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In the age of technological progress, the raw materials and food quality are of paramount importance. People have access to in-depth information, so they know that the importance of natural foods is not overstated. Therefore, if you have your farm and are engaged in plant growing or animal husbandry, it is the right time to create a fully-featured site for your business. Fortunately, MotoCMS, with its farm website builder, has all you need to succeed! Just browse the collection of farm website templates and grab the one for your site!

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MotoCMS Farm Website Builder

Subsistence farming is, above all, quality and hard work. Thus, share your achievements with numerous Internet users. Each of the farm website templates will encourage you to launch a unique web resource that will attract even more new customers and help grow your business! MotoCMS offers a wide range of agriculture website templates for owners and employees of the natural economy:

  • livestock farms;
  • agrotechnical enterprises;
  • eco-shops;
  • plantations of cultivated plants;
  • wineries;
  • horticultural industry.

Creating a site is like a child's game - you select an element and drag it to the right place. You can create a full-fledged web resource without programming skills and previous knowledge of web design. Let's try it now!

#1 Farm Website Builder on the Web

Site design must fully comply with its objectives. Bright picture, easy navigation, and informative content - this is the minimum that will help to keep users’ attention. However, each business service line has its particular nuances. So, what makes the farm website templates different from many others?

  • Laconic appearance. You can divide the information into several separate functional blocks or use the link buttons.
  • Usability of Navigation. All farm website templates have a convenient menu. Fill in the appropriate fields with the necessary information so that users can quickly find useful data.
  • Intuitive buttons. The main reason customers may linger longer on your site is your product. Place buttons directly on your site pages to set up a call to action and let users easily navigate your site discovering all the information step by step.
  • Variability of functional blocks. Only you can decide what your visitors will see first. Perhaps this will be an awesome gallery or informative video about you. What about a little note about your business? Feel like a real web developer!
  • Focus on media. The farm website builder pays special attention to photos, as well as to sliders. A variety of gallery styles will allow you to place images efficiently so to demonstrate all the beauty of your farm and products.

Functionality of MotoCMS Farm Website Builder

The secret of a successful business is to turn your job into a hobby. Do not waste too much time studying computer terminology and programming. Think about what you would like to tell about your business, and MotoCMS will take care of the rest. We do not know what you want to change in the finished farming website template, but we can confidently guarantee:

  • Adaptability. The finished web resource will be correctly displayed on all types of devices. Due to the flexibility of the elements your customers will be comfortable working with the site.
  • Perfect content management. MotoCMS is one of the fastest content management systems. Articles and media will be uploaded to the site in seconds. You can manage and edit content using a blog editor and media library.
  • Variety of new widgets and plugins. Are you missing the basic functionality of the MotoCMS farm website builder? Using the Embed widget, you can add additional modules and plugins into your site.

Exciting Workflow with Intuitive Farm Website Builder

To create a full-fledged website, you need a little time and desire. In any case, you do not need to learn programming to become familiar with the drag-and-drop editor. For the convenience of users, the admin panel contains four main sections, such as a page editor, a blog, settings, and a help center.

To test the farm website builder, you only need an email address. Select one of the farm website templates and register a demo version. Feel free to customize the selected website design and explore its functionality for 14 days free of charge. Save all changes in one click, and you can go into edit mode directly from the mail. Then you can either choose another agro website template or create a full-fledged website based on the current one. The interface of MotoCMS admin panel is intuitive and the same for all design solutions.

Page Editor

Here, you can customize the look of the farm website templates and fill them with your content. Feel free to explore the possibilities of the editor - each item has a hint with detailed information. When you hover over a widget or function block, the element will highlight, and you can see detailed information about it. Go to one of the pages to select an action, such as edit, copy, change, set as home, etc. This way, you can edit the site, depending on your needs. Page editor mode has three main sections:

  • General information about the pages. Here you can see the content of the site, add or delete pages, edit popups.
  • The appearance of pages. Here you will see what your future site will look like on various devices. If necessary, you can edit the proposed options.
  • Customize pages. Here you will find additional settings for each page, such as title, address, several SEO options. There is also a design tab, where you can change the header, footer, and background.

Blocks and Widgets

A widget is a structural unit of a web page, such as a text field, a separator, a button, or an image. If necessary, you can link several widgets into one functional unit. For example, combine text and image. Using a farm website builder, you can give uniqueness to your web resource. When working with the page editor, a menu appears at the top. To get to know widgets, go to the appropriate section of the Design tab. Farm website templates pay special attention to the menu tab, buttons, sliders, and single images. You can independently develop the design of each element or copy one of the default ones. Each option has a hint to learn more, hover over an item or a question mark icon.

