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Pets are considered to be full members of the family. They give us joy and love us without demanding anything in return. That is why we care for them, care about their health and well-being. Do you own a veterinary clinic or work in the field of animal care? Then you need to tell about your services to draw more people! Create your website with the help of the veterinary website builder and have a compelling web page devoted to animal care!

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Expanding Opportunities with MotoCMS Veterinary Website Builder

The abundance of the modern market is quite difficult to imagine without goods for fluffy creatures. Today, pet business boasts not only its range but also profitability. Along with this, online marketing is also developing - more and more people prefer to search for products of interest through the Internet.

If you occupy a niche in the field of goods and services for animals, you should think about creating your website. The veterinary website builder is an excellent platform for creating high-quality web resources. Prove yourself and increase the flow of customers with minimal advertising costs.

With the help of the pet care website templates, you can create a site in just a few days without programming skills. The technology of MotoCMS veterinary website templates turned the web project development into an exciting game. All you need to select one of the many widgets and drag it to the right place.

The Veterinary Website Builder – Why to Use One?

A veterinarian is, first of all, a doctor. Therefore, veterinary website design has the same requirements as a website for any other medical institution. You can not create a website for a veterinary clinic or a specialist in private practice, using standard online marketing techniques - loud calls to action, intrusiveness, variegation, various tricks.

Doctor's services should not make the client feel as if you 'imposed' something, because it is about the health of family members! With the help of vet website templates, you can create a website that fully meets the needs and desires of your future customers.

Vivid Templates

Pet-related business and services have many industries. Therefore, we have developed a vast number of veterinary website templates that you can customize depending on your needs quickly. Thanks to the variety of widgets and content blocks, you can not only create a beautiful landing page or an online store but also expand your website using a blog.

We understand that each business is individual; therefore, we do not limit your choice. Veterinary website builder opens creativity space for:

  • owners and employees of veterinary clinics;
  • suppliers of goods and services for animals;
  • volunteers and animal welfare organizations.

Compelling Design of Veterinary Templates

The site is not just a business card, but also the face of the company. Thus, the sustained style and brief design can not only beautifully provide information about your services but inspire confidence among visitors. We made the design of the veterinary clinic website templates in mild, pleasing tones. The combination of simplicity of informative blocks and intuitive functionality will undoubtedly please you in each pet clinic website template.

If you are a veterinarian or provide animal care services, do not forget to tell clients about yourself or your staff. Visitors are important to learn about the specialists before their wards get to your appointment. Put on the pages of your site necessary information about your employees and the services provided so that users can find out about your business efficiently. Share your successes and comments of satisfied customers. You can do everything with MotoCMS veterinary website builder.

Easy Content Adjustment

Pets are family members, so their guardians always want to provide their wards with the highest quality goods and services. In the veterinary website templates, there is everything so that you can share with visitors useful information.

The veterinary website builder pays special attention to data structuring. All content blocks distribute on the pages of the site in such a way as to help you maintain the image of a professional veterinarian. The expanded slideshow of pet care website templates allows you to place photos and banners with animals in it, as well as the slogans of your veterinary clinic. And in the text boxes below it, you can put useful data about the services you provide.

Tools for Online Consultation and Booking

Thanks to the personal site, users will be able to find out about your services at any time convenient for them. The owner of the future patient of the veterinary clinic will be happy to get the opportunity to pre-consult with a doctor online. For this, all veterinary website templates have specialized feedback widgets. You can customize one of the existing variants or add a new one, such as an online chat button or a telephone consultation form to every pet sitting website design.

In addition to feedback widgets, MotoCMS veterinary website builder has opportunities for online booking. Put Appointment by Acuity Scheduling widget on the pages of your website so that visitors can fill out an application quickly.

Interface Usability and Adaptability

Sometimes the help of a professional does not require a delay, so your customers should be able to access your site from any device. Veterinary website templates are fully compatible with various browsers. Your website will display correctly from the computer screen, tablet, and smartphone.

Thanks to convenient navigation and a multi-level menu, visitors can also quickly find the information they need or get timely specialist assistance — the first thing visitors pay attention to interface usability. Therefore, the better you organize the information on the pages of your web resource, the more customers it will attract.

Your Workflow with Veterinary Website Builder

Current trends in web design provide exacting requirements for sites such as adaptability, information content, and SEO-friendly. It may seem that creating a web resource that meets all the elements will take a lot of time and will require significant financial investments. Let MotoCMS pet care website templates convince you otherwise. Try the veterinary website builder and see for yourself that nowadays everyone can create a full-fledged website without much effort!

Choosing a Template

On the MotoCMS website, you will find a large variety of veterinary website templates, based on which you can create a full-fledged web resource. Choose animal shelter website design that suits your business and click on 'try for free.' One of the advantages of cooperating MotoCMS is a trial period within 14 days.

You can try out all the functionality of the veterinary website builder for free and without restrictions. Whether you create a ready-made website right away or test a template is up to you. In any case, if for some reason you do not like the chosen one, you can deactivate it and try another one!

