Donation Website Templates

Check out the collection of kind-heartedness donation website templates from MotoCMS. The functionality of website templates from this collection includes a large variety of useful features. These features will help to create a complete website for a charity organization with no coding and special qualifications.

NGO Website Template
Blood Donation Website Template
Blood Center
Foundation Website Template
Crowdfunding Website Design
Orphanage Website Template
NGO Website Design
Political Leader Website Template
Website Design for Charity
Gravitas Charity
Best Charity Website Design
Fund for Charities
Charity Website Design
Open Heart
Charitable Trust Website Template
Volunteer Website Template
Non-Profit Website Design
Best Nonprofit Web Design
Open Heart Responsive
Non-Profit Organization Website Template
Orphan Care
Foundation Website Design
Modern Church Website Template
New York Church
Political Campaign Website Design

Unique Design of Donation Website Templates

The design of each template in this selection is unique and has outstanding elements that focus visitors’ attention on particular sections and motivated to donate. Choose the best donation website design that meets all your expectations and create a charity donation website with no effort. The design of MotoCMS donation website templates is suitable for:

  • political websites;
  • non-governmental and voluntary websites;
  • a blood center website;
  • a public event website;
  • startup and investing program websites;
  • a local community website;

Appealing Typography and Thoughtful Color Schemes

Create your own donation website and make the charity website design remarkable by using popular fonts along with perfectly picked up colors. MotoCMS donation website templates support all Google and custom fonts. The library of Google Fonts includes more than nine hundred of popular and captivating fonts with a unique design. The ease of adding and applying a new font in the donation website builder impresses even proficient web developers.

The blood donation website template has a professionally built color scheme that combines different colors effectively to highlight the essential components. MotoCMS website builder creates a color scheme by itself to provide the best user experience. You can pick up to six primary colors from the palette in the admin panel. The donation website builder picks up additional colors by itself.

Animation to Captivate Users’ Attention

Animation make a website’s components moving when this element appears to attract a user’s attention. Improve the website design for charity organizations by adding interactive and accentuating components that require thorough attention on donation website templates. Animation applies to almost any widget on a website. There are more than 40 animation effects available in the MotoCMS library. You can preview the conduct of animation effects directly in the donation website builder.

Popups with Signup Forms

A popup that appears automatically is vital for any donation website design. By using popups, you can extend the functionality of your donation website templates by adding additional cards with content that appear per request, when a user scrolls to a particular place on a website or when a user spends some time on the non-profit organization website template. You can configure a popup to appear after clicking a button for showing additional information to a client. Otherwise, you can set a popup to appear automatically requesting contact details or showing urgent information that hovers over the content.

Full-Featured Blog by MotoCMS

Create donation website with a cutting-edge blog to keep your members informed of the latest news and events. MotoCMS website builder has advanced blogging tools that allow posting articles frequently. The system generates new pages and updates donation website templates automatically.

A well-built blog with exciting content attracts new visitors on your website. Share your thoughts, post daily news, and add interesting articles on your website in one click using MotoCMS website builder. The built-in text editor allows to change texts styles, align text, add bullet lists, and apply heading without editing even a line of code. Furthermore, you can insert images and icons, and add links using the text editor.

Detached Posts Managing Tools

Manage post donation website templates by using a convenient tool in the website builder that displays the status of articles on your site, it’s URL address and publishing date. The posts manager tool allows creating a new post by using a default post page in one click as well as duplicate, edit and remove posts from your site. You can also connect your Disqus account to enable comments, add tags and categories, set up a default language and date format.

Blog Pages Generator in Donation Website Templates

MotoCMS donation website builder generates new pages on the political leader website template by itself, adding your content and applying the changes. To get a new page with an article appeared in the blog on your website you need to click on the add button in the admin panel, add content, and apply headings. To launch a successful blog, you need to configure blog settings properly. MotoCMS creator allows configuring any verge of a blog page without editing even a line of code.

  • Create a name and URL address. Page URL is the address of this particular page, which describes it to both visitors and search engines;
  • Edit short description. You can edit it and modify its style with the help of a text editor that launches in a popup;
  • Enable or disable comments. The comments feature provides by Disqus and enables after clicking on the appropriate checkbox in the admin panel;
  • Apply categories and tags. Help your website visitors to find a post on a website quickly by searching categories and tags;
  • Set up a post’s preview. You can add an image, title, and alt text in one click;
  • Configure SEO settings. Add a meta title, meta description, and a canonical URL directly in the admin panel;
  • Add Open Graph Meta tags. Set up how a post shares from donation website templates and displays on social media.
  • Inject custom code. You can put some code from third-party develops on a particular page. Custom code executes when a particular page loads;
  • Configure publishing options. Publish a post or save it as a draft in one click. You can easily make you post public or password protected. Additionally, you can set up a publishing time to make a post published automatically at a certain time.

