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Daria Kosych 27 August, 2021

MotoCMS helps to launch websites of any kind and we are pleased to help web projects and businesses to get on their feet and evolve with no third-party interference. Also, since the lion’s share of users goes online to make a living, we know how important savings are. When your website is your asset, the more you save the better. However, this concept works only when you save wisely. And turnkey website solution is that case.

MotoCMS bundles are special offers for everyone who is about to begin their own online business and wants to save maximum. There are four bundles, allowing a specialist in a particular niche to spend less time and funds, getting started with own online business:

  • ready-to-use landing page;
  • full-featured website;
  • on-page SEO optimization;
  • all-in-one ready-to-use website.

Why Choose MotoCMS Turnkey Website Solution

MotoCMS Best Website Builder

  • Trust all preps to professionals. Every bundle combines nothing else but the essential components for creating and launching a professional website for your niche business. Thus, the MotoCMS team takes care of your template, installs it on your hosting, adds advanced plugins, fills it with optimized content, creates a logo, boosts page speed, and more. While you do your business, we take care of everything about your website.
  • A special discounted price. Every penny counts. Save your budget at the very beginning of your journey with reduced pricing on templates and services. Save wisely not only your time but the money you could spend on growing your online business.

A Turnkey Website Solution – Ready-to-Use Landing Page

Let’s start with a short introduction to the world of ready-made solutions for websites, mainly landing pages considered to be the most effective tools to achieve particular goals. Which ones, for example? A landing page is primarily a one-page site that aims to keep the visitor’s attention, push them to take action thus converting them into customers or leads(clients with a huge desire to make a purchase).

Also, it plays the role of a trusted source with a good reputation. By presenting one-of-a-kind benefits of some products/services, business owners encourage users to buy something and leave a request/callback, register, or subscribe to the newsletter.

Ready-to-use landing page offer from MotoCMS guarantees no pain from your side and fast website launch from our side. Just provide us with access to a chosen template, and we’ll customize it in up to 5 business days. Let’s proceed to the options you get.

Template Installation

We guarantee the flawless work of a theme. Our team will install your template in up to three hours. Moreover, we’ll save all the changes made in demo versions so that you shouldn’t worry about the content.

SSL Certificate

The certificate ensures the confidentiality of the information and allows the user to indicate their personal data on your website safely.

It confirms that the site belongs to an honest company; therefore, it is safe for visitors. In addition, the information protected by the certificate cannot be changed or damaged. And unauthorized access to it while transferring data over the Internet is impossible, thanks to encryption.

Besides, in 2014, Google included the presence of an SSL certificate on a website to its algorithm so that it also influences rankings since that time.

Changing Your Website Color Scheme

Our manager will present you with an extensive colours palette so that you’ll have what to choose from. Then our designer will make the necessary adjustments and show you the results. We always strive to create design able to satisfy both the website owner and future clients.

Please note that colours play an essential role on the web as they can influence users’ decisions. Some of them just don’t work for some niches. For example, such colours as blue, white and green are considered to be medical website colours, while a black one will hardly succeed.

Adding Your Logo

We’ll ensure that your logo fits the best place, has the necessary size, and carries out its functions. If you still don’t have a custom logo design for some reason or want to order a redesign of a current one, our designers can create it for you within ten days and provide two revisions besides 2-3 prototypes.

Updating Landing Page With Your Content

There is no need to figure out what blocks, elements, and widgets the MotoCMS admin panel includes, as we’ll add text of any length, images, videos, links, and any media content. If you aren’t sure that your text is appealing and quality enough to convert visitors into leads, you can have a look at our web copywriting service that guarantees unique content and fast text delivery for an affordable price.

Contact Form Activation With Foolproof Testing

This allows you not only to answer visitors’ questions but even to process applications or orders by placing callback or registering for the event buttons, creating polls, etc.

Nowadays, it isn’t easy to imagine a website without a user-friendly contact form. Regardless of the message on a site, any competent businessman should add it to communicate with visitors and understand their pain. Thus, effective interaction and prompt feedback from the clients are guaranteed.

If some adjustments are necessary, we provide two customization revisions for free.

Examples of Landing Pages

By preferring this turnkey website solution, you get a variety of responsive templates to choose from. Due to a niche-oriented design for every taste, you’ll undoubtedly define what you need and what responds to your business preferences. Moreover, due to its functionality and mobile-friendliness, it will work and look great on all devices. You just need to add your content to the blocks and start promoting your business within a few days!

Now let’s have a look at some good examples of landing pages.

Turnkey Website Solution - Influencer Landing Page


Social Influencer Website Template


Besides, to use landing pages successfully, you need to understand how they differ from multi-page sites or online stores, when their use is justified, and when not.

Here are a few key landing page features to keep in mind:

  • it consists of one page;
  • classical SEO is not used to promote them;
  • it’s designed to convert traffic from ads or other channels;
  • landing pages are suitable for promoting only one product/service or several products of the same group.

Thus, if you are going to build long-term relationships with customers, demonstrate all your products or services, you need a full-fledged website. Let’s proceed to our next bundle to learn more details.

