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What Are Benefits of Node JS over Java, PHP and Angular JS?

Manan Ghadawala 14 March, 2019

In order to find the benefits of Node JS, we should compare it to other popular platforms. In this post, you will see the pros and cons in comparison to Java, PHP, and Angular JS. Let`s get it started!

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Let`s Start with Java!

Java is a very popular platform where the developers create object-oriented programs. It is an excellent platform for general-purpose programming. James Gosling is its creator. At the moment one can use this programming language to write a program and run it anywhere. On the other hand, Node JS is popularly called a runtime library. It is also a cross-platform framework that is specifically used to create and run JavaScript applications in mediums other than browsers. It is an open-source and free-to-use tool used by the majority of developers to create JS applications for servers.

The majority of the syntax used in Java is derived and coded using C++. C++ is also a similar programming language with object-oriented and class-based features. It comes in the form Java Development Kit. Most of its elements or components are not required for running Java. The compiler used in this language converts the source program into bytecode thus enabling a user to run it in all operating systems that have a proper Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This is considered to be one of the best benefits of using Java. All you need is an apt JRE. The JREs can be availed from Java’s official website. These JREs are downloaded and easily installed for running the bytecodes.

Find the Benefits of Node JS Over Java

advantages of node js over java

Node JS development Service, on the other hand, is offered by the developers for creating real-time application development and mobile application services. Writing scripts can be easily scaled. Usually, the scripts are lighter and easy to execute. Node JS can be used for back-end as well as front-end developments as JavaScript can be used for the same development. A developer using Node JS can conveniently reply to the specific HTTP requests and listen to them. He can also access a database stored in a server and at the same time, listen to the traffic networks. As it follows an event-based operation model, it can address scalability. It also allows the rich libraries of JavaScript for modules and simplifies the process of coding for the developers.

Let us summarize the particular differences between Node JS and Java. It will help us to single out the benefits of Node JS and decide if it`s worth it.


Java is an object-oriented and class-based language, specifically derived from the C++ language. Node JS operates on a framework developed using C++, C, and JavaScript.


Java is a language used to create a concurrent application. Node JS is used to create a scalable and fast server-side application. It is used for developing a faster Node JS website for a better user experience. This is one of the most important benefits of Node JS.

Node JS is particularly used for creating small-size applications and other projects whereas, Java is used for complex projects that are web-based and concurrent.


Java is popularly used to create various web applications whereas Node JS is preferred for developing faster and scalable applications.


The installation of Java needs a proper development kit. Node JS will only need to install archive files on the system.


Using Node JS will give the developers freedom and convenience to utilize the benefits on the server, as well as, client-side. Java is still dominating interactions on the server-side. Java Development is used for object-oriented application development whereas Node JS is used for creating real-time applications and platforms such as Google Docs.

What are the Differences between Java and Node JS?

Java uses the multithreading concept easily whereas Node JS is based on a different archive-based concept. The highly concurrent projects can be easily handled using Java as it has a great platform to offer easement for the creation of complex applications. Node JS is not made to handle threads which makes it the right choice for simple and faster application development.

Node JS is particularly used for input/output-based applications for the easiest and convenient runtime. For instance, the majority of the applications that are developed for real-time editing, drawing, interacting with hardware, etc are developed using this language. On the contrary, Java is used for the development of intensive tasks and complex computational applications that are used in intricate applications. The benefits of Java are used for heavier computational power platforms.

Java has the richest libraries and excellent frameworks that are used for the development of websites throughout the globe. Node JS is preferred because of its excellent event-driven development model. Despite all the speculations, it depends on the program or application the developer is working on.

Open-Source Framework – Angular JS

Angular JS is another open-source platform used by the Angular JS Development Services for the creation of web applications utilized at the front end. The Angular JS is maintained by world-renowned Google developers. Every challenge imparted in this segment is met with precision by the eminent team. The members address the challenges a developer faces while developing single-page apps.

Angular JS has the prowess to reduce the coding hassles and total effort is considerably benefitted for the development of a fully functioning application. It is because of its modular application; it is known as Model View Controller.

Because of the major features of the framework, Angular Js is based on, a core JavaScript file is included in every application. The additional modules and files are then added depending on the features a developer wants in the application. Angular JS is particularly used for the development of dynamic applications for websites. The Angular JS Development service mostly used HTML as the ideal template language. In fact, its syntax is particularly used for expressing the components of the applications briefly.

Benefits of Node JS over Angular JS

advantages of node js vs angular js

One of the biggest benefits of using Angular JS is its smoother data synchronization among the components, view, and the model. As mentioned earlier, Angular JS is used for easy and quick integration of codes. All the templates are similar to that of the plain and traditional HTML. It also includes the latest terminologies of extended HTML versions. This particular feature is exemplary for both beginners and experts handling Angular JS to create a web app.

Angular JS has a huge potential for building excellent Graphic User Interface (GUI) required for the web programs and dynamic websites. The creation of single-page apps become extremely easy and innovative. Using this framework also allows a developer to write custom codes in HTML. The integration with other user interface tools also becomes a lot easier while using Angular JS as the framework.


Angular JS is entirely compiled using JavaScript language. Node JS is compiled using JavaScript, C, and C++.


Angular Js, as we all know, is used for the creation of single-page web applications for clients. Node JS is used for creating server-side scalable applications.


Node JS is the best component for smaller projects whereas Angular JS is used to develop active projects for websites and highly interactive user interfaces for web applications.


Angular JS is also utilized for real-time web applications such as instant messaging. Node Js is used to develop faster and scalable applications.


Node JS requires archive file installation on the system to run. Angular JS requires files like JavaScript files for running on a system.


Angular JS is dominating client-side interactions whereas Node JS is used for both server and client-side interactions.


