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If you are a nail artist or a nail salon owner searching for promoting your business and services online, you will find the best solution here. Nail salon templates by Moto CMS nail salon website builder will help you make a unique website even if you don’t have technical knowledge. What’s also important, the option will not break your bank.

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Nail Salon Website Builder from MotoCMS

MotoCMS offers you an easy to use website builder for nail salon. It fits both for beginners and experienced web developers. You don't need to code. With nail salon website builder, you will be able to create a website of any complexity. You will use the beginner-friendly beauty website templates with an intuitive visual drag and drop editing, eCommerce plugin, and responsive design. This platform will give you everything you need to power your brand new website and promote your business online.

How to Create Your Site with Website Builder for Nail Salon?

Nail salon website builder enables people of all age groups and occupations to create cutting-edge websites easily. You don't need to hire a professional to do the job for you. Try to use appealing pre-designed nail salon website templates. You will need to prepare unique content as well.

1. Pick a Design

The first step is the most exciting one. Here you need to choose one of the nail salon website builder templates that meet your corporate requirements and personal taste the most. When you make your pick, edit the template's structure and colors, and install it to the existing domain. If you still didn't select the domain name and hosting provider, our customer happiness team will help you find the best option. Keep in mind that together with general features every nail salon website template boasts its specific advantages that will help you to get the most of your business.

2.Work Out the Layout

When you finish the customization and content placement, use the functionality of nail salon website builder to change the layout of your website the way you wish. It applies to change the structure and color scheme, uploading your images, adding your logo, and creating custom texts. The result of your efforts will drastically differ from the original template. It will look like a custom-built website. The more you experiment, the more exclusive your website looks.

3. Polish Your Site with SEO

As soon as your website is ready, it's time to SEO optimize it and take care of its performance. Nail salon website builder has necessary functionality to add crucial SEO settings to your website. To accomplish it, you have to follow simple tips available in our SEO optimization guide. This guide was written specifically for MotoCMS customers. We kept our clients' needs in mind. Our developers have integrated Google Search Console and Analytics with the admin panel, which will help you track your success better.

4. Promote on Social Media

Ok, now your website is live and ready to welcome the first visitors. Intuitive admin panel powered by nail salon website builder will help to promote your business online and connect it to the social networks. You will have several serviceable widgets, such as the Twitter Timeline, Facebook Feed, Instagram Post, or Pinterest Board at hand. They will enable you to share the latest feed right on your website. You will also be able to add Social Buttons on your website for easy sharing of your content.

Primary Features of Nail Salon Website Builder

Here we enumerate some of the most powerful features of nail salon website builder. They vividly show that MotoCMS is the most natural and easy-to-use website builder for nail salon. It makes building websites a walk in the park for anyone, regardless of their skills and technical knowledge.

No Coding, Visual Editing Only

If you have no web development skills simple drag and drop nail salon website builder powered by MotoCMS is what you need. If you are a pro web developer, you will love the builder all the same. Beauty salon website builder will give you a good reason for that. It allows for creating a fully-fledged website without dealing with code intuitively. All you need to do is drag images, texts, blocks and make them live in a couple of clicks.

Mobile-Friendliness Above All

Use nail salon website builder to create a responsive website that looks amazing across various screen sizes. We applied the latest advanced technologies for MotoCMS website creator, that's why it allows making every single page of your website 100% responsive. This way, you can make sure that your brand new website will look the same perfect on any device, from a desktop to a tablet or a mobile gadget. The responsive nature of your website will help you get a better mobile search ranking as well.

Broad Ecommerce Essentials

If you want to sell stuff for nail art, you can easily do it with eCommerce functionality of nail salon website builder. It will be easy to create a high-converting online store. You can grow your business, sell your products and services with advanced eCommerce features powered by MotoCMS. The website builder for nail salon will provide you with products catalog with filtering and search options, secure payment gateways, tax and shipping settings, and secure checkout.

Rapid Loading Speed

If your site is slow nobody is going to wait for your content to upload for ages. With MotoCMS nail salon website builder, your website is safe because it has lightning-fast loading speed. The system has advanced architecture, so all sites powered by MotoCMS website builder for nail salon load fast. Thus, you will provide your visitors with excellent user experience. Better UX always leads to sales increase and raise of conversion.

Selection of Widgets & Integrations

Smart MotoCMS developers add new functionality to the latest releases of the admin panel all the time. They include goodies like new Google Map Pro widget, Advanced Contact Form plugin, Instagram Post widget, new Tile Gallery, Popup widget, Appointment by Acuity Scheduling, OpenTable and Airbnb Booking Integration, and many more. Regular updates will give you the possibility to keep your website current for years to come.