Full-Featured Turnkey Website Solution

If you have a landing page but understand that such a platform isn’t enough for your business, we can easily convert it to a multi-page site with:

  • a modern design;
  • an unlimited amount of pages;
  • a comfy admin panel;
  • intuitive drag & drop editor with incredible options and powerful widgets;
  • free tools for SEO optimization;
  • the opportunity to generate sitemaps & robots.txt files for free;
  • Google Map;
  • Google Analytics integration;
  • free trial period and much more benefits.

After getting the required details, our team starts the process that takes up to 24 hours. Thus, instead of a one-page site, we provide you with the opportunity to add as many pages as you want and create your blog, build your brand awareness, and even launch an eCommerce business. Why is it an excellent decision to choose this turnkey website solution? You just pay once and use a full-featured site for years, there is no need for monthly expenses.

Turnkey Website Solution for Interior Design


Template for Handmade Shop


Bike Rent Website


Also, if necessary, we can help you with template customization that may delay your online presence for some time.

Extended On-Page SEO Optimization

When your strategies of boosting traffic and clients’ engagement don’t work, or you simply don’t know what to start from, a turnkey website solution from MotoCMS comes to help. Our specialists know how to lead your site to top search results and make your clients stay on-site and take action. Let’s consider the benefits you get from on-page SEO optimization.

Relevant Keywords for Every Niche

Before creating content, we look for demanded keywords and choose only those ranked with a high volume of searches and competition rate. Such a process guarantees desired results, mainly good rankings and conversions.

Necessary Meta Titles & Descriptions

Also, we care about the visiting card of your page – meta description. By adding a specific keyword and a call-to-action, we ensure increased CTR. Thus users know what to expect from the site and, at this stage, decide whether to click on it.

Content With a Perfect Structure

Our copywriters strive to come up not only with an original text but also an attractive one. How do they do it? With the help of engaging headlines, keywords, short paragraphs, and lists that make a page easy to read. Thus, your potential clients will get the point even while scrolling.

Logically Structured XML Sitemap and Right Robot.txt File

This turnkey website solution also includes regulating how robots crawl your pages. Due to this file, search engines know how to manage your URLs. Even though it’s not a complex process, the improper use of some characters can prevent Google from seeing the essential information on your site. That’s why the help of competent SEO specialists is beneficial.

Also, we care about the correct indexing of your site. With the help of XML sitemaps, search engines see the structure and content of your site.

Some Other Benefits You Get

Besides of discussed advantages of on-page SEO, you’ll appreciate:

  • clear and readable URLs that never duplicate;
  • relevant ALT texts for images on your site that are also able to help search engines to see what you show;
  • page speed optimization for better performance by providing gzip compression, media content, and hosting improvements.

Please note that this service is appropriate not only for MotoCMS users but all website platforms.

All-In-One Turnkey Website Solution

MotoCMS team has also cared for those who want to get a ready website perfect from the concept of web design, tech optimization, SEO, copywriting, security, speed, and responsiveness. Also, there is no need to worry about any details like logo design, media content, social media icons, and so on.

Besides, this turnkey website solution guarantees timely support and fast website launch(in 20 business days). Now, let’s proceed to some key points of the all-in-one service.

One-of-a-Kind Website Design

Our developers build a website according to your wishes and make all the necessary adjustments. Be sure that we will meet all the discussed details and the deadlines.

Turnkey Website Solution

Wedding Web Design

Brand Building

  • If your brand is well-known, we’ll try to support it with an incredible web design.
  • If you’re new on the market, our team will make everything to make your company recognizable.

So, the pages will indicate your brand’s philosophy without a doubt.

Optimized Content for 6 Pages

The SEO specialists prepare texts that pass demanding Google algorithms and appear on top search results. Also, we choose the appropriate images from Depositphotos and add them to the pages. If you aren’t sure where to place content, we’ll gladly recommend how to deal with it to achieve the best results.

In addition to it, we’ll boost your website speed that will reduce a bounce rate in the future.

Guaranteed Website Security

The service includes an SSL certificate used by millions of websites to protect data on the Internet. It guarantees a secure connection between the user’s browser and the server. When using the SSL protocol, information is transmitted in encrypted form via HTTPS and can only be decrypted using a unique key, unlike the usual HTTP protocol. You’ll see a sign of a lock on the left from your URL line, meaning that your site is safe for potential clients.

Advanced Contact Form

To increase the client base and make users subscribe for your newsletter, leave comments, or simply ask questions, a contact form with an unlimited amount of fields, automatic notifications, secure ReCAPTCHA, and multiple files attachment is what will help you improve relationships with clients and stand out from competitors.

Free Editing Opportunity

It may be challenging to finish the project without regular adjustments. That’s why we offer two revisions and editing. We always strive to take the perspective of our clients and understand what to change. Moreover, a personal manager will contact you during the whole process so that you won’t be alone. All in all, you get a ready-to-use website for an affordable price.

Check Pricing Plan

Thanks for reading till the end! If you are interested in any bundle, click on an appropriate link to go to the service. Good luck with your online business!

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