Node JS has different frameworks such as Sails JS, Express JS, and Partial JS. Angular JS, on the other hand, has its own framework for web applications.

Differences between Angular JS and Node JS

Angular JS is a unique option to choose for the development of long projects. Node JS, as we all know, is used for smaller projects. Angular JS does not need any specific installation in a separate manner. In this case, Node JS requires specific and separate installation to run on the machine.

Angular JS can be easily used with any other backend language such as Java, PHP, etc. It can also be used as a front-end platform. Node JS is a server-side framework. Angular JS uses the browser platform on the client-side to run whereas Node JS does not run on the web browsers. As we all know, Node JS is a framework with a server-side application.

Angular JS is absolutely compatible with Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc for computers. It is also compatible with mobile web browsers such as Chrome, Android Browsers, etc. Node JS, on the contrary, is compatible with Mac OS, Sun OS, Linux, and Windows.

Both platforms are utilized for the development of website applications. Despite the same usage, the architecture is different. The modus operandi of both the platforms vary and are utilized for creating applications of different genres.

What is PHP?

PHP is a language used to write server-side scripts. It is basically used for the development of static websites, web applications, as well as, dynamic websites. The abbreviation PHP means Hypertext Pre-Processor. Earlier, the full form of PHP was Personal Home Pages. The scriptures formulated using this platform can only be interpreted when a system has PHP files installed in it. The clients, on the other hand, will need a web browser to access the PHP scripts coded and formulated by a PHP Development Company. A PHP file has an extension of .php at its end.

PHP is yet another open source framework used vividly by the developers to create scriptures. PHP is often considered as the ideal platform as it offers a small learning curve. Even a novice can use its prowess to create specific web applications and websites for clients that will work properly. Compared to other languages, the concepts of PHP are easier to grab and execute. It also offers a larger community to aid in finding solutions to a particular problem.

Benefits of Node JS over PHP

benefits of node.js over php

On the other hand, PHP is considered as a default language as the majority of the hosting servers find this framework familiar and support it. Unlike the other languages, PHP gains more support, and hence, it becomes a cost-effective option for the development of websites.

PHP is also updated based on contemporary trends and regular changes. The dynamic transformation of this language makes it a versatile choice for excellent PHP Development Services. This language has inbuilt support for MySQL so that the developers can gain hands-on experience. It not only works in this database management system but is also compatible with Postgres, MS SQL, Oracle, ODBC, etc. PHP is also a cross-platform language which can be deployed in various operating systems without any hassle. It has the prowess to work normally in Mac OS, Windows, Linux, etc.

Runtime environment

PHP already has an inbuilt feature that can be used on the server side. Node JS is different as it is a runtime environment designed for JavaScript. It is also used on the server side.


Node JS is powered by Google V8 Engines that runs on JavaScript whereas, PHP is powered by or runs on Zend Engines.

Coding complexities

PHP is easy to code as the developer has to write less. Node JS is a little more complex than PHP as the number of code lines to be written in this case is more. The basic features of Callback functions and closure need a few more lines for the compilation.


Node JS is an event-driven input/output execution model that uses a non-blocking format. PHP, on the other hand, uses the multithreaded blocking input/output feature to run multiple tasks simultaneously without postponing one. This is why Node Js is asynchronous and PHP is synchronous.

Execution speed

As we can easily understand, PHP is slower than Node JS in this aspect. It has also been found that the applications using Node JS are way lighter than PHP.

Web server

Node JS is a runtime model which means it does not have the requirement of a web server, PHP, on the contrary, runs on IIS web server when it has to run on a Windows machine. It also uses the Apache web server.

Overall Benefits of Node JS

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Here are the overall benefits of Node JS.

1. Event-Driven and Asynchronous Model

This model offers better scalability and 50 times more concurrent connections available on a server.  The real-time connections are pretty fast and only wait for the network to respond. When data processing is needed, it exploits 20K RAM on each connection for boosting the speed.

2. Best for Building Universal and Isomorphic Websites

The Node JS development company uses its elegant features to create faster loading lightweight websites. This is the isomorphic character of the framework that offers a server-side rendering benefit. Using Node JS will also offer a better edge in the competition for the business. The clients will find their website’s response time is extremely efficient. It means that the websites developed by Node JS will be automatically ranked higher than normal PHP websites. Google SEO ranks these websites better than any other websites with higher loading time. This also aids the clients to prepare a mobile-specific platform to grab the attention of the users. The users also find opening these websites much easier and less hassling in terms of data usage. It is a win-win for both parties.

3. TypeScript Usability

The users will find the benefits of Node JS a lifesaver as it can be used for compilation in TypeScript. Type safety will be automatically double the productivity of the team. The compiler will show the faults even before saving what you have done. It means that your work will be reduced to a minimum and you can show more productivity.

These Node JS development tools make it a better option for the developers not only because of the output but also the raised productivity level due to the easement in a compilation. When the entire code compiles, it means that all the large chunks are compatible with each other and are working perfectly, both individually and together.

The technical debt will not accumulate as the refactoring process is less tiring and very safe. A simple key press will aid you to rename a class member or a function. Node JS is very easy to test and debug by using the VS Code. This debugging tool is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows OS. In fact, it also does not need any server setup. Just, running the app will do.

4. It Is the Latest Trend and Standard

Setting up a Node JS development is the latest trend and standard as the modern internet has evolved past PHP. The real-time features are what every user seeks in web applications. Prompt response and quick loading time of the online platforms are mandatory. The attention span of mobile users is reducing day by day. A heavier website that takes too much time to load will not get that much traffic. In fact, it will not be picked by Google or other search engines to display in the search results.


There are lots of benefits of Node JS has become a staple framework to develop websites and web applications these days. Its features will benefit in the fabrication of faster and lighter web applications.

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