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Best Uptime Monitoring Services to Be Alerted about Site Performance 24/7

Allison Reed 21 December, 2017

Are you sure your website is doing well at this very moment? Once your business got launched online, the only thing you have to take care of is making sure that it works like a charm. And at some moment, something can go wrong even with no fault from your side. The hosting you selected for your website is an automatic system, but this system is still supervised by living people. Even a few hours of downtime may bring all your work to nothing when your server is down. So the faster you become aware of the problem, the more chances you have to mitigate the consequences. Of course, it doesn’t mean you have to watch your website all day and night. That’s madness. The other day web developers came up with a solution to help you release yourself from this burden. It is called Uptime Monitoring.

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What is Uptime Monitoring?

Uptime Monitoring is not a new service, yet it is in great demand among multiple businesses worldwide. With its help, you can track your own website status and get notified when something goes wrong. You can check all necessary information using uptime monitoring software, like your website. This includes the current status, an email you left for notifications, the latest downtime, a diagram to monitor your server speed, and much more.

Top Benefits of Using Uptime Monitoring

  • Spare more time for your business. Once you select the uptime monitoring software that meets your expectations, you can forget about your website (or websites) and devote all your energies to growing your business, project, or company.
  • Spot the problem and act immediately. You will receive an email, SMS, or other notification whenever something goes wrong on your site.
  • Get convinced your website is back to life, and sleep well.

Premium and Free Uptime Monitoring Software

You can’t stay at home or in the office staring at the monitor and tracking the performance stats of your site.  This is when uptime monitoring software will be just helpful. Plenty of premium and free uptime monitoring software is available, both online and on a desktop. We have decided to help you with the choice of the best site monitoring solutions for your personal or business purposes with the help of the following chart.

Each time your site goes down means a revenue loss. You may also lose clients who reach a website that is not responding. For this not to happen, you need to be always alerted to whatever happens to your site.

Weighing up the best network monitoring tools is easier if you have a sense of your available budget, as well as the scale and scope of your site, since the more complex your setup, the more in-depth a tool will need to be to oversee it effectively. Keep all this in mind as we showcase the top contenders.


UptimeRobot uptime monitoring

UptimeRobot is a free uptime monitoring software. It checks the current status of your site every 5 minutes. In the case that it finds any issues with the code, it runs further checks. If the problems are not resolved, it sends automatic alerts to you. With the help of this tool, you can check up to 50 websites at a time. The alerts are sent via email, SMS, RSS, and other channels.


  • multiple types of checks: HTTP(s), port, keywords;
  • email, SMS, push, Slack, and other alerts;
  • verification;
  • maintenance windows;
  • public status pages, etc.

Pricing: free; premium for $4.5/month


Pingdom uptome monitoring

Pingdom is a premium website monitoring software, which also includes the 14-day free trial. With its help, you can track the performance of 1 website at a time. The free iPhone app makes it really worth the investment. With its help, you can always keep track of the current state of things on your site. The alerts are sent via email, SMS, or iPhone app push alerts.


  • uptime monitoring;
  • page speed monitoring;
  • alerting;
  • visitor insights;
  • server monitor.

Pricing: 14-day free trial; premium plans are priced $11/month and higher.


Monitis uptime monitoring

Monitis is also a premium site monitoring software. A free 15-day trial is included. Using the tool, you can track the performance of 1 website. The site code is checked every 30 minutes automatically. The automatic alerts are also accompanied by the uptime/downtime reports


  • all-in-one monitoring;
  • cloud-based;
  • real-time views;
  • instant alerts;
  • monitoring history, etc.

Pricing: free and premium plans


Uptrends uptime monitoring

Uptrends is a premium website uptime monitoring software featuring a 30-day free trial. With its help, you can monitor 1 website at a time. The software runs automatic uptime monitoring every 30 minutes. If something goes wrong, its sends automatic notifications in the on-site mode. In order to get the tool up and running, you need to add the respective button to your site. Clicking the button generates reports of the last day, week, month, and year.


  • multi-browser monitoring;
  • monitoring checkpoints;
  • transaction reorder;
  • mobile apps;
  • alerting, etc.

Pricing: 30-day free trial; premium plans are priced $11/month and higher.


SiteUptime is the website and server uptime monitoring service. Under the free account, you can monitor 1 website. The software runs automatic site monitoring every 30 minutes. The alerts are sent each time your site goes down. You can also configure the alert trigger after 1-5 failures occur.


  • 24x7x365 monitoring;
  • email and SMS alerts;
  • failures and logs reports.

Pricing: free; premium plans are priced $10/month and higher.

SiteUpTime from David Martin on Vimeo.


Site24x7 uptime monitoring

Site24x7 will provide you with explicit information regarding the performance of your website and the way the users who have reached it feel as they browse the web pages. The tool lets you monitor one website only. The automatic uptime checks are run every 1 hour. Each time something goes wrong, you will be alerted about this via email. Additionally, the tool runs server, network, and user experience monitoring.


  • website monitoring;
  • server monitoring;
  • app monitoring;
  • network monitoring;
  • real user monitoring.

Pricing: 30-day free trial; premium plans are priced at $9/month and higher.


Uptimia uptime monitoring

Uptimia is the website uptime and performance monitoring service. With its help, you can monitor the uptime of HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, UDP, emails, and more. It also provides such features as transaction monitoring, the on-site experience of the visitors who have reached your site, and site speed monitoring. The tool runs uptime checks from 5 data centers every 5 minutes. The alerts are sent via email.


  • uptime monitoring;
  • transaction monitoring;
  • real user monitoring;
  • website speed monitoring.

Pricing: 30-day free trial; premium plans are priced $9/month and higher.


Inspiring uptome monitoring tool image

Inspiring provides free instant notifications and in-depth reports regarding all the things that happen on your site. This is a one size fits all solution that will work on the websites of startups and well-established corporations perfectly well. It takes a couple of minutes to install the tool in order o receive instant real-time monitoring of your site and regular alerts whenever something goes wrong.


  • instant downtime alerts;
  • real-time monitoring;
  • critical downtime information;
  • check availability report;
  • webhooks, etc.

Pricing: free, premium plans are priced $2/month and higher.

Happy Apps

Happy Apps uptome monitoring tool image

This uptime monitoring service will be the ideal match for everyone working with apps.  If you need to be always alerted about the current status of the app, its performance, and the possible issues, then the Happy Apps is just what you need. It supports the record number of check types. Thus, as soon as you run the setup, you will be able to monitor a number of checks, including databases, messaging, app servers, custom checks, etc.


  • group & monitor apps and IT systems using databases and web servers;
  • check & monitor a number of systems, including DBs, MCQs, App Servers, Web Servers, and custom apps;
  • instant visibility to all incidents and issues;
  • proactive alerts, etc.

Pricing: free, premium plans are priced at $9.95/month and higher.

Uptime Doctor

Uptime Doctor uptime monitoring tool image

With Uptime Doctor, you can monitor up to 5 websites at the same time.  The tool monitors your sites 24x7x365. Whenever some issues occur, you will receive alerts by email, SMS, and push notifications via iOS and Android apps.


  • uptime & performance reports;
  • multi-protocol support;
  • downtime notifications;
  • maintenance scheduling;
  • free alarm elimination, etc.

Pricing: 100% free

Wrapping up

Whether you run a small startup or a well-established business, you need to be aware of your site’s performance. Each time your site gets slow, or the page crashes, you lose on both income and clients. In order for this not to happen, use any of these free and premium uptime monitoring services to be alerted 24/7.

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