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If you are selling or buying cars, it’s a wise idea to create a website. With this website, you’ll be able to present your vehicles in an attractive way. Thus, people will get the possibility to choose their dream car before coming to your showroom. Using the auto dealer website builder from MotoCMS, you can launch your website in a couple of days.

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Who Can Use Auto Dealer Website Builder?

The auto dealer website builder from MotoCMS is suitable for everyone who is involved in the car dealership and vehicle distribution. If you want to have the best car dealership websites, take advantage of our builder. You can build an amazing website if you trade in any cars, either new or used ones. There are numerous car website templates developed with the auto dealer website builder. This builder is also appropriate for various services connected with automobiles.

What Advantages Does Auto Dealer Website Builder Have?

There are many advantages that make the auto dealer website builder a powerful tool for creating websites. Let’s have a look at these advantages.

Ready-made Auto Dealer Website Templates

The most significant advantage of the auto dealer website builder is a remarkable collection of ready-made templates. You don’t have to build your website from scratch. Developed by professionals, auto dealer website templates will ensure the smooth experience of creating your perfect auto dealer website design. The templates take into consideration the peculiarities of different business niches. Thus, you get everything to create a website that will meet your expectations.

Convenient Admin Panel of Auto Dealer Website Builder

The car dealership website builder can boast of its intuitive design and drag-and-drop functionality. You can use this builder even if you don’t have any idea of coding. There’s no need to change the coding of your webpage because you can make any changes instantly. Your only task is to drag any necessary elements and drop them in an appropriate position. You may experiment with the design of your website as much as you like. Furthermore, you can always change your design if you think it’s necessary.

Responsive Design of Auto Dealer Website Templates

It’s hard to predict what device your potential clients will use to browse your website. They can visit your webpage via a desktop computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. In any case, your website should look awesome. With the auto dealer website builder, it’s not a problem. All auto dealer website templates have a responsive design. It ensures that your webpage will automatically adjust to any type of screen that people are using. So, you don’t have to create separate pages for desktop computers and mobile devices. Your website will guarantee excellent user experience.

Fast Speed of Websites Created with Auto Dealer Website Builder

It is easy to retain your current clients and to attract new customers when your website is fast. It’s common knowledge that people don’t like waiting. So, when a website is slow, visitors may opt for leaving it and choosing another one. If you don’t want your clients to choose your competitors’ websites, your site has to load quickly. With auto dealer website templates, you can be sure that your website has got lightning-fast speed. Thus, your visitors won’t have to wait for the text and image to load. The fast speed of the site is one of the keys to success.

Ecommerce Functionality of Auto Dealer Website Builder

If you want to give people the possibility to pay online, your website should be suitable for this. It should have an e-commerce functionality to accept payments. It is possible to choose auto dealer website templates that have e-commerce functionality. In this case, your clients will be able to pay for their car or provided services online. It is convenient, as they don’t have to leave their houses and search for a place to pay money.

SEO Optimization

It takes some time for a newly-created website to appear in the search results. Moreover, if you wish your webpage to appear higher, you have to optimize it. If you have an automotive website builder, you will be able to enhance your website on your own. The auto dealer website templates have a detailed SEO guide. So, you can follow the recommendations and assign the necessary tags. It will help your website to get better ranks.

24/7 Reliable Support

When you purchase auto dealer website templates, you get a detailed guide with them. The guide will lead you through the whole installation process of your template. We are sure that you will find it easy to install your template and launch the website on your own. However, you may have some questions concerning the installation process. If you have any issues to clarify, there is a friendly support team for you. You can get advice and recommendations any time you wish, 24/7. Our qualified professionals are always ready to assist you.

Free Trial Period of Auto Dealer Website Templates

The auto dealer website builder gives allows you to choose the desired design. You can have an auto dealer website template free for two weeks. During this trial period, you have the time to explore all the features of the template. You will make sure yourself that the template is appropriate for your company.

