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How to Create a Solar Energy Website – 7 Steps with Best Designs

Allison Reed 17 August, 2018

Have you started your business in the growing solar field or are you planning to do it? A solar trend is getting more and more well-known in the business field. With the development of green technologies and ecological politics, it is likely to become one of the hottest global trends. Consequently, as a modern business, it should certainly have online representation, that’s why solar energy website designs are also gaining popularity.

solar energy website main image

One helpful tip for those who create a renewable energy website is to take alternative power website templates as a basis for the initial phase of creating your site. Templates are usually harmoniously designed for the exact topic and contain all the modern features. For example, it can include not only big pictures of a great quality but also sliders. They are dynamic and attract more customers’ attention.

So, alternative energy sources are more than actual in the contemporary world and this tendency is going to continue. Many former oil and gas companies re-specialize in finding ways to save the environment and make money at the same time. Solar energy is a way out for them. More individual clients, cities, and countries turn to renewable energy sources, and solar industry has a healthy growth percentage of 15% annually, according to the latest solar panel installation research. Technology is going further, the cost of materials gets lower. Consequently, all those factors lead to the fact that solar power is becoming more affordable and attractive to different target markets.

Step 1. Choose a Sphere of Solar Energy Website

alternative energy areas and statistics

Modern business wouldn’t survive without the Internet. Especially, such techy and fashionable as “green energy”. A client in search of the trustworthy company turns to online search and finds one, out of the diverse row, renewable energy website. If it is yours, then you should make sure a customer is satisfied, stays on the site, and proceeds till the purchase. What steps must be taken for that?

The first thing to do is to define a narrow sphere you will specialize your business and therefore a site in. The most logical opportunity is installing solar panels for industrial and private clients. It means you will have to deal with installing the whole system.

Nevertheless, the list of the rest of directions is still long and wide:

Solar Sales Business

Different solar thermal systems, attic fans, and cooling systems are sold each year. Moreover, there are companies which get profit from selling the component parts needed to build and operate such installations. There are also solar lights, promoted gadgets, and an impressive number of related products which you may specialize in bringing to the market.

Solar Manufacturing Business

Focus on inventing, owning a production cycle, or manufacturing panels and associated parts. There is a bunch of products being developed or needed to be improved. As a result, you can easily take a niche so far.

Solar Consultant

solar energy scheme

Probably, you know all the aspects of the renewable energy sources but you don’t want to deal with trade or construction. You can give your expert opinion on the variants of solar panels installation and solar gadgets utilization both for companies, and individuals.

Solar Service or Maintenance Business

As scientists claim, dirty panels produce less electricity than solar panels. Being aware of that, customers would prefer to hire a specialist to keep their solar panels clean. Most panels are situated high on the roof of the building or on some specific lining. Hence it doesn’t seem comfortable for clients to make the fining themselves. Although solar systems are durable, maintenance is required regularly, including changing or upgrading details, wiring, and reparation after damage.

solar panels installation image

Are you still not confident of what way to go or what to concentrate on? Get acquainted with legal and economic aspects and tips on how to start a solar business.

No matter which one of the “green energy” business directions you are ready to choose, you will need to attract and keep customers. One of the best ways to do that is to create a reasonable solar energy website.

Furthermore, a successful and attractive website should be designed exactly for that solar business opportunity which you choose. Think over the information about yourself and your company which is to be published. In the fast developing sphere, the site needs to contain latest news, innovations, and interesting facts in the field. Design should also be carefully chosen in accordance with the sub-topic of the business.

Step 2. Choose the solar energy website design

Another must for your marketing efforts is having a website. No high tech business can do without a well-representing website. Nowadays it is not so expensive, especially taking into account that it is your one-time investment in the future of your business.

Above all, don’t forget about the colors! It is crucial for a business site to understand how people react to some colors, and what associations they have with them. Everything in the business world starts with corporal identity. It is expressed in the logo and in the company colors. First of all, consider well how to choose brand colors for your corporal identity. Pay attention to the combination of colors. Finally, think which colors are closely connected in clients’ minds with ecological energy resources – don’t make it too bright or too strict.

Step 3. Take the Target market into consideration

Target market-defining is crucial before making a decision on what and where to sell or to provide.

