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Check out our website templates with ready-to-use design and advanced content management system. The best counselling website designs imply a fully responsive layout, pleasant colours, effective calls to action, and appealing images. Our counselling website templates attracts users’ attention from first sight.

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Worthy Design of Counselling Website Templates

MotoCMS society website templates provide all-in-one solutions for those who want to launch a website in one day. All counselling website templates from this collection built by using the therapist website builder that involves the latest technologies in web development.

Thus, the design of our mental health website templates corresponds to all the requirements for modern websites on the internet. Let's check out the key features of counselling website templates that will help you to get top positions in the search results.

Flexible Layout

The layout of our website templates looks great on various devices that will positively affect your website ranking at Google. Widgets change their position on the social service website template according to the screen width automatically. Also, the system scales images and enlarges fonts on mobile devices to provide the best user experience. There is no need to care about sub-versions of your website with counselling website templates.

Contact Forms to Request a Consultation

Convert your website users into satisfied clients quickly by providing free consultations. Use callback forms on the healthcare website template to provide the ability to request free consultations. A default contact form implies up to seven input fields for requesting contact information and additional details. All fields are fully customizable and can be disabled in the admin panel.

Icons and Progress Bars in Counselling Website Templates

Icons helps to denote a block with information and briefly describe its content. MotoCMS web developers created individual icons for each counselling website design. Thus, all counselling website templates supplemented with icons that have a unique design. With the help of icons, you can gain the visual appeal of your website and symbolize your awards, the number of happy clients, years of practice, etc.

Use progress bars to show your proficiency and expertise in a particular niche. You can add an unlimited amount of progress bars to visualize the percentage of winning cases and satisfied clients. The design of status bars on the life coach website design template is fully adjustable. You can set up the percentage value, configure colours and apply animation effects without editing even a line of code.

Pleasant Color Scheme

Counselling website templates use pleasant colours to demonstrate your professionalism in a particular field. Also, you can easily focus users’ attention on the most important elements and easily highlight calls to actions. However, if you don’t like the colour scheme of the psychologist website template, you can easily update them in the admin panel. To update a website’s colour scheme, you need to pick up six main colours from the palette. The system will select additional sub-colours automatically. Also, you can specify colour codes or add transparency for particular blocks.

Google Fonts and Custom Lettering

Typography creates the first impression of a visited website. Since texts make up the largest content value, it is vital to use appealing fonts that suit the counselling website design. Counselling website templates have a large number of good-looking fonts available by default. However, you can easily add any Google font or upload a custom font with individual properties in the admin panel.

Diverse Galleries

Show your counselling centre, demonstrate the photos of satisfied clients, and represent your team by using photos arranged into a gallery. The variety of galleries available on counselling website templates impress everyone. There are grid, carousel and tile galleries available in the default counselling website design.

Also, there is a slider with rotating banners. If you want to create a custom slider, use the advanced slider widget. This tool for creating custom slides allows you to build a gallery with an unlimited amount of slides and add content on particular slides with no effort.

Effortless Workflow with MotoCMS Counselling Website Templates

MotoCMS website builder facilitates the process of updating the content on counselling website templates. By using the admin panel, you can rearrange, customize, and remove components from your website in one click. MotoCMS creator provides the ability to build a website with a unique counselling website design to everyone who has zero coding skills. Check the five reasons why you should use MotoCMS software creating a website.

1. Drag and Drop Website Builder

MotoCMS admin panel supports the best feature for website editing. Drag and drop technology allows managing all components of the best law firm website design by using a convenient online app only. The plug and play website editor comes with counselling website templates and provides unlimited access to a site’s content. You can pick up widgets in the admin panel, put them on a particular place and configure their appearance to match the counselling website design in a few clicks.

The interface of the admin panel consists of a site’s content and two sidebars. You can grab new components from the left sidebar, place them on your website in the centre column and customize these elements in the right sidebar. Thus, the process of launching a brand new site doesn’t require source files updating and third-party software installation. Moreover, the system uploads source files and setups a website template by itself.

2. Ready to Go Pages and Blocks with Content

MotoCMS designers and UX specialists designed each page with thorough attention to the counselling niche. Thus, all counselling website templates have a pre-built design with ready-made content. Media files come with the counselling website design for free. You can use all design elements and media files on your further website with no additional charge. Furthermore, you can easily duplicate the existing pages or create new pages from scratch in the admin panel.

