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We recommend our brilliant collection of charity website templates. It is very easy and not time-consuming to create a charity website with our NGO website templates. It will not take much effort whatsoever. Browse the full assortment of non-profit website templates and pick the one that will highlight your web project!

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MotoCMS Charity Website Templates

All NGO website templates in our catalog are simple in use, and this simplicity is achieved by several factors. First of all, we have a seamless, agile, and user-friendly website builder that comes as a foundation of all charity website templates in our collection.

This website creator is a number one solution for those who would like to build solid web projects fast and without nerves. It boasts a drag & drop nature that enables you to create a charity website with no need to spend tons of money on purchasing web development services.

Make NGO & Nonprofit Websites with MotoCMS

Helping people is an activity you will never get tired of. It is especially true if you change life for those who have no hope. If you are an involved volunteer or represent a charity foundation, it is much easier to bring your ideas to life with a fully-featured website.

Charity projects gain better results when they are running online because you can reach a large audience, and so, attract more newcomers. All non-profit website templates come with a clear admin panel that allows you to model and manage your site on the fly.

The control panel of our charity website templates comes with versatile tutorials that will help you to relish your workflow and will save you from any possible obstacles while designing your project. Just use various widgets, work with blocks, add content, edit all the media, and go live!

Non-Profit Website Templates - Features of MotoCMS

All our charity website templates boast a lightning-fast speed. Hence, your website will not have any troubles because of everlasting page load. Even a child can easily use MotoCMS because each charitable trust website template includes all the necessary pre-built pages.

What is more, we pay attention to every, even the smallest, detail of the designs we produce. That is why you can customize absolutely everything on the fly. There are various galleries at your disposal.

Just use a beautiful slider, carousel, or grid gallery with different animations to highlight any part of your website. You may add not only texts and pictures. There are different advanced widgets that will help you to cope with any type of media content. You will definitely like the key features of the charity web templates we provide.

NGO Website Templates - Create Web Projects for All Types of Charities

Our product catalog contains charity website templates for all non-profit activities. Therefore, you definitely will find an appropriate design thanks to a variety of our products that updates on a regular basis.

Basically, with MotoCMS non-profit website templates you can build a website for:

  • International NGOs that focus on everything from childcare to human rights;
  • Animal charities that stand for wildlife protection and against hunting and fishing;
  • Health charities that provide healthcare support services;
  • Environmental charities, which take care of the environment and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle;
  • Educational charities that make access to education affordable and available for everyone;
  • Culture charities that stand for saving art and history masterpieces.

Charity Website Templates - Launch Nonprofit Blogs

The thing is that you can add a fully-fledged blog to any NGO website design from MotoCMS non-profit website templates collection effortlessly! We all know about the power of content marketing.

Therefore, a good blog will help you to attract more visitors via social media when taking your charity organization online. Such features as blog functionality and e-mail subscription can be very useful to promote your non-profit project. Firstly, you create a blog and add different materials to it.

Secondly, with the help of an email subscription form, you can collect and use the contacts of your visitors. It is as simple as ABC. Then you send them links to the useful content posted on your charity blog and, thus, turn them into your loyal soulmates.

Non-Profit Website Templates - Master Your SEO

Search engine optimization is extremely important if you want your site to be visible for search engines. Basically, your website's position in search results depends on the level of optimization you provide. Being very observant to your web projects, we enriched our charity website templates with built-in SEO options to help you boost your ranking.

You can easily find them right on the admin panel. They will help you to set up a website properly right from the start. However, good SEO is not a one-time process. On the contrary, you need to monitor the site and always follow search engine updates. In fact, there are some details for a better site appearance in various search engines.

First of all, highlight the goals of your project to get a clear vision of what your site stands for. After that, select appropriate keywords that will help your website appear to people’s requests. Add them to the content and make sure the content is unique and quality. Write well and create content about things that touch visitors minds and relate to charity.

Charity Website Templates - Create NGO Website that Matters

Do not forget to control your effectiveness using analytical tools. They will show your progress as well as will help you to get inspiration for new projects, events, and articles. Feel free to use Google Analytics and Google Trends to grow the community that will join your charity activity.

With various integrations that come with our charity web templates monitoring and improving your website will be as a piece of cake! Well, now you understand that building your site with a vibrant choice of non-profit website templates is a piece of cake!

Our NGO website templates are clean and powerful inside and outside and allow you to create a charity website that matters! We offer the best CMS for non-profit websites! If you try our charity website templates once, you will stop looking for something else!

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