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Each robust business has to own a professional website with detailed information about provided services regardless of its direction. MotoCMS PC website builder is an excellent solution for those who want to establish the site effortlessly, without any design or coding skills!

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Best PC Website Builder

Want to build a personal website for your computer repair business but don't know what to start with? Our PC website builder has everything necessary to launch a successful platform that will promote your services and raise your company's incomes. If you deal with computer and mobile repair or possess a computer store, use our computer website design for attracting new clients and presenting your goods or services to a broad audience.

Catalog of PC Website Templates by MotoCMS

MotoCMS PC website templates were created specifically for entrepreneurs who provide computer and mobile device repair services. However, this is not the only category of businesses that require a website. If you have a store with computers, laptops, and mobile devices, you'll need a platform to sell your goods worldwide. Thus, MotoCMS suggest the following templates:

  • multipage computer repair website layout;
  • premium mobile repair website template;
  • landing computer repair web layout;
  • eCommerce electronic store template.

The first two types of PC website templates are the most demanded. They provide an extensive selection of pages and options necessary for a multipage website, such as:

  • photo and video gallery;
  • services;
  • pricing;
  • contacts;
  • testimonials;
  • about us;
  • team;
  • blog.

Each page is customizable for you might be able to personalize the site according to your preferences. The website should reflect your competence and expertise, and you'll effortlessly show your advantages with the MotoCMS PC website builder. The landing web template for a computer repair company has the same options and features, but you'll have to put all the complete information about your services on one page. If you're planning to insert more content, pick premium or multipage layout.

As for the eCommerce website template, it is suitable for selling computers, mobile devices, and accessories for them. This functional layout will make your business digital within a few minutes, as you don't need to have additional knowledge to manage the pc website builder. Add the images of your products to the relevant section, including their descriptions and prices, and launch your store online. Use our SEO tools to grow sales on the web and achieve the international market.

Guide to Launching a Website with MotoCMS Builder

Building a website with PC website templates is easy if you know what to do for your platform to gain a high rank on Google. Use our step-by-step guide to save time when launching a site for your business:

  • 1. Choose the template you're planning to use.
  • 2. Test the 14-days trial version.
  • 3. Select a price plan that fits you the most.
  • 4. Pick a domain name for your future platform.
  • 5. Choose your color scheme and design.
  • 6. Customize the layout of your site.
  • 7. Add pages and upload content.
  • 8. Use SEO tools to promote your services.
  • 9. Link to your social media.
  • 10. Add content to a blog section.

Don't leave your business success to chance. Check out our tips and create pc website with our reliable PC website builder right now!

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