun Bhagat 2 March, 2020

In today’s world, it is almost impossible for us to stay away from Java-based technologies. The reason is, web app developers love to use javascript frameworks for web development. With around 11 million developers using JavaScript, it’s important to understand what JavaScript is used for. Additionally, approximately 21,000 developers have identified JavaScript as their favorite language for web development.

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Though python and its frameworks are making their space in the market, they lag in mobile app development. This is why Javascript is still ruling the industry. The reliability of javascript frameworks for web development can be seen clearly because it is the first choice of some of the leading websites like Facebook and Netflix.

Another essential advantage of JavaScript is that it is effortless to learn compared to other frameworks. The result of Javascript codes can be seen as soon as you write the codes because the code is directly written into the web browser.

Trending Javascript Frameworks for Web Development

Choosing a Javascript framework for web development has always been a tough task for developers because so many options are available. You have to select the right framework because the success of a web platform depends on the type of framework we use to create it.

Talking about this year’s best Javascript frameworks for web development, I present a carefully chosen list of Javascript frameworks from which you can select the one that suits you.

1. React

React Javascript framework for web development

Developed by Facebook in 2018, React is giving fierce competition to the previously leading Javascript frameworks for web development. It is gradually clean, sweeping all other languages, and has reached the top of this year’s list. Though react is a front-end developing language, its fame is never hindered. Companies hire React developers for the development of their websites.

Advantages of React

Being on the top of the list, React has some significant benefits for developers, businesses, and users.

SEO friendly

Search engines generally fail to read Javascript-heavy apps, but React is here. React gives developers the benefits of dealing with this problem. React runs on the server, rendering and returning the virtual Data Object Model(DOM) to the browser as a regular webpage.

Downward data flow

Every developer is scared of making changes in his/her code once it is complete. This is because small changes might affect the stability of the code. React guarantees the downward flow of data, which leads to code stability, and effects are shown where required.

Rendering is super fast

Rendering in terms of web browsers means displaying the page by parsing its HTML. In creating a high-load application, it is essential to consider how the structure will impact the overall app performance. This is where react comes into action. It creates a virtual DOM and then displays the full page on the client side.

Websites that Use React

Almost all the “big and mighty” websites work on React. Some of them are our favorites. Let’s have a look:


React holds the foundation of Facebook. The high-speed rendering provided by the React framework allows 2.13 billion users worldwide to access their newsfeeds without even a high-speed Internet conveniently.


Reddit, as we know it, is an online platform for free user interaction. Here you can engage in discussions on various trending topics. In short, it is a type of forum that has gathered almost 330 million active users on its pages.


Being one of the oldest media companies in the world, people tend to trust BBC News globally. This means corporate owners had to look after customer satisfaction with web services. React was chosen as a web development framework for the BBC’s online resource.


None of us is unknown to the fame of Netflix. It is one of the most popular platforms of media content streaming, offering TV shows, movies, etc. Netflix provides high-definition media, artificial intelligence-based searches, and full compatibility with various media devices.


Dropbox is the most trending online file hosting service where one can store and synchronize data in the cloud. It also grants users access to their files from any corner of the world and over any device connected to the web.

2. Angular

Angular framework image and users

Earlier known as AngularJS, Angular has always been the first choice of every Javascript web developer. It is efficient enough to create Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Another essential feature of angular is that the applications made using angular are cross-browser compatible. Cross-browser compatibility means client applications will produce different results on different web browsers. For this reason, companies hire angular developers too. Also, in 2020, Angular is launching Angular 9, which might change the equations of web development.

Advantages of Angular

The popularity of Angular in the developing world is because of its benefits over other Javascript languages. Let’s discuss the prominent ones.

Supported by Google

As we can see, the most significant advantage of using angular is Google’s Long-Term Support (LTS). This clearly shows that Google has plans to stick with Angular in the long run. Because of Angular’s stability, Google apps also use angular for development.

Written using TypeScript

To ensure higher security, Angular applications are built using TypeScript language. TypeScript is a superscript for Javascript, and it

helps catch and eliminate errors while the code is written or during maintenance tasks.


Every angular object used is POJO, i.e., Plain Old Javascript Object. This enables object manipulation by providing every conventional Javascript functionality. In short, no additional getter or setter statement is used with Angular.

Websites that Use Angular for Web Development

The websites which gained momentum before the introduction of React were generally based on Angular. Developers chose angular as the top Javascript framework for web development. Certain sites based on Angular are:


Currently, MotoCMS is an easy visual website builder that has used Angular for admin panel development during the last 9 years. MotoCMS used Flash in the past and were developers of the first Flash websites. A huge upgrade to Angular and the new admin panel was made in 2011.


PayPal is an American company operating a worldwide online payment system that supports online money transfers. This company relies on the services of Angular.