How To Build A Car Dealership Website?

So far, you have seen that creating a website with the auto dealer website builder is an enjoyable process. To launch your auto dealer website, here are a few simple steps. We recommend following these key points to pay attention to important parts of your auto dealer website.

1. Choose Your Template

Think about your main priorities and aims. Your website design and functionality will depend on your intentions. For instance, you wish to create used car dealer websites. Such sites will be different from the webpages built for car maintenance services. So, when you have set your goals, choose from the collection of auto dealer website templates. Pay attention to the features of the templates to find those that are necessary for your website.

2. Adjust Your Design

There is no limit to customization if you want to change the design of your webpage. With the car dealer website builder, you can easily adjust your website to your needs. Firstly, you may choose an appropriate layout of auto dealer website templates. Secondly, you’ll be able to edit the color scheme. Thirdly, it’s possible to change icons and fonts. You should remember that the design of your website should correspond to your company style. In such a way, it will be easier for people to associate your website with your car dealership.

3. Create Landing Page with Auto Dealer Website Builder

Landing page is an essential part of every website. It is one of the most important and memorable sections, as the visitors see the landing page when they click on the link to your website. If you create an appealing landing page, your website will grab people’s attention. So, they will stay on your website and become your potential clients.

Probably, you prefer to communicate with car buyers directly in your car showroom. This doesn’t mean that you don’t need a website at all. A well-organized landing page can present information in a nice-looking way. With a car dealer landing page template, you can create a landing page effortlessly.

4. Showcase Your Products

If you are a car dealership, you can help people with selling their old cars and buying new ones. No matter what cars you deal with, their efficient presentation will increase your sales. The auto dealer website builder aims at presenting the main features and benefits of goods.

For instance, with a used car dealer website template, you can showcase:

  • latest models;
  • most popular models;
  • featured products, etc.

If you have online auto trade, using a car dealer website template, you can provide warranty programs for different kinds of cars. For example, you can present a premium program with an extended warranty to guarantee a longer period of warranty for buyers.

5. Engage People with Test Drives

Customers love the possibility to try goods before buying them. This is especially important when you trade in cars. It is definitely not enough to come and have a look at the car when people want to buy it. With auto dealer website templates, you can catch people’s attention quickly. You’ll be able to demonstrate information about test drives and mini-tests. Thus, people will know the time when they need to come to your showroom. Additionally, you can give customers the possibility to choose the time themselves and make an arrangement.

6. Create Extraordinary Galleries with Auto Dealer Website Builder

Any car dealership or local vehicle distribution needs to inform people about the vehicles they have. The simplest way to do this is to create galleries of products. The more photos people see, the easier it is for them to form their opinion about a certain car model. You can use photos to show even the smallest peculiarities and properties of goods.

When you apply auto dealer website templates, you can be sure that your galleries will look stunning. Moreover, you can choose from different types of organizing your galleries. It’s possible to present images with the help of grids, carousels, or sliders. Additionally, if you need any information about working with media, you can read about Media Library.

7. Use Auto Dealer Website Builder to Publish Video

Video gives enormous possibilities for showcasing vehicles. Before coming to your showroom, people can watch videos of the cars they would like to purchase. You can demonstrate the properties of vehicles, e.g., speed, in action. The auto dealer website templates feature video integration options. So, you will be able to add videos to your website to interest customers.

8. Describe Your Services

With auto dealer website templates, you can create various websites. You are not limited by the webpages for car dealerships. Also, you can create websites for car rentals or car servicing workshops. In this case, it is vital to present your services to the best advantage.

For example, with a car rental website design you can give people an idea of the following VIP or economy services:

  • corporate ground transportation,
  • airport transportation services,
  • limo services,
  • wedding transportation services, etc.

9. Display Your Maintenance Services

If you are launching a website for a car servicing workshop, you can use various maintenance services templates to exhibit your services. Your customers may find out about such maintenance and repair services as:

  • scheduled maintenance,
  • diagnostic services,
  • pre-purchase inspections, etc.

