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There are plenty of reasons that attract people to join non-profit organizations. Some of them want to escape from the corporate world and do something good for people who need it. Others want to feel the taste of charitable giving and invite others to do the same. Running a charity and non-profit project involves plenty of organizational issues that should be handled on the pro level. One of them is the creation of a website design for charity ventures!

MotoCMS Website Design for Charity Organizations

With the growing demand for using the world wide web to access the needed information on any topic in the world, it's essential to create your charitable website design usable and, more importantly, trustworthy.

What's the Point of NGO Website Design for Charity?

The goals and objectives of NGO website designs depend on the nature and location of a specific group. As a rule, aims are generally considered to be broader terms, whereas objectives deliver more specific meanings. Those are plans that need to be realized to reach those goals.

Different charity organizations have different aims and objectives. Still, there are 3 major points of building NGO websites with MotoCMS charity website templates being considered.

Mission Statement

Every non-profit organization is dedicated to serving one specific cause or a group of causes. For example, a charity organization may be devoted to teaching women how to improve their lives fighting against domestic violence. The objectives of such charity organizations may be educating women on how to stay safe and set up a shelter.

With a clearly-defined mission statement, a charity organization can define its aims. For example, this can be the mission to reduce domestic violence by a certain percentage in a specific region.


For any charity and non-profit project to exist and reach its goals, it's important to have funds to do something. NGO organizations can raise funds through a website design for charity. Money can be accepted through some channels like soliciting donations, holding fundraising events or obtaining grants.

Fundraising can take up a significant amount of time of a charity project, so it's important to devote the respective space to it on a website design for non-profit organization.


All elements of non-profit website designs should be aimed at fixing public awareness issues. Charity and non-profit organization may aim at attracting political parties, educational organizations, and merely indifferent people to the current problems that take place in the word.

A charity organization may raise awareness in many ways, like public events, newsletters, T-shirt campaigns, etc. The non for profit website design is one of the most powerful tools to raise awareness in the modern-day world.

How to Create the Best Website Design for Charity

Charity websites do not look similar to any online business project. When it comes to the development of the best nonprofit website design, there is a set of factors that you need to take into account to make your non-profit web project work to its full potential. Here are several of the must-have elements that the best charity website design should feature.

  • The best website design for charity should make a clear statement of the key mission of your charity project or non-profit event.
  • Share photos of people whom sponsors will help
  • How can a person send money to your non-profit organization? There should be an easy-to-access donation button on your web page.
  • If your website is dedicated to raising money for a specific charitable event, the showing the current stats on how money has been collected to date is a good idea. It will invite more sponsors to join. Also, this is a great proof that other people help your project.
  • Let sponsors get in touch with you while including contact forms and live chat functionality in your site.
  • Show a list of alternative options on how else people can help. For example, this can be spreading a word about your project/event in their social media profiles.

Reasons to Try This Website Design for Charity Organizations

Here is one of the best charity website designs that you can find in our inventory. There are plenty of factors making this NGO website template the must-try solution when you decide to bring your charity project online. It's loaded with all essential components that a non-profit website template should include.

Feature-Rich Solution

The charity project mission is brought to the forefront. It lets the visitors to your site learn what your organization is passionate about from the first time they land on your page. This website design for charity is easy-to-browse. It offers top navigation. All items in the navigation are written with clear language.

Multiple buttons linking out to the key pages of your site make it easy for the visitors to find the required information. Additionally, the theme includes a set of social sharing buttons. It makes it quick to spread a word about a non-profit project on popular social media channels.

Compelling Design

The theme features a simple and spacious design. It doesn't distract the audience from your primary message and objectives. The layout is visually stunning. All pages include plenty of images that highlight your projects, exhibitions, community, and overall mission.

High-End Service

The theme is ready to be modified in the intuitive visual mode thanks to the built-in drag-and-drop page builder. The fully responsive and cross-browser compatible layout will adjust all pieces of your content to all popular screen sizes. Whenever you need professional assistance, a team of customer support managers is ready to help for free 24/7.

So, select this website design for charity and create a great website for your organization!

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I usually spent half a day to build one page from A to Z and it's really fast process instead of coding it for days

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Being an old customer of Moto I can remember a lot of good cases when they went far and beyond to assist. Thank you, guys


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