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Need a compelling logo to make your brand remarkable? Looking for the best logo design templates to stand out? Well, you have come to the right place! MotoCMS logo templates collection is your complete solution to have a striking logo for your business. Each professional logo design is original so that you can grab it and make everybody recognize your brand on the fly!

Professional Logo Templates from MotoCMS

The thing is that MotoCMS is not only the most user-friendly website builder, but it is also a comprehensive platform that serves you with creative resume templates, PowerPoint templates, CMS website templates with high functionality, outstanding logo design, professional services related to SEO, social media branding and advertising, custom web design and development, and much more!

We aim to cover you from every angle so you could get everything you need for a dynamic online presence. Our dedicated designers tailor unique logo creation on an ongoing basis. Thus, we are sure that in our catalog you will find the best logo design for your niche whenever you need.

Why Opt for MotoCMS Logo Templates?

MotoCMS logo design templates are unique and creative. Each sample in the collection corresponds to the latest industry trends and requirements. Beyond that, every item you point out from the entire assortment has distinct features that will help you to implement the logo yourself effortlessly.

Fully Editable and Resizable Vectors

Need to modify something in the selected logo design? No problem at all! Thanks to an utterly editable nature of MotoCMS professional logo templates, you can change any part you need according to your requirements. Just pick an enterprise logo design you like, download it and feel free to customize the one in a way you prefer!

Availability in All Popular Formats

We understand that you use different tools to edit and implement chosen designs. Moreover, we want to provide you with the full freedom of choice when grabbing a favorable item. That is why just like MotoCMS resume templates, our professional logo design templates are at your disposal at the most in-demand file formats, such as:

  • AI;
  • EPS;
  • JPG;
  • SVG;
  • PDF;
  • PSD.

You only need to grab the aspired item, download it, and then use it in the most convenient file format. Everything is simple and enjoyable for everyone!

Easy Customizable Colors and Text

Logo is essential, since if picked wrong can cost you an arm and a leg. Hence, it is vital to combine it in multiple color and text variations to find the best match. All professional logo templates crafted by MotoCMS specialists are fully customizable. Thus, each most beautiful logo design allows you to play with the colors and texts as you wish.

Vertical and Horizontal Logo Design Variations

Providing you with both vertical and horizontal variations of MotoCMS logo templates, we hope that the process of getting the best outcome will be smooth and easy. Look how the selected professional logo design looks in these two turns and choose the most appealing variation. There is no need to worry as the process of logo creation is always pleasant with every corporate logo design!

Named Layers Groups

Well, for instance, ready-made professional logo design templates aim to help you save time and resources on hiring out freelance graphic designers. Therefore, if you decide to create a perfect logo on your own, it has to be convenient regardless of your proficiency level. That is why you get all layers groups named when purchasing a creative logo from MotoCMS. It will save you from any confusion and will help to find everything effortlessly.

Professional Logo Templates - Popular Logo Styles

There are multiple logo styles to choose. Although the assortment is extensive, it is essential to pick a decent style that will highlight your business instead of making it seem weird. When it comes to the professional logo design, every element is significant. Whether it is font, picture, color, whatever, it should form a seamless, matching blend with other parts and has to fit the idea of your company or project. So, take a look at the most popular logo styles and determine which one is proper in your particular case.

Mascot Style

This style of logo usually has a central point - the illustration of a subject, a person or an animal as the primary focus. Just take a look at the KFC logo or the one of Pringles; both are great examples of mascots - have a central figure as a company representative. Professional logo templates made in this manner are easy-recognizable and, mostly, suitable for different audiences. Although this type fits a variety of businesses, publishing it on promotional stuff may be complicated due to the design essentials.

Emblem Style

Being kind of classical logo style, it perfectly fits companies, enterprises, etc., who need a timeless logo. These logo design templates are considered as simple ones. However, at the same time, it may be challenging to pick appropriate colors and shapes. Emblem style of the logo is eye-grabbing so that it sticks in the memory at a glance. For example, view out Starbucks logo. By the way, it is one of the most recognizable logos in the world!

Combination Mark Style

This one seems like the all-in-one solution as capably combines word or lettermark with mascot or abstract. There is a vast space to unwind when it comes to elements’ placement. Here the picture directly highlights the name, making this style of logo design a universal solution to strengthen a brand. If you are unfamiliar with logo templates created in a style of combination mark, have a look at the famous Burger King logo.

Wordmark Style

Well, here everything is simple as only a font compiles as a foundation. This style of logo rocks if the name of your business company is brief and engaging enough. The main thing is to pick majestic typography and to put it on the brand name well so that it will look exceptional. As for the best examples of logo design crafted in wordmark style, pay attention to Google or Coca-Cola.

Monogram Style

The monogram style of logo design is also called a lettermark as this kind of logo consists of some letters related to the initials of the company. Just like with logo templates in wordmark style, monogram logos need well-picked typography to bring the expected outcome. One of the most excellent monogram logo style examples is NASA which is pretty long to decipher. This style makes the logo simple but effective.

Pictorial Mark Style

If you would like to use only a picture in your logo design, the style of the pictorial mark is your best choice. It is a logo that bases on a graphic symbol. And the icon, hand-picked for the logo, is your number one thing to take care about as it will stick to your brand permanently. Just take a look at Apple and Twitter professional logo templates, and you will surely get what we mean here.

Abstract Mark Style

Have you seen the logo of Adidas or Pepsi? What is essential about both of them? Well, pay attention to the significant abstract geometrics featured in these logos. If it is easy to guess the idea of Twitter and Apple symbols, it is ultimately vice versa with the pieces of graphics from the brands mentioned above. And here is the point! Even if the abstract mark is sometimes complex to explain, it is unique and allows you to connect your brand with the original symbol that will be associated only with you.

How to Choose the Right Logo Design with MotoCMS Logo Templates?

Due to the broad variety of professional logo design solutions on the web, choosing the only may become challenging. For this reason, we prepared some tips and hints that will help you to get the most accurate one for your business.

Stand for Simplicity

A transparent, minimalist logo is much better than an overworked one. The principle “the more - the better” doesn’t work anymore. If you want to have a captivating logo design that compels, specify some foundational elements of the future logo and pick one of the logo templates containing the required components.

Define a Suitable Color Palette

Before looking for ready-made professional logo design, think about your business niche and define perfect colors that fit it undoubtedly. Say that a logo sample of a medical company has a bright pink color. It comes as no surprise that this color scheme is not suitable for this niche. Same with any other industry. Weed out your main competitors, see what logo templates they use, and try to refine the most common niche colors and implement them to your particular logo.

Think Ahead

Open at least three logo samples that draw your eyes. Make sure they are great for your niche. Will you still like them in five years? If you have any doubts, you certainly have to take your time and pick other ones. Your primary mission is to get a logo design for long-term performance. Thus, it should be the best solution for your company even in case you will change or add some service lines in the future.

MotoCMS Logo Templates - Have a Stunning Logo Design Today!

The variety of MotoCMS templates ensures that you will find the best logo style for yourself! Browse the collection and find a perfect logo that will commit to memory of your potential clients. In case you need any assistance or a piece of advice, our support experts are always at your disposal via email, phone, in a live chat or at the Help Center. Chose professional logo templates from MotoCMS and begin your way to success!

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