You may also have some other specific services, e.g., towing. Furthermore, you can ensure customers that your car dealership provides top-grade safety because you check all vehicles with computer equipment. Whatever you wish to show, you can be certain that your information presented with auto dealer website templates, will always be visually appealing.

10. Present Your Team with Auto Dealer Website Templates

Undoubtedly, an auto dealer is not only a place where people can look at cars. The staff who advises clients and sells vehicles is no less important. When you are creating a car dealership website with the auto dealer website builder, you don’t have to worry about the necessity to introduce your team. The templates provide you with a quick, efficient way to present your workers. You can tell customers about:

  • sales associates and product specialists;
  • sales managers and consultants;
  • commercial sales managers;
  • car parts managers, etc.

When creating a website for car repair and maintenance, you’ll have to tell people about your mechanics, service and maintenance technicians, service managers, etc. Similarly, a car rental website should tell customers about drivers, chauffeurs, truckers, etc. Giving clients information about your staff creates a positive personal approach.

11. Announce Vacancies with Auto Dealer Website Builder

Besides introducing your employees, you can also show vacancies in your company. If a person wants to work for your car dealership, they will see the available jobs directly on your website. Thus, it will be easier for you to enlarge your staff.

12. Demonstrate Your Partners and Sponsors

If you sell cars from different producers, it is important to show them properly. Using auto dealer website templates, you can show all your partners efficiently. Also, an effective presentation of partners is essential for organizations that trade in car parts. Get the advantage of the auto dealer website builder and an autotrader website template, for instance, to demonstrate the partners who cooperate with your car dealership.

Additionally, you can point to certifications with auto dealer website templates. This will make your visitors trust your car dealership. Thus, it will be an efficient way of attracting new clients.

13. Display Pricing Tables with Auto Dealer Website Templates

If you offer car loans, you can show your visitors your prices clearly. Using the auto dealer website builder, you can create functional pricing tables. These tables will present the differences in pricing plans evidently. Your visitors will be able to compare these pricing plans and notice all the variations. Furthermore, you can use pricing tables to show prices for buying car parts. If you have special programs for purchases, you can display them simply.

14. Add Necessary Widgets

Widgets are helpful both for improving the website’s navigation and for showing information efficiently. The auto dealer website templates contain a considerable amount of widgets that will help you create an astonishing auto dealer website. For instance, you can add counters, accordions, progress bars, countdown timers, etc. These widgets are easy to add to your page with the help of the auto dealer website builder. Besides, they are attention-grabbing, so they will attract people when they visit your page.

Furthermore, widgets can facilitate your work and people’s use of the website. For example, the Disqus widget will keep your visitors engaged and encourage communication.

15. Give Answers to FAQ

Choosing a car can be a complicated process. To help your customers, you can guide them by answering frequently asked questions. With auto dealer website templates, your information will always look organized and attractive.

16. Include Testimonials

Car dealerships are not only about taking a car produced by a particular company. As any distribution company, a car dealership provides services to people. So, people should be satisfied with the services they get. If it is the case with your car dealership, you can display positive reviews of customers. The auto dealer website templates include testimonials that help you to show people’s opinions attractively. Testimonials are surely worth using if you want to increase the credibility of your company.

17. Ensure Constant Connection with Auto Dealer Website Builder

To promote your car dealership, the website should include various ways of communicating with people. Social options of the auto dealer website templates will guarantee the constant connection between your car dealership and your clients. You can give your customers the possibility to get in touch with you in different ways. Moreover, with social options of the templates, people will be able to share information in social networks.

Get Started with MotoCMS Today

To sum up, a car dealership website is a marvelous tool for presenting goods and attracting new clients. You can build your perfect car dealership website on your own effortlessly. To create your webpage, use auto dealer website templates created with the auto dealer website builder from MotoCMS.

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