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Templates for Education Website – 20+ Universal Examples

Daria Kosych 29 November, 2021

The world moves on, so the XXI century is full of changes and new solutions. Every day people get a tremendous amount of information they should be able to cover. Thus, new learning methods that guarantee effective perception and use of knowledge appear. Students forget about paper books and prefer interactive or distance learning, self-education, training, seminars, video materials, games, podcasts, VR, chatbots, and so on. It, in turn, makes educational institutions adapt to current realities. For you to keep pace with new preferences in studying and present your services in a favorable light, MotoCMS offers to consider flexible templates for education website, namely for:

  • Colleges;
  • Universities;
  • Language Schools;
  • Distance Learning;
  • Education Centers;
  • Online Courses;
  • Teachers and some others(dancing, music, art schools).

Multi-Functional Templates for College

College Templates for Education Website

Nowadays, students are looking for information on the Internet, so a responsive online education website with a clear structure and convenient navigation is a must. The following ready-made themes are focused on such educational institutions as colleges, universities, and academies. Moreover, they include all the necessary settings and design elements to give users what they are looking for. If you want to change something, be sure that the MotoCMS education website builder is easy to manage. You can customize a template according to your preferences in the admin panel, just choose necessary blocks and widgets and fill them with content.

Carolina and Bradston Examples of College Websites

Website for College


With the Carolina college website design, you have the opportunity to tell about your organization, share your strength, latest events, news, provide details on admissions, programs, dates, prices, and ensure visitors choose you. And for our part, unique icons, categories, buttons, newsletter, subscription, appointment forms, and other beneficial design elements will call users to action and bring results to your business.

High School Site


Here are some tips to make the most of the templates for education website and set the record for applications:

  • add high-quality background images with vision and mission statements that catch visitors’ attention;
  • place call back button and chatbot to provide applicants with free consultations;
  • fill in blocks for the academic programs you offer;
  • use Gallery that fits your image of the future site most(slider, grid, carousel, or tile Gallery);
  • add some statistics to prove the quality of education and professionalism of lecturers.

Besides, you’ll stay pleased with the contacts section: an advanced form with an unlimited amount of fields, clear validation rules, files attachment opportunity, notifications, and reCAPTCHA. Also, in the admin panel, you can set such social widgets as Twitter timeline, Facebook feed, Instagram post, social buttons, and links. At the bottom of the page, you’ll find a Pinterest feed that will make you stand out from your competitors.

Ready-Made Solutions for University Websites

University Templates for Education Website


This template with a university website design differs from other ready-made solutions by the appointment scheduling that allows students to choose the available date, time, add necessary personal information, and confirm the consultation. Also, it boasts blog functionality with various categories, tags, and recent posts. Thus, applicants can get additional information on courses, conditions of admissions, and some tips. Don’t forget to add contact information and set Google Map so that students can ask questions online or offline anytime. Also, it’ll be helpful to place a FAQ section to make life easier both for the managers and visitors.

University Site


The next example is university website with a red and blue design and excellent website navigation. It impresses with an intuitive interface and guarantees a good user experience. Also, there is a separate History page that offers you to present in detail how your organization has reached its heights.

Templates for Education Website


This is a great solution for those who prefer a bright and bold color combination. Please note that there is no information in the footer; it’s placed in the header and Contact page. Still, you can modify it if necessary and customize it beyond recognition.

Responsive Themes for Language School

Nowadays, knowledge of one or several languages is a good chance to:

  • get acquainted with the culture of another country, make new acquaintances, expand your worldview and gain invaluable experience;
  • start a scientific activity;
  • enjoy the charms of traveling;
  • improve your skills in a chosen profession, communicate more effectively with foreign clients or partners;
  • choose beneficial job vacancy, geographic location, and, of course, income.

