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Website Virus Scanner Tools – Top 10 Free Solutions for Security Site Check

Brenda 8 February, 2018

The security of your website is one of the most important factors you need to consider in this day and age. With customers handing over copious amounts of personal data, including financial information, it’s never been more important to protect yourself, and your website users, from internet hackers with malicious intent. Today, we’re going to explore the top 10 website virus scanner tools you can use to test and improve your website security, from an online virus scan to malware identifiers, enabling you to close up any loopholes and therefore maintaining your website’s credibility, reputation and customer base.

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To kickstart our list, if you’re looking for a Windows-based website virus scanner security tool, you make not need to look further than AppSpider.

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With this comprehensive app, you’ll be able to test and scan all kinds of applications you’ve developed, including web applications and services, rich-internet applications and even mobile apps. This online website scanner is perfect for protecting your website against malware.


Available across all many of platforms, NMap is a powerful online website scanner and online virus scanner that’s ideal for scanning huge networks. The tool works by sending out specially designed packets of information to your target and then reads and analyses the responses it receives. After this, you’ll then receive online security tips on how to improve your network’s security.

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John Hamer, the security expert for the State of Writing, exclaims “The fact that NMap is universal across a range of platforms is one of its most beneficial features. Since we use a selection of Mac, Windows, and Linux systems, as well as having freelance technicians come into work on our servers and network means we can keep security tight, no matter what we’re doing”.


For checking for malware and all the internet security tips you could ever need, be sure to try out the Quttera website virus scanner today.

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Simply input your website’s URL into the search bar and run the tool for all the information you could need on potential malware, phishing links, Safe Browsing features, all from this complete online virus check tool with online security tips.

Comodo cWatch – Website Virus Scanner

An extremely popular online virus scanner, Comodo cWatch is an advanced security tool that helps you detect problems with the security on your website and removes them after carrying out an online virus scan.

Comodo cWatch website virus scanner

The tool can be downloaded and installed on your network, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of 24/7 scanning, a PCI Compliant website virus scanner tool and all the internet security tips and online security tips you could ever need, all from the most up-to-date sources.


VirusTotal, as the title suggests, is a website virus scanner tool that’s dedicated to finding and removing viruses from your website’s network.

website virus scanner VirusTotal

This powerful online virus check tool uses databases pulled from leading virus scanning tools such as Kaspersky, Dr Web, CyberCrime, CloudStat and many more. With this information behind it, the tool is able to scan and highlight any trojans, viruses, malware, worms and other forms of malicious software and code that could be present on your system.


SUCURI is a free, web-based website virus scanner application which is designed to allow you to online virus check and protect your website from malware, website blacklisting and injected SPAM activities. This multi-platform scanner can be accessed from any computer and can scan any website by simply entering the URL.

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Jason Taylor, the security manager for Big Assignments, shares; “We use SUCURI all the time for fast scans of our website, especially our WordPress and Magneto blog pages. The services we provide contain a lot of confidential information, so it’s great that we have something so simple we can use to keep us up to date.”


This free website virus scanner tool does exactly what the title suggests. If you’re using a WordPress website or eCommerce plugin, simply pop your URL into the free online website scanner, and you’ll be able to see any malware and use any of the online virus check features.

WPScans website virus scanner image This tool also provides you with deeply integrated analytics and prides itself on an advanced report mechanism.

Web Inspector

Web Inspector is a free online virus scan tool that quickly and effectively allows you to scan an individual web page for malicious activity.

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You’ll be able to see a list of results that includes; malware, backdoors, viruses, malicious downloads, blacklistings, and even worms. The website virus scanner tool also provides internet security tips on how to improve your existing protective features.


Commonly referred to as the Open Web Application Security Project, this is a globally operating charitable organization that has the sole focus of helping websites improve their website security. The project is open source which means it’s constantly updated and free for you to edit and add your own features. The project includes a tonne of internet security tips and online website scanner features for you to enhance your website’s security.

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David Owen, a security technician currently working for Academized, explains “OWASP is a great tool and resource database for businesses both big and small. We use it regularly to make sure our knowledge is up to date and for consistently monitoring our services. The fact that it’s contributed to by people around the world means we have the most recent knowledge to work from that helps us stay one step ahead of users with malicious intent”.


This online website virus scanner tool is perfect for all your malware scanning, online virus checker and injected spam detection needs.

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What really sets this website apart from the rest is the fact that it’s compatible with all kinds of online domain platforms including WordPress, Magento, Bulletin, Drupal and many more. The tool has the ability to remove malware that’s discovered during its scans actively and can report on any viruses that may have affected your network.

Hacker Combat – Free Website Virus Scanner

Hacker Combat – Malware Scanner is a free online tool where you can scan your website for any malware, hidden codes, iframes, any vulnerabilities etc.

free malware scanner hackercombat

The scanning is done in a way that the tool performs a deep digging weaving across the length and breadth of the website and even external links. Our advanced malware scanner helps you get a detail report on the status of your website if it is affected by any notorious code, and alerts the business owners to take immediate action. The online scanner also warns the owners about the possibility of their website getting blacklisted due to various security threats.


As you can see, there is a tonne of tools out there that can help you remove malicious coding from your website. Don’t forget to use these tools regularly to ensure that your website is clear from harmful and potentially dangerous users that could put your website and users at risk. Failure to do so and you could be putting your website’s reputation and credibility on the line.

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