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Magnify your dance school brand and promote it to attract new members with MotoCMS. Launch a website to amplify your dance school on the Internet by using ready-to-go dance studio website templates. All the designs have a flexible layout and composed with a feature-rich dance studio website builder that brings the ability to create dance studio website in one click.

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Approachable Editing with Dance Studio Website Builder

Ready-to-use website templates with content management systems have already taken a valuable place on the market of digital products. Such popularity caused by the simplicity of crafting and managing a live website. Update the content on your site with the help of a handy online application. MotoCMS sport website templates along with the dance studio website builder allow you to launch a website with no qualification and low budget. No extra payments or long-term training required. Only a website template software installed on a server is needed to get started with MotoCMS dance studio website templates.

Easy-to-Use Admin Panel

The main advantage of MotoCMS website templates for a dance studio is the website builder. The admin panel provided by MotoCMS is an exceptional tool that provides the ability to build a website from scratch and update content in one click. There is no need to learn to code for updating website design, changing a color scheme, or modernizing content anymore.

You can easily set up any backend setting of a website by configuring demanding settings in the admin panel. The navigation in the best website builder for dance studios is fast and smooth due to the intuitive organization of components and help cards available in the admin panel.

Unique Design Crafting Tools

The dance studio website template has already built website design that quickly updates with actual content and media files to get a ready-to-use website launched on the Internet. Each widget has pre-made patterns available for use. Use design presets to change the visual appeal of each element conveniently by picking up a suitable preset. Save your time and avoid yourself from the process of crafting a new design of each component. Update the appearance of a website in a heartbeat.

Each website design preset creates separately to match the overall design of a template, so you can configure a unique website by setting the layout and picking up a suitable design for every component. A wide range of design editing tools for crafting unique design presets and updating a color scheme are available in the admin panel. The design manager in the dance studio website builder provides efficient design editing capabilities for anyone who has no technical background and zero coding skills.

To apply a custom design to any element on a website you need to select a design preset in the admin panel and configure its settings by dragging selectors and selecting checkboxes. A color scheme changes in a blink of an eye by picking up a color from the palette. The dance studio website builder applies modifications immediately. You can preview all the innovations on your site in live time using any of dance studio website templates.

Convenient Media Files Manager

Media files are vital elements of all website templates for dance studio. With the help of media files on a website, you can perform your dance studio, represent your team, and show the progress of your students. Keep your site updated with new content frequently by adding fresh media files on a website regularly.

The media files manager is a powerful tool for adding and maintaining media content on a website. By using the media library in the dance studio website builder, you can upload media files on your server, sort and arrange them in a particular order in one click. Find new photos on Unsplash and upload them directly in the media library by using the helpful integration to the most popular photo-stock.

Limitless Potential of Dance Studio Website Builder

The field of use of the dance studio website templates represented on this page is not limited by launching a website for a dance studio only. All templates have a flexible design that updates to a website design suitable for representing personal training services and public organizations. Consider using one of the presented website templates if you want to launch a website for a different purpose. MotoCMS dance studio website design template will perfectly suit any of these intentions:

  • personal fitness trainings promotion;
  • coaching services representation;
  • making a sports club website;
  • selling video courses;
  • advertising public speaking events.

Informative Video Content with Bountiful Options

Using videos on a website is the fastest and most effective way to advertise a dance school. Upload videos of your training or display from YouTube or Vimeo with effort. There is no need to generate embedded code to add a video player from YouTube or Vimeo on your site. The dance studio website builder equipped with fully responsive video-players that preview videos great on all devices. You can mute, and autoplay videos by default in the admin panel. Additionally, you can add a video as background to make a website design that attracts visitors’ attention by using the latest trends in web-development.

Leading Edge Galleries

MotoCMS dance studio website templates have four ready to use galleries with pre-built layout and the advanced gallery building tool that allows creating a custom gallery with an unlimited amount of slides and content placed into each slide. The pre-made gallery presets include grid and tile galleries among with regular, carousel and advanced sliders. By using ready to use galleries and sliders, you can improve your website design with rotating banners in a heartbeat. Quickly pick up images from the media library in the dance studio website builder to fill up a gallery with images.