Registration and Quick Start

To start the customization of the selected veterinary website design, log into your MotoCMS account or register a new one - it only takes a few minutes. Notification of the readiness to use the template will come to your email. Go to the dashboard via the link from the letter and start working on creating a personal site!

To create a full-fledged web resource with one of the veterinary website templates, you will not need a vast amount of time and programming skills. Especially for your convenience, we have divided the workflow with veterinary website builder into several stages:

  • editing pages;
  • working with widgets;
  • adding text and media content.

Page Editing Mode

Page editing mode is designed to change the appearance of your site. You can:

  • add and delete pages of the website;
  • operate some SEO settings;
  • edit popup notifications;
  • improve the appearance of content blocks.

For your future website to display correctly on various devices, the veterinary website builder offers you to customize three versions of the page design. Despite the differences in display methods, they are completely identical in functionality and content. Try each of the modes and see for yourself!

All elements group into separate blocks located on the page. For example, the section with contacts contains social networking buttons and several modules for textual information. Thus, you can easily edit individual blocks of content without disturbing the overall composition.

Design Tab

Each of the vet website templates is a ready-to-use solution. If you do not have enough time to edit the design of each page manually, you can fill the blocks with the necessary content and run the site. However, if you want to develop a unique project and familiarize yourself with MotoCMS veterinary website builder features in detail, feel free to go to the design tab, where you can:

  • customize fonts and colors;
  • change background settings;
  • try more widgets.

In addition to standard sets of buttons, galleries and text blocks, you can add an audio or video player to your site, an additional category list, google map or one of the contact forms. After all, you know what will be best for your business and your customers.

Media Library

First of all, users look at the bright shell of the site, so high-quality media content must be present. You can use the images that are already in the media library or upload your own.

The media library of the veterinary website builder is not just cloud storage, but also a file organizer. For the convenience of users, our experts have developed several ways to work with data by extension type or by site pages. You can select a data type to view all available files. For example, all the videos that are on the site. Also, you can view media content, that locates on each separate page. For example, the images that will display in the 'about us' section.

An additional advantage of the media library is that files load in seconds. Thus, the process of creating a website for an online store or the landing page of the veterinary clinic will be as comfortable and fast as possible.


Specialist advice is always of great value. Undoubtedly, your visitors will not only want to use your services or purchase your products but also to know your authoritative opinion on issues of interest. We are sure that you can tell a lot about the rules and nuances of pet care. Share your experience with others using the capabilities of the veterinary website builder. In blog mode, you can:

  • add and edit text content;
  • debug the publishing process;
  • modify the look of blog pages;
  • set up comments on posts.

SEO Settings

For visitors to find your site through a search engine, you will need to set up SEO:

  • add meta tags for each of the pages of the site, such as title and meta description;
  • equip each article and image with a unique title and URL;
  • create a new sitemap if you add or delete pages.

We understand that four-legged wards occupy the majority of your time, so you may not be able to delve into the nuances of working with SEO thoroughly. Therefore, we have provided detailed tips to the veterinary website templates. To learn more about the selected option, click on the icon with the question mark. You can also always contact our specialists for support.

Responsive Support Specialists

If you have any questions about the veterinary website builder, suggestions for improving the work of MotoCMS or ideas for new templates, welcome to our help center! You can contact the experts directly from the admin panel. Start an online chat or get advice by phone. We will be happy to help solve your problem or discuss an important issue as soon as possible.

You can also visit the Help Center to learn more about working with the vet website templates — familiarize with user's guide or watch video tutorials.

Template Purchase and Installation

After you edit the veterinary website design and save the changes, go to cart mode. After purchasing the template, you will receive a full-fledged web resource that will need to be hosted. You can deal with the installation of the site yourself. To do this, read the relevant section in the Help Center. You can also entrust the installation of the template to our specialists.

Additional Features

MotoCMS provides all the nuances associated with the process of creating a site. In addition to the vast selection of veterinary website templates, we can offer our users a range of additional services for installation, optimization, and promotion:

  • hosting from reliable suppliers;
  • visual content and design solutions creation;
  • SEO website optimization and audit;
  • writing unique articles on the subject of your site;
  • starting and managing of advertising campaigns.

Thus, MotoCMS team is ready to support your project and help you in any endeavors.

Veterinary Website Builder - Solution for E-Store

Some of the veterinary website templates are equipped with an eCommerce plugin. Therefore, if you initially want to create a website for an online store, you should choose one of them. If you wish, you can complement your web resource with blog features to share with customers useful information about your products.

Perhaps your customers will not only want to know your pet care secrets, but also buy toys, accessories, or medicines that you recommend. If you created a business card website or blog, then at any time you can expand its capabilities with the eCommerce plugin. MotoCMS specialists will take care of the installation of the module. You need to add products, prices, and start selling.

Veterinary Website Builder is The Best Code-Free Solution

Do you own a veterinary clinic, offer services or products for the care of animals? Reach more customers with your new website! With MotoCMS, everyone will be able to create a full-fledged web resource without programming skills and knowledge of web design. Select one of the veterinary website templates, drag-and-drop the desired elements, and enjoy the results of your work.

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