3. Fascinating Widgets and Design Presets

MotoCMS website builder performs all components in the form of widgets for easy customization. Each widget has specific functionality and a wide range of settings. You can place new widgets in the admin panel to add new items on the hypnotherapy website template to improve its functionality.

MotoCMS designers created up to 5 various designs for each widget. Widgets’ presets are unique for each website template. Hence, you can create a website with a unique design by placing widgets in a particular order, and applying various design presets.

4. Online Scheduling and Donation

Plan events with the help of convenient to use timetable and launch fundraising campaigns online in a few clicks. The functionality of counselling website templates allows informing your website users about ongoing events and provides the ability to book one-a-one sessions. There are two niche-leading tools for time management available in the admin panel. You can add a Google Calendar on your site or a timetable from Acuity Scheduling using a mouse in your hand. To connect a website with one of these services only a calendar’s ID is required.

Start a fundraising campaign and collect money online using the pre-built tools only. MotoCMS website builder has the PayPal button widget. This widget adds a donation button that leads website visitors to PayPal, applying custom payment details. Thus, your website visitors could donate a fixed amount or make a personal donation with a certain amount. You can use the design of a default PayPal button or apply a custom design in the admin panel. Alternatively, you can add a default button on counselling website templates and link it to a third-party donation resource or add some custom code by using the embed widget in the admin panel.

5. Advanced Media Library in Counselling Website Templates

The media library in the admin panel has leading-edge functionality. You can create folders with an unlimited amount of sub-folder to store and manage media files conveniently. Moreover, you can sort items by alphabet and creation date or display a particular filetype only. MotoCMS website builder displays all the information about media files and creates thumbnails of images automatically. You can preview images and edit them directly in the media library.

Use the built-in image editor if you need to update the pictures on the immigration lawyer website design. The online image editor bestows professional image editing tools for free. Resize image, apply filters and add text online with no special qualification. The system doesn’t apply any changes on live websites, so your modifications won't affect the counselling website design.

You can apply updated pictures when you are 100% satisfied with the final result only. Upload new images directly to the admin panel or find new images at Unsplash that is integrated to MotoCMS website builder.

Blog Functionality

Use counselling website templates to post new articles that will engage your audience and attract new visitors. Keep your website visitors updated with the latest news related to your business and publish interesting facts on your site with no effort. MotoCMS website builder has a dedicated posts manager that allows creating, configuring and publishing posts quickly.

Blog Manager in Counselling Website Templates

The dashboard for blog administrating has five tabs that help to manage posts, create templates for blog pages, configure settings, categorize and tag post. By using pre-built pages, you can publish a new article in a minute. Write a post, ad some images, and click on the publish button.

The system will generate new pages on your website automatically. You can create an unlimited amount of posts categories in your blog to manage diverse topics professionally. Moreover, by using tags and categories on counselling website templates, your website users can find the most relevant posts quickly.

Posts Listing

Display blog posts and arrange them according to your needs without editing even a line of code. You can easily configure the layout of blog pages and add posts on all pages. MotoCMS website builder provides the ability to add a list with blog posts categories and display recent posts on counselling website templates in one click. Hence, you can promote the newest posts on the homepage and lead users to your blog providing the ability to choose a category of blog posts.

Social Media Integration

Social media is the most powerful marketing tool that brings new clients and helps to convert more sales. By using your social media profiles, you can prove your proficiency and gain your website, promoting it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can lead your website users to your social media profiles by using social icons to demonstrate video reviews of happy clients and positive testimonials.

Social media icon in the law enforcement website design template have several designs available. Each design preset developed especially for a particular website template and have unique design.

Content Sharing

Broadcast news from Twitter and Facebook, share posts from Instagram and display videos from YouTube or Vimeo without embedding a third-party code. By using the built-in functionality, you can connect social media to your website in a few clicks. Thus, you can share video reviews and posts of satisfied clients to improve your website and receive more requests. Counselling website templates support content broadcasting from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

Free Two-Week Demo for Counselling Website Templates

Grab a website template with the most suitable counselling website design and build a professional website for free. There are no restrictions on the free 14-days trial. Hence, you can examine all the potential of our counselling website templates. Your progress won’t be lost since we provide all the changes from your demo account when a trial period is over. Register a free two weeks trial and create a niche-leading website with no coding.

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