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Technology website templates from MotoCMS come as your all-in-one solution to build an eye-grabbing website yourself. Each design in this collection is a full-featured website building platform with a responsive layout, up-to-date look, rich functionality, and diversity of compelling features. Select the template you like the most from the suggested assortment and build your website with ease today!

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Technology Website Templates from MotoCMS

We cannot imagine modern life without the usual gadgets and electronic devices. The technique simplifies household life greatly and increases labor efficiency, which is why one's sudden breakdown can cause many inconveniences to the owners. Do you repair, sell, and electronic service devices? Present your services online to provide your customers with much-needed help as soon as possible. Create a personal web resource for your business with the technology website templates from MotoCMS today! Without programming and web design knowledge, you can get a complete website in just a few days.

Cutting-Edge Technology Website Templates

Household appliances and electronic devices have become our indispensable companions because they make life easier and save time. Therefore, online electronics stores are top-rated. Besides, manufacturers release new products and advanced models with excellent regularity. And in a world where people can buy almost everything with delivery, online stores are crowding out competitors who do not provide such services online gradually.

Service centers with the possibility of online booking are also not inferior in popularity. After all, we often complicate to part with our favorite gadget, and sometimes it's more profitable to fix the familiar one. Consequently, the electronics niche business is a highly profitable venture. Therefore, do not hesitate and create your site today! Technology website templates from MotoCMS is a universal and straightforward variant. Our experts have developed a collection of web design website templates based on which you can build a practical web resource without much effort.

Main Advantages of Technology Website Templates

Development of technology website design is a difficult task even for a specialist, regardless of the level of complexity of the site. Moreover, it can take a lot of time and requires a significant financial investment. However, MotoCMS specialists decided to simplify this for beginners as much as possible and provide a useful tool for creating business assistants without much effort. Website development is the vocation of our specialists. Therefore for more than ten years, we have been implementing popular web projects successfully. Our goal is to help users understand that they can be creative in designing web resources and enjoy the work process while obtaining high-quality results.

Using technology website templates, you will see that creating multifunctional sites without a critical investment is a reality. Take care of the quality of the content and think about what you want to place on web pages because information technology website templates have several technical advantages by default.

Easy Editing

Creating a website using technology website templates, you will not need to learn to program. The entire workflow takes place in an intuitive visual editor equip with simple and detailed instructions. The comfortable control panel provides a drag-and-drop function, which opens up incredible opportunities for beginners in the field of web development:

  • Real-time editing. When working with the code, you would have to update the site to see the changes regularly. However, edits of tech website templates will save in seconds, and you can personally see the results of the work done.
  • Interface changes without problems with functionality. Information technology website templates are the construction of content blocks. You can modify ones individually, which does not affect the functionality of the site as a whole.
  • The full-fledged site in a few hours. To create a new web page, you need to use the duplication function. Then move the items you like and edit them in a few clicks.

Absolute Adaptability

In today's world, mobile devices are more of a vital necessity than a pleasant addition. Admittedly, looking for the necessary information outside the home, you came across sites that made it difficult to familiarize yourself with essential data. Thus, a visitor is unlikely to want to use the services of the company, which cannot be conveniently accessed.

MotoCMS offers technology website templates fully adapted by default. Whatever device users use to visit your site, they will always receive all available content in a convenient and readable form. All solutions optimize for working with portable devices correctly. Choosing any of the tech website templates, you are guaranteed to receive several site versions:

  • basic desktop version;
  • for mobile devices;
  • for laptops;
  • for tablets.

Moreover, in addition to automatically adjusting to screen resolution, MotoCMS technology website design is cross-browser. No matter what application visitors use, they will get full access to all the pre-installed functionality.

Built-in SEO Settings

In the time of modern technology website design, search engine optimization is one of the main requirements. Because this is the main secret of the success of online campaigns - thanks to SEO-optimization of the site, users can find one on the Internet among many others. If you were developing a web resource with the help of a team of programmers, it would cost you additional investments. However, feel free, because technology website templates not only have high load speed and stable performance, but are also well-optimized for search engines initially.

By uploading your content to the site, take care of its optimization in advance. Do it with the specialized tools, that control panel provides for working with SEO:

  • basic meta tags (titles, descriptions, keywords);
  • fields for URLs;
  • alts for media content;
  • page indexing settings;
  • the ability to generate a sitemap.

You can also delegate this task to of SEO-optimization to professionals and get even more significant productivity gains in the shortest possible time by leaving your request in the Help Center. Just order the website optimization service on our website or ask specialists to conduct a full audit.

Incredible Performance

MotoCMS is one of the fastest content management systems with optimal loading times for templates. The one's load speed is only 1.8 seconds, according to! Compared to the closest competitors, we have better performance. Thus you can easily recognize a site built based on technology website templates - the upload will happen almost instantly.

