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How to Make an Accounting Website – Top Solutions from MotoCMS Designers

MotoCMS Editorial 27 February, 2017

Business website templates are highly popular today. More and more large companies and local stores are looking for ways of establishing their online presence. Accounting and auditing companies are not an exception. Moto CMS has plenty of accounting website builder templates for companies that offer their services through the web to learn how to make an accounting website easy.

Website templates for accounting agencies mostly share the same characteristics of business, consulting and other types of templates. Clean and simple design, logically structured layout, a great number of service offerings, useful contact form and full info about company – all those features are essential for a perfect website for accounting and auditing firm.

How to Make an Accounting Website

Accounting templates are focused on content and offer various useful articles about auditing, bookkeeping, tax counting and paying. Home page sliders are welcomed as well as elegant typography and photos of employees are widely used. Let’s take a closer look at the brightest examples of Moto CMS accounting templates and try to make a financial website of a top class without any professionals.

Color Scheme of Websites for Accounting Agencies

Light blue and pure white are the most popular colors for accounting companies web templates. Such clean and neutral color scheme allows visitors paying more attention to the information without overpowering their senses. Such clean tones are visually attractive and pleasing for the eyesight. Check out the accountant firm template in white color with blue accents below.

Grey designs are another type of web templates for accountants and auditors. Grey is a noble and elegant color that provides a reserved yet sophisticated look that speaks about company’s status and high qualification. The plain website template below includes all three colors mentioned earlier that create a light design with tidy look and good readability.

Darker colors are less popular in accounting site templates and are properly balanced with the same neutral grey, black or white. Contrast color scheme is rare but such bold combination can speak out for the company very well.

Accounting Website Templates Content Organization

As we already mentioned, content is the main focus for accounting websites. Clients want to get maximum information about the company and its services. Content should be easily found on a website, so it is better to organize it with the use of the following components:

  • Clear and easy navigation menu;
  • News blocks, blog;
  • Useful links;
  • Call-to-action texts;
  • Contact and subscription forms.

The web template below is a great example of such perfectly structured template. Template combines overall minimalistic design with bright color accents and features navigation menu in the header. News block is large and placed to the left side of the template that makes it easy to notice. Customers can find subscription form right under the news block. Info about the company and its offers is placed at the center, above the call-to-action text and the company’s phone number.

The following template has an outstanding design. Large background photo attracts attention while grey-toned layout doesn’t overwhelm the eyesight.

Another distinctive feature of accounting agency templates is a personalization of the site. Adding photos of the staff and employees that provide services create a good image for the website and improve the customers’ trust to the company. Those templates below allow featuring such photos to the header or slider.

In general, accounting and auditing company website template should be user-friendly and be easily accessible from any device. Here are a few more templates with a website builder to create a professional accounting site with no special skills.

Responsive Website Design for Insurance Agents

Income Premium Financial Business Theme

Accounting Services Responsive Web Theme

Professional Website Template for Business

Accounting Website Templates

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Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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    • Allison Reed

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