The advanced gallery widget provides excellent tools for creating custom galleries from scratch. The software tool for galleries building presented in the form of a simplified drag and drop builder. By using the advanced gallery widget, you can add rotating banners with a custom design on your site to advertise services and promote a dance school. You can easily create a slider that consists of buttons, contact forms, social links and space widgets, etc.

Maps by Google in Dance Studio Website Templates

Help your website visitors to find your dance school by placing a Google Map on a website. MotoCMS dance studio website builder operates by two versions of Google Maps. The simplified Google Map widget allows to add a default map and point one location only. Consider using the Pro Google Map widget if you need to add a Google map with multiple pointers and adjustable design. All Google Maps change the layout according to the devices, so your dance school location will be displayed correctly on all devices.

Synergism of MotoCMS Templates with Social Media

Social media is the most significant online resource for engaging new clients. Build a dance studio website that closely connected with social media to enlarge your client base. Promote your social media profiles, share content from social media, and vice versa with no effort and custom code embedding. MotoCMS dance studio website builder allows sharing content from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. The social links widget adds icons and drives users to your social media profiles. Add the social buttons widget on your site to allow the content sharing from your website to social media.

Convenient Scheduling Tools

A live website launched on the Internet is a convenient tool to inform clients about ongoing events and schedule one-a-one sessions for personal training. A website published on the Internet available 24/7 from any location. Any user can access it to schedule an ongoing event on your dance studio website without reaching a manager or you personally. There are two feature-rich tools for online scheduling presented in the dance studio website builder.

Both Google Calendar and Appointment by Acuity Schedule widgets in dance studio website templates add useful online planners on a website in one click. To connect your calendar to the expo website template, you need to add a widget and specify a calendar's ID in the dance studio website builder. Once any of the presented calendars added, visitors can preview it on your site. Both calendars have a sharing option for convenient planning by several users. The actual information updates like a shot and displays identically on all calendars.

Advanced Blog & Posts Manager in Dance Studio Website Builder

Keep your clients engaged and attract new visitors on your website by posting interesting articles on your website. A new post adds on a website with no struggle by using the most convenient content management system provided by MotoCMS. The process of adding new posts performs by the system and requires minimum effort to get a new post published.

Straightforward Tools for Blogging

MotoCMS dance studio website builder has built-in tools for blogging that helps to post a story in three simple steps:

  • click on the Add button in the admin panel under the Blog tab;
  • write an article and split a text by catchy images;
  • tag and categorize a post, and click on the Publish button.

Published and draft posts on a dance school website arrayed as the list of articles in the dance studio website builder. By using the list of items, you can easily manage all posts and sort them by publishing date. Also, the publishing tool allows you to save any post as a draft, so it won’t be published on your website until its status is not updated.

Post Purchase Support for Dance Studio Website Templates

MotoCMS company supports all purchased products and provide 1-year free software updates for dance studio website templates. Keep your website updated to the recent tendencies in web-development and upgrade it frequently. Monthly software updates bring new features to the dance studio website builder. A new update gets installed by itself, and new features appear to the website builder for free. A notification about a new available update appears in the admin panel and informs about new features released.

Refer to the customer care team if you have any questions or require some help. MotoCMS provides online Help Center 24/7 for free. You can reach the customer care team via emails, online chats or phone calls with any problem that needs an urgent resolution or any request that requires a custom clarification.

Explore Dance Studio Website Builder for Free

Pick one of the dance studio website templates of your choice and register a free trial to explore how the system works. Use any of MotoCMS dance studio templates free of charge for 14-days. Once a trial period expires, you can purchase a website template with all the changes already applied. You can try using any website template in your demo account. MotoCMS provides a 14-day trial period for each website template separately. When you select a new website template, the countdown timer resets.

Grab an adorable website design that follows all recent trends and provides an outstanding user experience. The process of launching a successful website comes down to running a software wizard and adding login credentials. MotoCMS dance studio website builder installs by itself and publishes a website online for you. Login to the admin panel and create a dance studio website in a day!

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