DoubleClick by Google

Google acquired DoubleClick in the year 2007. It provides Internet ads serving services to companies. Google switched the company to Angular after its acquisition was made.

The Guardian

The Guardian is one of the leading British newspapers. Since 1936, the people of Britain had trusted the Guardian, so it could not disappoint its readers when it switched to digitalization. This is why it chose angular for developing the website of The Guardian.

Tata Consultancy Services(TCS)

India-based MNC; Tata Consultancy is a renowned name in software development. Being the largest Indian company by market capitalization, TCS also trusts angular out of all the other Javascript frameworks for web development.

3. VueJS

websites that use VueJS development platform

VueJS is an open-source Javascript framework used to develop interactive web interfaces. Though it was created in 2014 by Evan You, an ex-engineer at Google, it gained popularity in 2018. The sudden popularity of VueJS is the frontend security it provides.

Like React, VueJS uses Virtual DOM(Data Object Model), making changing data structures easier. The ease of using VueJS has made it top of the best Javascript frameworks for web development. 

Advantages of VueJS

Other than security, VueJS has the following benefits.

Small in size

The most significant advantage of VueJS is its small size. Every developer who uses Javascript frameworks for web development finds it easy to work on small frameworks. This framework is about 18-21 KBs only.

Easy to implement

The simple structure of VueJS allows users to implement it easily. VueJS has some great features like watchers, computed properties, and directives, making the process of building web applications more accessible.

Flexible in nature

Flexibility here allows users to write their template in HTML files, JavaScript files, and pure JavaScript files using virtual nodes. This advantage makes it easier for React, Angular, or any other Javascript developer to work on Vue JS.

Websites that Use VueJS

VueJS is new in the world of Javascript frameworks for web development, but still, some of the top websites have chosen VueJS.


GitLab is a web-based DevOps lifecycle tool that provides a one-stop solution from project planning and source code management to CI/CD and monitoring using an open-source license developed by GitLab Inc. This website was created by Sid Sijbrandij using Vue.


Founded in 2007, Chess.com or better known as Chess, is a game whose frontend components were built using VueJS. According to Wikipedia, Chess.com has 33.771+ million active users.


Behance is the most used website by Graphic designers, where they showcase their talents worldwide. They have used Vue.JS a front-end programming language.


When it comes to online gaming consoles, Nintendo is the first preference of gamers. Nintendo also chose VueJS for its front end and has around.

  4. NodeJS

node js platform users

Regarding cross-platform web application development, NodeJS is a perfect choice. Though NodeJS has seen a downfall in the past, it is expected to gain momentum in 2020. The reason is the rising popularity of cross-platform web apps.

NodeJS is actively used when one has to create lightweight applications. Companies hire NodeJS developers to make a web application made. Let’s take a look at what all NodeJS has for us.

Advantages of NodeJS

Let’s get down to the benefits of NodeJS.

Ease of scalability

The most significant advantage of using NodeJS is that it is easy to scale the applications in horizontal and vertical directions. This shows that it is more highly scalable than any other Javascript framework for web development.


Client-side or server-side, NodeJS is efficient enough to support both. This is why NodeJS is a full-stack Javascript framework. Therefore you don’t need to hire developers separately for frontend or backend.

High performance

Node.js interprets the Javascript code via Google’s V8 Javascript engine, which compiles the Javascript code directly into the machine code. This increases the production of NodeJS by making it easier and faster to implement codes.

Extensible in nature

Extensible in nature means that one can customize or extend NodeJS as required. It also comes with built-in APIs for developing HTTP, TCP, DNS, etc. servers.

Websites that Use NodeJS


LinkedIn is an American online business and employment-oriented service. It was earlier based on Rails but then switched to NodeJS after seeing its benefits. As per the article published on the Business of Apps, it has around 20 million active users.


We all know that Yahoo has been utilizing NodeJS for years. Yahoo has implemented NodeJS in many applications, including emails and yahoo answers.

Wall Street Journal Online

Wall Street Journal is an American daily that covers mainly business and economic news. The journal chose NodeJS for its online version and now has around 1.3 million happy subscribers (as per Wikipedia).


Groupon is one of the most fantastic eCommerce platforms based on Node.js. You can find substantial discount coupons and deals on this website. The site was started in 2011, and today it earns billions because the founders were able to pick the right framework from so many Javascript frameworks for web development.

Javascript Frameworks for Web Development – Final Words

Out of so many frameworks available, Javascript frameworks became so popular, and the biggest and main reason behind it is that they allow scalability in cloud computing and the backend. This article discussed some of the best Javascript frameworks for web development, trending in 2020-2023. And out of all the Javascript frameworks, React, NodeJS, Angular, and VueJS frameworks are the most used and loved frameworks. These frameworks will develop in the long run in the coming years too.

I hope this article will help you choose the best Javascript framework for your web development. Happy coding!

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