Integration with Social Media

Social media is the most powerful instrument for uprising social connections, informing people about becoming events and managing communities. Connect the foundation website template with social media and attract new visitors by promoting yourself. You can share some info from your website to social media or broadcast the content from social networks on your website. Moreover, the ability to promote your social network profiles is available on donation website templates.

Social Links and Content Sharing Buttons

Guide your website visitors to your profiles and public communities in social media by using well-designed icons with links. Social links include various design presets for each icon. Each icon has a unique design that suits a website’s design and its color scheme. When an icon clicked, a user drives to a social network profile. You can add an unlimited amount of icons, configure them to open a link in a new window, apply animation effects and make the social links widget previewed on particular devices only.

Share the content from donation website templates and configure its preview in social media. Website pages or blog posts with exciting content shared in social media to promote your website and bring newcomers. After clicking a share button, the content shares to Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn simultaneously. The design of shared posts configures in the donation website builder by adding Open Graph Meta tags for each page. You can arrange share buttons in a particular order by dragging elements in the admin panel.

Content Broadcasting from Social Media

Transmit the content from social media on the charitable trust website template to improve the design and inform a website’s visitors about the latest news of your charity organization posted in social media. You can display the content from Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Facebook on donation website templates.

Display posts from Pinterest and Instagram on a website by adding an appropriate widget and specifying a link to a post on Instagram or Pinterest board URL address. Boost the content on your website by adding interest pins from Pinterest with no effort. Also, you can gain your website by sharing posts from your Instagram account to show the consequence of contributions expended helping those who are in need.

Twitter Timeline and Facebook Feed in Donation Website Templates

Show your posts on Twitter by using the Twitter timeline widget. You can configure a color scheme of Twitter posts displayed on donation website templates making it light, dark or transparent to build a completed donation website design. Moreover, you can easily set up the number of tweets in a Twitter timeline, set up a default language, hide headers and footers in twitter posts in a click. The number of tweets available for preview on a website limited by twenty items. This value sets up in the donation website builder.

Broadcast news from a Facebook public page on the NGO website template by using the Facebook feed widget. Place the widget on a web-page in the donation website builder and add a fan page URL address to get news from Facebook transmitted. MotoCMS website builder allows configuring a Facebook widget narrowly. You are capable of setting up a feed’s height, adding an SEO title to show some text when system preloads a necessary feed and configuring the following settings in one click:

  • show friends faces;
  • use small header;
  • hide cover photo;
  • show page posts.

Extra Opportunities for All MotoCMS Clients

MotoCMS provides all users with a pack of helpful services and access to the complete user’s guide and step-by-step video tutorial for free. The pack of helpful services includes free 1-year software updates, 24/7 customer support, a personal MotoCMS account and 14-day trial period for all donation website templates.

Software Updates and Personal Account

All MotoCMS website templates receive free 1-year software updates that bring new features to the website builder and gain the donation website design. MotoCMS team release new updates monthly. The admin panel installs new software updates by itself. Moreover, each MotoCMS user provides with a personal account for convenient managing already purchased and demo templates. With a personal account, you can manage all your purchases at MotoCMS, submit requests to the customer care team, rebrand donation website templates and participate in the loyalty program.

Explicit Customer Care

Each MotoCMS client gets free 24/7 online assistance. The customer care team provides support via online chats, emails, and phone calls for free. If you have any questions on how to create donation website or how the donation website builder works, do not hesitate to contact the customer care team anytime.

MotoCMS team members are highly proficient technical specialists who will help you to create a donation website for free in a two weeks demo. If the functionality of donation website templates do not fill your needs, reach out a pre-purchase manager who will help you to find a possible solution or submit a custom request to the developer’s team.

Complementary Trial for Two Weeks

MotoCMS provides free two weeks demo period for all website templates. By using a free 14-day trial, you can create donation website free of payments. After submitting a demo, you receive with one of the donation website templates free of charge for two weeks. When a trial is active, you receive a link to your website template on MotoCMS server and personal login credentials to enter the donation website builder. Pick up the best nonprofit web design from this selection and create a modern site with the best donation website design today!

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