Social Media

Social media is a must for any solar business. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are used for marketing strategies and creating a more attractive image of the company. You should write posts on the progress of your business is making regularly because updating social media pages is easier than websites. Therefore, you can have the connection with customers on a more personal level. There it is also usual to provide customers with discounts and competitions, pictures of the works and projects you have done. You’re able to prove that your brand is the leader in the solar industry and always keep the benefits of green energy in minds of your followers. The more social media platforms you embrace, the more often you can impress your potential customers.

If you’ve started using social networks to promote your solar business, then make it convenient for customers to get in touch with you. In solar energy website templates, there are specific widgets which can help you connect your social networking account to your site. Your customers will be redirected in just one click. Simply add buttons to your website which are linked to your social media accounts and encourage visitors to follow your business. If you are not confident in this field, be sure to check this guide on how to create social media buttons. Finally, don’t forget to update and be an active participant of your own accounts!

Not sure how to build your social media management strategy? There are plenty of resources which provide useful advice and essential steps in this process.


Testimonials are one of the things which make difference.

Seems like, nothing is a better proof of the quality than third-party affirmations. When other common people tell how great your company is, it can make a strong impression on consumers who try to choose a company. Testimonials can noticeably boost your online representation and sales. Similarly, a new customer also needs to have various opportunities to express their opinion. For that purpose, you can apply surveys, direct comments, and review websites.

Finally, make these reviews from satisfied customers a focal point of your website. In modern solar energy website templates, there is an opportunity to put testimonials with nice fonts and attractive pictures on the homepage or on the separate page. For that location choose testimonials which are trustworthy and reassuring.

Lead Magnets

Solar energy is a highly competitive industry, so for success, you need to stand out from other companies and entrepreneurs. Seems like, you need to be the fastest to grab consumers’ attention and then to keep it stable. That’s when lead magnets become handy.

A lead magnet is a free tool for attracting clients’ interest by offering them insider materials in exchange for their contact information, for example, samples, trial subscriptions, newsletters, and free consultations. Most noteworthy, it assists much in forming a wide contact list and find target audience which is ready to become informed, educated about solar power, and turned into buyers of goods and services. It is another perspective way to promote a specific individual product (equipment or details).

You may also combine different lead magnets for various services. If you specify and individualize it well enough, a lead magnet can drastically increase leads. As a result, modern solar company website templates contain special widgets and modules for registration forms, which will make the process of applying lead magnets easier.

Step 4. Be Educative And Interactive.

The first thing a consumer is searching for is knowledge. Most of the solar companies forget about that and concentrate only on selling and promoting products and services. It is a perfect opportunity for you to be useful for clients, and also to boost your search engine position. It comes in handy, especially if you are an individual or industrial solar consultant.

alternative energy use scheme

One of the disadvantages of many websites is their passive nature. On the contrary, there are plenty of interactive features which will assist in engaging customers.

For example, there is a solar energy calculator which makes the situation of solar benefits and potential savings clearer. It may persuade them to switch to solar energy faster.

Furthermore, there is an interactive feature of live chat services. It gives an opportunity to answer the questions of clients immediately, which makes customers’ experience more comfortable. It is crucial for small businesses.

20 Best Solar Energy Website Templates

Taking into consideration all the tips, it is the right time to turn to the most interesting part of this article – to wonderful solar energy website templates. We have chosen perfect examples which are designed according to all the modern tendencies. As a result, we hope that you will get inspired by this compilation and choose one of the templates to build an amazing solar energy website on the basis of it.

1. Lighting Website Template for Solar Light Company

solar energy website Solarento


This template can be a basis for constructing an exclusive alternative power website to represent your solar company. It contains a stylish color palette and attractive photos of a big size.If you are an owner of solar power business and don’t have enough skills in website design, then drag&drop builder will help you change the look of your future site in just a couple of clicks. Moreover, you can get acquainted with this minimalistic design watching a live demo or even trying it for free for 2 weeks. This template is supposed to make your clients sure it will cover all the needs of representing a solar power business.

2. Solar Energy Web Template for Solar System Companies

solar energy website design for large and small businesses


This is a perfect solar energy website template not only to represent your company, but also to educate your visitors, and express your vision of the renewable energy resources question, and the ecological mission. It is 100% responsive, so will surely have the same picture quality at the screens of different sizes. If you have no programming skills so far, you can use a quick and easy website builder to create a website of good quality. Intuitive admin panel will give you the opportunity to edit pages, add individual content, and drag blocks up to your liking. This smooth template design will make you enjoy creating your website, and your customers – visiting it.

