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In case you are looking for an all-in-one solution, consider using this car website template. Using this automotive landing page template, you will get the opportunity to launch a car dealership website in a few days. The template combines a well-thought design, easy-to-navigate layout and a large assortment of helpful features.

Best Automotive Landing Page Template for Car Dealers

The car leasing website template has white background. The crucial interface elements have the orange color that stands out of the web page design. The first banner has a photo of a car. The banner implies a slogan that motivates to rent a car and a booking button. The button has a bright orange color and opens a callback request form into a popup upon a click. Also, there is a top bar with a logo and navigation menu. This section has a semi-transparent black background that creates the visual effect of an additional layer.

Show your benefits and share professional success by using the automotive landing page template. With the block with numbers, you can show the number of happy clients or share the number of cars in your rental company. The full-width promo banner in the auto renting website design has a bright orange color. The banner offers a 10% discount for any rent and foresees the ability to book a car by clicking on the call-to-action button. Additionally, there is a block with frequently asked questions and luxury cars fleet on the auto dealership website template.

Choose MotoCMS Automotive Landing Page Template

The central section on the car rental company website template is the auto leasing fleet block. The block consists of the list with car categories on the left and vehicle cards on the right side. Each card implies a photo, car characteristics, and a captivating button that foresees the option to view more details. The system displays a particular type of car that corresponds to a selected item in the list. Furthermore, the system highlights a chosen topic by changing its color to orange and adding an underline.

The automotive landing page comes with a drag and drop website builder. The backend admin panel has an intuitive interface. Hence, there is no particular qualification requires to start working with the web page template. Register a free two-week trial and create a modern car leasing website by yourself with no charge!

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Kevin Meyson Verified buyer

Serious business requires a serious solution. MotoCMS provided me with a great solution and I'm really grateful for that

Max Hourring Verified buyer

I'm really amazed on how these guys handle things. 2 hours and my site is ready. Fantastic!

Jose Herrera Verified buyer

This template was to high end for what I wanted. It was so completa that I couldn't take advantage of all the goodies in it. It worked at the end... simple and didn't loose quality and functionality. Loved it.

John Verified buyer

GOOD. Amazing! Great design.


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