Advanced SEO Settings & Tools

Even the most beautiful website will stay invisible among the competitors if you don't apply the working SEO practices to rank it. Moto CMS website builder for nail salon provides advanced SEO settings that will help you do that properly. Choosing one of the nail salon website templates, you get appropriate functionality and in-depth SEO guide on building the right URLs, meta tags, etc.

24/7 Technical Support for Nail Salon Website Builder

Nail salon website templates come with expert customer support. MotoCMS team members are ready to help you, 24/7. They can solve any issue you have and answer any questions. If you need help with your website customization or choosing the nail salon website design that perfectly matches your business, you can turn to our customers support managers.

Get Your Free 14-Day Trial of MotoCMS Nail Salon Website Builder

We want you to enjoy your website. That is the reason why we allow you to try out the functionality of the website builder for nail salon for two weeks. Just pick out a beautiful template and sign up for a free trial to study it inside out. We are not asking to share any payment details. Besides, if you want to check more than one product, go ahead, we don't limit you in terms of the templates number.

Additional Services to MotoCMS Nail Salon Website Builder

MotoCMS is not only about easy website builder for nail salon that suits both amateurs and pros. We provide quite an array of customer services to our clients that help to start quickly, customize, and promote your website correctly. You are very welcome to examine the most popular offers below.

Template Installation, Hosting, and Security

If you don't want to be involved in the technical side of the process and install the template of your choice on hosting. Our expert professional support team will do it for you in less than three hours. Moreover, in case you need a web hosting provider, MotoCMS is partnering with trustworthy hosting providers like Inmotion, GoDaddy, and Bluehost. If you are using MotoCMS, you can get hosting for your website with a considerable discount.

Additionally, you can also keep your beauty website made with the nail salon website builder safe and reliable for users. Today SSL certificate is necessary. Get it together with one of the nail salon website templates right during the checkout. It will save you a lot of time and effort.

Feel free to order template customization if it is challenging to deal with it yourself. It will take us ten business days only to redesign your nail salon website template and launch it on the web. The service includes installation, customization, adding your business logo, and other web design tweaks.

Logo Design & Visuals Creation

We can do professional logo design so that you can show off your brand name in an outstanding manner. MotoCMS guarantees that you will be happy with the result after several revisions. Besides, we can create visual content and design banners for you. We also can make up banners for social media, Google Adwords, as well as provide unique images for your site. We serve all you need to have a full-fledged online presence with a nail salon website builder.

SEO and Content Making

We can create unique content for your website or rewrite the existing texts according to your new requirements. Our brilliant copywriters can do it during the redesign of your website. The web copywriting services, in addition to the nail salon website builder, ensure that you will have original, plagiarism-free texts that will perfectly fit your business niche. Beyond that, we provide a professional SEO audit and on-page SEO optimization for you. Our services will help you check and boost website ranking, increase organic traffic, and get rid of various technical SEO issues.

White Label

We offer white-label solutions for developers. If you are a web developer and want to create customers' projects with intuitive MotoCMS website builder, you can do it. The feature allows selling the templates under your own brand.

Pick a Perfect Design with Moto CMS Nail Salon Website Builder

Your nail salon website is your sales pitch. If it's not efficient, you are losing clients and money. To succeed with the nail salon website builder and create a site that will walk the customers right to your door, please, follow the tips below.

Pay Attention to Homepage that Converts

The first impression is the most important. That's why you should mind the homepage of your website. It is going to work hard to increase your profit. A good homepage clearly states who you are, what you do, and why the customers should choose you. You have only a few seconds to draw clients’ attention. If they see a wall of dense text written in a teensy font accompanied by a bunch of promotional messages, they will feel an urgent desire to hit the back button.

Look at the homepages of nail salon website templates powered by a nail salon website builder. They use headings to emphasize essential topics. They use numbering and bullet points to break up blocks of dense text and make the content easier to scan. The homepages of nail salon website templates are airy and have enough white space to be easy on the eye.

Our designers use striking imagery to grab attention; you can upload videos as they also work well. Our nail salon website templates are easy to navigate around. They tempt and tease the visitor to explore the website and discover what the nail salon has to offer with cross navigation and links.

Opt for Responsive Nail Salon Website Templates

This is fundamental today because most of the visitors surf the internet from their smartphones, tablets, and other mobile gadgets. That's why your website must be crisp clear on a mobile device. Would you like to check how your site will look on a mobile device? View the template by nail salon website builder on your smartphone. It should rescale automatically and be easy to read instead of becoming teeny-tiny and almost illegible, so you scroll frantically from side to side.

Choose Minimalist Designs

It's not a good practice to stuff your web pages with multiple links, promotional messages, and pack your sidebar with ads. A cluttered web page offering too many options confuses the visitor and sends them straight to the back button. A jumble of fonts, messages, and colors vying for attention is uninviting to explore the website further. Our nail salon website templates keep a delicate balance between featuring what you have to offer and overwhelming the reader with information.