3. Green Energy Website Template for Biofuel and Eco Industries

solar energy website in green color


This is a very ecologically looking solar company website template with a bright natural green color palette which will certainly fit alternative energy website. The template is mobile-friendly. Therefore your prospective clients will have an opportunity to look through the information and photos in full quality on the go or where it is convenient for them. With MotoCMS drag&drop editor you can customize anything on the fly and likewise see your changes at once.

4. Solar Web Design for Solar Energy Services

solar company website with panels


“Solar for all mankind”. If you want to concentrate your business on providing alternative energy services and are in search of a premium solar energy website template, Activax is made for you. Firstly, pre-made pages already have a very nice perceptive design, though making changes would also be unbelievably easy due to to the drag-and-drop website creator. Secondly, eye-catching photos of high quality and sliders will contribute to your clients’ impression. Finally, SEO-integration will make search engines access your website without any problems.If you have any doubts, there is a free 14 days trial for you!

5. Solar Energy Website Template for Green Companies

solar panel site example


This is a well-documented website template which suits green energy companies. It has a completely responsive design, so it will perform great on all modern devices, including mobile phones.Even if you are not keen on programming, intuitive admin panel will let you customize your site in just a few clicks. Still doubting? This template is provided with interactive tutorials which will help you to understand how to work with all the widgets and features. Have a look at the fashionable design ‘full of air’ in a live demo.

6. Solar Power Website Template for Alternative Energy Companies

solar company website with unique design


Such a website template will be a perfect solution for creating a fully functional solar energy website! It is accompanied by a non-difficult website builder, which will allow you to compose a site having previously no coding skills. All the necessary elements can be dragged and dropped in no time! It is also fully responsive, so looks perfect on all kinds of screens. A reliable and fast template includes useful widgets and modules to cover the needs of your business.

7. Wind Energy Website Template for Solar and Wind Systems

alternative energy website design


If you choose to be a seller of solar systems, this energy website template will match your needs! It comes with a pleasant and mobile-friendly design. It has a mobile-friendly fashionable design with a number of attractive galleries and handy widgets. They will certainly look amazing both on PC screens, and tablets. This very template is pre-equipped with a blog functionality, so you have an opportunity to improve visitors’ engagement by sharing with them important news of the company and valuable information on “green energy”. It also contains different font styles and social integration.

8.Best Solar Website Design for Sustainable Energy Companies

alternative energy web template


Meet This SEO-friendly Green Tech template is a good choice for an alternative energy company, especially taking into consideration an easy drag & drop website builder. It will facilitate the process of creating and customizing a solar energy website as much as possible. This template has attractive features, as a useful menu, variable fonts styles, and full responsivity. A stylish multicolored design will help you show all the advantages of your business.

9. Solar Website Design for Alternative Energy Services

alternative energy template


Do you provide alternative energy services? Let’s assume that at the same time you think out of the box and don’t want your site to look ordinary and classy. Here is a very modern and extraordinary design for a start-up in that niche. This template is fully responsive and easily editable, which is proved by an admin panel and a drag&drop builder. Blog functionality will make your relations with future customers more close and personal, so your business will have a more trustworthy image

10. PV System Website Design for Green Energy Website

renewable energy website template


If you specialize in individual service provision for households, you definitely need a professional-looking website. It has a clean understandable design. Your website will have a great look at all kinds of screens of devices because it is absolutely responsive. So you can show it to your prospective clients on the mobile phone or a tablet without losing quality. This template includes plenty of handy widgets, a blog functionality, and an admin panel. It is pre-equipped with an easy drag&drop builder helping you to customize your site.

11. Solar Energy Website Template for Solar Panel Producers

renewable energy website design image


12. Environment Website Template for Green Energy Business

image of a renewable energy website


13. Solar Batteries Production Website

green energy site illustration


14. Solar Panel Website Template for Solar Energy Companies

green energy site example


15. Energy Website Template for Eco-Friendly Energy Company

green energy power company site


16. Solar System Website Template for Renewable Energy

wind and sun power website


17. Biofuel Website Template with Three-Column Image Slider

green energy site image


18. Alternative Energy Website Template Done in Light Tones

wind power website illustration


19. Yellow Website Template for Solar Energy Company

wind and sun power website


20. Solar Energy Landing Page Template

solar panel site example


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