Media Library

Unfortunately, users will not check the quality of your organic farm products through the monitor screen. But they can appreciate the appearance! High-resolution photos and videos not only delight visitors but also help to empower the site with a compelling portfolio. Each farm website design offers users a convenient media library and a wide variety of widgets for placing media content.

The media library is cloud storage that you have access to from the website builder admin panel. Thanks to the farm website builder, you can be sure that your data will never be lost, and all changes will be saved instantly. We understand that your website will have a vast number of images, so take advantage of the media library.


You can create a site without programming skills. All elements have prompts, and the editor structure is intuitive. However, novices can get lost among a variety of incomprehensible options and extensive functionality. MotoCMS offers several support strategies:

  • Help Center. You can go here from the admin panel. In the help center, you will find many useful recommendations and tips regarding working with the farm website builder.
  • Online consultation. If you did not find an answer to your questions in the help center, you could always contact our specialists. Click the ‘start chat’ or ‘get call’ buttons in the upper right corner of the dashboard.
  • E-course. Become a web development pro with MotoCMS! To do this, you need to sign up for a free online course. Leave us your email, and we will send the tutorial on website creation so you will learn how to launch a full-fledged site in five days.

Nice Add-Ons to MotoCMS Farm Website Builder

MotoCMS offers complete web solutions. In addition to working with the builder, we offer a range of additional services, such as creating logos, design banners for any promotion, website customization, hosting, uptime monitoring, SEO services, online store development, etc. To learn more about this, go to the cart tab. You can buy the necessary one of customer services in addition to a one-time license for one of the farm website templates.

E-commerce Plugin

Expand capabilities for your site and increase profits with an E-commerce plugin added to the desired farmers market website template. Add a new widget to your web page and start selling with a robust farm website builder! Set up shipping and payment terms, work with customers, add new products, and track statistics. Our experts will take care of installing the plugin on your website.

SEO Optimization

To make the site appear in search results, you need to add SEO-settings. Literate title, unique URL, concise description. No time to think about these subtleties? Entrust search engine optimization to professionals! We will help you improve all aspects of site optimization and make the necessary changes. Thanks to this potential clients will always find your website!

Page Speed Booster

Unfortunately, full-scale photos and videos can not only attract customers but also reduce the load speed of the site. Providing this service, we optimize the images so that pages can load instantly! Conversion and number of views directly depend on the speed of the web resource. The implementation of Page Speed Booster will take no more than two business days. You will notice positive changes with the naked eye. Optimize your site to get even more customers!

Premium support

If you have any questions that require an urgent solution, you can use the premium support service. Unlike the standard, the response rate of premium support will not exceed 2 hours. You will also be the first in line for a specialist consultation. Premium support provides you with a free template installation and webmaster’s assistance in case you need any help with a farm website builder.

Promotion in Social Networks

Every day a considerable number of people visit social networks in search of interesting information. Sometimes a beautiful picture on Instagram and a small post on Facebook can bring in more revenue than large-scale advertising. What do we offer on social media promotion?

  • Social Media Pack. A big set of original templates that you can use to create bright posts in various social networks.
  • Advertising banners. This service is a light version of the previous one. Our designers will develop for you 15 unique solutions that will decorate your Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest profiles.
  • Launch advertising campaigns. Do you want to sell directly on social networks? MotoCMS helps you create a business account on Facebook or Instagram and run effective advertising campaigns.

Personal Brand in One Click

Are your products in current demand? It's time to think about creating your brand! Expand your opportunities and attract even more customers to your business. MotoCMS is ready to help you with establishing your brand on social media. Experienced experts will prepare all the necessary materials so that you can grab and impress potential clientele.

What else can make farm website templates unique? The original logo, of course! Make your farm business more recognizable. Our experts can design a unique logo for your company that will meet your personal needs.

The World of New Features with MotoCMS Farm Website Builder

A farm website is the best solution for expanding your agriculture business opportunities. You can create an informative web resource in less than a week, without special skills! MotoCMS will help you quickly create an attractive design and implement useful functionality. Drag & drop widgets, edit function blocks, post information. Thanks to the demo version, you can test any of the farm website templates for free. If you have any questions, responsive support will gladly help you.

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