Select Eye-Grabbing Fonts

Never opt for a tiny or wacky font even if it seems cool to you. Remember about the visitors viewing your website on mobile devices. Our nail salon templates by MotoCMS nail salon website builder use bigger fonts, which are fashionable and trendy. A good salon website is one that is easy to read, and that tempts new clients to pick up the phone to call your nail salon and book an appointment.

Apply Only Finest Images

Professional imagery is compelling in terms of marketing. It is especially important when you are in the beauty industry. People visit nail salons to look and feel fabulous, so your website must convey this marketing message. If the pics on your site are of poor quality, nobody is going to trust you fix their nails. Our nail salon website templates are good examples of stunning photography. It makes them feel alive, vibrant, and fun. Your images should correctly communicate your brand and encourage the visitors to click and explore your website further.

You can try to find something decent among the free photos. If you are using freebies, make sure that their quality is ok and you will not run into legal copyright problems. Free web design stuff is suitable for reviving your nail salon social media profile or website blog. However, we don't recommend to apply it to the main “selling” pages of your salon website where you need to impress your visitors. You may also use stock photo libraries. It will take you some time to search for them, but your efforts will be rewarded.

You will find many photos that tell your story right. Most of the stock photos resources offer discounts for bulk purchases or have monthly subscriptions you can use if your budget is tight. We advise you to make a professional salon shoot. A gifted photographer can make any nail salon look amazing. Brief the photographer, and you’ll get the best shots for your website. You can mix atmospheric arty shots, close-ups, and some pics with your team at work.

Configure Booking with Nail Salon Website Builder

Online booking system is a must if you want to turn lookers to bookers. It’s easy to seamlessly add a booking form to your website in case the template of your choice doesn't have one. You can also offer last minute and late availability options which are integrated with software appointment booking. It will help to create a feeling of urgency and will draw the customer to take decision.

Provide Valid Pricing

According to statistical data Pricing Page is the third most visited web page for nail, hair, and beauty businesses. So, you'd better choose nail salon website templates that have the one. We advise you to make styling up a Pricing Page your marketing priority.

Give Clear Location Details

You should take care of the customers that studied your website, liked what they’ve seen, and booked. Make it comfy for them to find you. When you put detailed directions, this not only helps your client but also allows Google to pinpoint you. For instance, include the postcode for Sat Nav users, primarily if your salon is located off the beaten track.

Point out local landmarks, i.e., opposite City bank. For big-city mention the nearest Tube or station. You can also give clear directions to the nearest car park and sneaky time restrictions. Fortunately, with a nail salon website builder, you can provide your business location effortlessly.

Display Right Working Hours

Never hideaway your nail salon opening hours. Shout out loud about your late-night opening and weekend hours. Don’t overlook the basic info either. Place your phone number at the expected place on every page of your website. Do the same for your online booking button, don't make your customers think.

Put Tempting Salon Offers on Your Website

See how this section is implemented in nail salon website templates. Readers love salon offers. This section is always one of the most visited for any nail, spa, or beauty salon website. Salon offers are not necessarily about discounts. You may offer additional service, cross-selling, upgrades. In any case, it will be a powerful marketing tool.

Supply Your Website with Calls to Action

When you have told about your offer to the reader, you need to provide them with a juicy call to action. We mean you need to prompt the visitor what to do next. You have just told about your creative talents, outstanding team, and stunning facilities. Now don't forget to say to the reader to take some action. You can see how this is implemented in nail salon website templates. You can include more of “call now”, “phone to book”, and “enter now” throughout your salon website – not just on the home page. Pick out punchy action words - “discover,” “learn”, and “find” to maximize reader appeal.

Add Error-Free Content

Nail salon website templates by a nail salon website builder are efficient marketing tools allowing you to add new offers, news, and articles yourself. Spelling and grammatical mistakes don't contribute to the best user experience and harm your beauty salon business. Moreover, Google penalizes them too. If you don't have time for creating content or lack the talent for that, invest in professional copywriting services for some compelling copy. It will pay off.

Build Your Email List

Don't miss out on collecting marketing information on your website. When editing one of the nail salon website templates include an e-subscribe form on every page. It is the simplest way to build your email database and one of your most valuable salon marketing assets.

Keep Your Nail Salon Website Up-to-Date

Something continually changes in the world of web technology, Google algorithms, and your business industry. It means you should change your website regularly. Tweak, enhance, and develop your nail salon website and you will stay ahead of the competition.

Realize Your Ideas with MotoCMS Nail Salon Website Builder

Take advantage of all the features available in the admin panel of MotoCMS nail salon website templates! Every day we come up with new templates for beauty website. So, you can create an up-to-date site with a super cool, trendy design that will compel your visitors at a glance!

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