That’s why people are looking for easy and fast ways to learn languages. As not everyone has the opportunity and time to visit offline lessons, studying online at a language school has become popular. Such a platform should present all the courses, your team, certificates, teaching materials, prices, FAQ section, reviews, and contact information. Also, it should include convenient navigation elements(at least convenient bars and menu, logo linking to Homepage, links, and anchors, attractive icons, and call to action buttons).

Language School Website


The following template for a foreign language center has all the elements that may help you engage more students. Its main feature is the section offering free language tests, which is a superb solution for those who don’t know their level of knowledge and aren’t sure what program fits them. Also, it’s essential to provide free consultations and place a callback button, chatbot, or a form on the site.

Learn Language Online


If you focus on one course, for example, preparing students for TEFL, we recommend paying attention to the Spello language school website template. Offer first free lesson and expect for the flow of new applicants.

Online Platforms for Distance Learning

Why do users choose distance learning in 2021?

  1. Convenience and mobility.
  2. Individual approach.
  3. Studying at any time.
  4. Learn what you want at your own will.
  5. Good knowledge results.
  6. Availability of training materials.
  7. Distance education is cheaper.

Please, have a look at the following distance learning website templates. Be sure they include all the necessary blocks and widgets.

Distance Learning - Templates for Education Website


Free Registration


Online Courses Website Design

Nowadays, people strive to get fast results in a short period of time. As there is a demand, many professionals, freelancers, centers, and schools started to sell their knowledge in the form of online marathons or online courses. It’s a new trend of 2021. We recommend you keep up with it and launch your online program.

Free Online Course

TRY FOR FREE Courses Online


Online Studying


Templates for Education Website

As all the MotoCMS templates are universal and adapt to any educational organization, let’s look at the following examples of consultant centers, education portals, academies, online learning, and training sites.

Education Center Website


E-learning Templates for Education Website


Consultant Website


Education Portal Website


Web Solutions for Teachers

If you’re a teacher or private tutor, it’s essential to present your services online. Today it’s modern to have an account on social media and promote offers there. Still, it may be challenging to structure all the information correctly and answer all the questions in Direct. So it’s better to use social networks as additional tools and set up a website with a FAQ section and necessary means for interaction with potential students.

Online Tutor


Page Design for Teacher


Teacher Site


Driving Instructor Website


Promotion of Your School

Cleveries is a fantastic kids school website template able to ensure parents that your organization is what they need for their children. Just share the studying process, namely the activities, present teachers and classes, add quality visuals on site and wait for calls from lovely mothers.

Kids School


Invite young artists to develop their talents and transfer their ideas to the canvas with an art school template. Show them that your classes are a full-fledged structured course that will help their children to master the necessary knowledge of painting and drawing step by step. Our team knows how to create an ideal space for every business niche so that the following site is a perfect image of an art school.

Music School


Meet music school website with aesthetic, nice design, a simple interface, and unique icons that catch an eye. Besides presenting the schedule of your classes, please add visual content on the Gallery page to show how your students are practicing or teachers giving masterclasses.

Templates for Education Website – Some Extra Benefits

Besides valuable features discussed above, templates for education website also boast such settings as:

  • SEO optimization – you can easily add meta titles and meta descriptions to pages, Alt attributes to images, tags, URLs;
  • design options that you can easily change in the admin panel(text styles, colors, background, size and values, widgets);
  • sitemap – you have the opportunity to generate it automatically;
  • robots.txt – you decide what pages should be crawled and indexed by search engine robots;
  • Analytics – MotoCMS admin panel allows you to set up Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, Google Map;
  • code injection;
  • redirects;
  • reCAPTCHA, chatbot, cookie notification, lazy loading, and so on.

Create Education Website

All in all, if you are connected with the education sphere, you can increase your income and boost your client base with the help of the MotoCMS educator website builder. You can choose our 14 day trial period to make sure it’s possible to create the best educational website without coding skills. If necessary, we will save all the changes, and after purchase, you can continue customizing your future online platform.

Tip: we recommend you to read our blog posts that will help you create an education website(how to make it, what information to add, what colors to choose, where to take media content, and other helpful cheat sheets.

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