The technology website design and functionality are a single mechanism that works without interruption. Try to minimize the amount of fat content and the inclusion of third-party plugins to maintain the performance of the future. However, we take into account the fact that the presentation of new-fangled equipment may require the use of a large number of media. So you can also use the services of accelerating the work of a web resource at any time.

Comprehensive Support

In addition to technology website templates, you are guaranteed to receive lifelong support from MotoCMS. We are always ready to answer any of your questions related to the creation of the site. Specialists also help with the optimization of workflow development.

  • Not sure how to choose one of the information technology website templates? Ask for expert advice online chat directly on the page with a range of solutions.
  • You are thinking about how to complete edits faster? Ask your assistant for help. Call the representatives of the support team from the control panel!
  • Not sure how to resolve issues related to project launch and optimization? Assign these difficulties to a competent pro. We will help to solve not only functional problems but also ones associated with unique content and analytics.

Large Assortment of Technology Website Templates

With MotoCMS, you can create full-fledged sites for various purposes that will work in high-speed 24/7. Regardless of whether you choose technology website templates for an online store or adaptive landing page for a service center, you are sure to find what you need precisely.

MotoCMS technology website design is easy to customize. Thus, it will be simple for you to adapt it for:

  • online electronics store;
  • home appliance service center;
  • mobile phone repair services;
  • demonstrations of virtual reality devices;
  • computer repair service;
  • sale of studio equipment;
  • retail and quadcopter services;
  • manufacturer's service center.

Besides, the information technology website templates category is regularly updated and updated with new designs. So go to the MotoCMS website, where you will find many more exciting things.

Additional Features of Technology Website Templates

Surprisingly, all technology website templates were created using a single tool - MotoCMS online builder. A variety of widgets and plugins in combination with the author's design ensures the variability of the uniqueness of solutions. For example, you can optimize your site with the eCommerce plugin at any time. Thus, turning your favorite computer website design into a working online store.

What about creating a memorable online presentation of the new gadget? Just add a gallery to the main page of the slider for this. The functionality of tech website templates allows you to implement any idea in many ways. What else can you discover when exploring the possibilities of MotoCMS? Let's find out now!

Nice Start Bonuses

Confirming the guarantee of quality and reliability of the choice of MotoCMS solutions, we do not impose any restrictions on the use of technology website templates:

  • Free access to the builder for 14 days. Within two weeks, you can study the capabilities of the editor, modify the template, and explore the functionality. No restrictions on the use of editing tools!
  • Free demos for IT technology website templates. In the "Detailed Information" section, you can find examples of how your site will look in real-time before the activation of the project.
  • Quick activation. Activation of the best technology website templates is a few minutes, and you can always choose another one you like if you wish.
  • Simple edition. All solutions are ready-to-use. If you are running out of time, you can modify existing content and publish the site on the same day.

It is noteworthy that even after the end of the trial period, all changes will save, and you can continue to configure. All deactivated solutions will also store in history, so you can always return to them at any time.

Variety of Functional Tools

The functionality of the technology website design allows you to turn a web resource from an attractive business card into a personal assistant. Check out our collection of exclusive MotoCMS widgets to:

  • provide maximum information in a compact form (structure widgets - row and container, galleries);
  • share news outside the site (buttons of social networks, MailChimp);
  • interact with visitors online (chat button, Disqus, contact forms).

If you want to create a service center site based on technology website templates, pay attention to AcuityScheduling and OpenTable modules. Thanks to ones, you can simplify the process of planning meetings with clients and streamline the process of recording an appointment with a master, if you practice this way of interaction.

Blog Benefits of Technology Website Templates

A blog is a useful tool for interacting with visitors. Not all users understand technical issues, so many would be grateful to you for providing helpful information. By launching and setting up a blog, you can attract regular readers who have the property of becoming customers. Consistent and quality publications also have a positive effect on search engine rankings. There can be many options for an electronics site:

  • technology reviews;
  • experience in using products;
  • operation and maintenance tips;
  • presentation of new products.

Do not neglect these tools, do your website promotion, and you will immediately see improvements. Most technology website templates have a separate web page for the blog by default. If necessary, you can expand your site and add several different content blocks or new pages for the presentation of specific products.

Best Technology Website Templates for Quality Connoisseurs

You no need to hire expensive web studio services, wait for months, and try to bring your ideas to the experts to get what you want concretely. Indeed, thanks to MotoCMS, you can feel yours as a website developer! Realize any of your ideas, implement plans, and create the web resource that your business needs precisely. And most importantly, you don't need to understand programming and web design trends. Because all you need to do is spend a few evenings and fill out technology website templates with useful text and media content. Try it yourself and make sure website development is much easier than it seems.

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