How to Create a Website for Wedding: Four Steps to Success

Allison Reed 17 April, 2019

Everything should be perfect on the wedding day. At least, this is what most people believe while starting the preparations for the big day. Thus, high expectations and desire to spend money usually go hand in hand with weddings. Brides, grooms and their families start to surf the net long before the ceremony. They are looking for the best wedding services and products on the Web to make the day unforgettable. Do you professionally deal with weddings but haven’t still brought your business online? Then, it’s high time to create a website for wedding not to lose hundreds of potential clients.

Perhaps, you’ve already had thoughts of building a website but just don’t know where to begin. In such a case, today is your lucky day. In this article, we’ll give you several tips on how to create a website for wedding capable of attracting clients. What’s more, you’ll see some marvelous wedding website templates which are perfect for a successful start.

Do You Need Special Skills to Create a Website for Wedding?

First things first, if you still don’t have a website there should be a solid reason for it. At least, you firmly believe that it is solid. According to the Clutch survey, one of the main reasons for not having a website is a lack of technical knowledge. Nevertheless, do you really need it to create a website for wedding?

Believe it or not, today you don’t have to be an IT geek to build an appealing website yourself. The fact is that with a modern website builder anyone can create a real masterpiece. Neither tech nor designing skill is necessary.

website template for wedding


Firstly, online website builders offer you templates which already contain professionally designed pre-made blocks. Therefore, there’s no need to invent anything yourself. Secondly, the drag-and-drop functionality enables you to move these ready-made blocks with your mouse. It lets you place them on the layout wherever you want. As a result, your wedding website will have a very look you’re dreaming of without a line of coding.

bridal wedding website template


In a word, to create a website for wedding, you need only desire and several hours of free time. So, why not start making your dreams come true today? It is a lot easier than you think. Just choose a template and follow your intuition and our steps to build a successful business in the wedding industry!

How to Create a Website for Wedding: Four Steps to Success

Let’s be honest. No one says that building an attractive website is child’s play. It goes without saying that it will take a specific effort. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible for a willing heart.

create website for wedding


Below are a few simple things you might consider when starting to create a website for wedding. The best thing is that these tips will work for any business connected with the wedding industry. To be more precise, they will be beneficial if you’re going to launch:

In a word, it doesn’t matter which branch of the wedding business is your cup of tea. In any case, just follow these steps when you create a website for wedding and you’ll surely enjoy the result.

Step 1. Focus on the Visual Appeal of Your Website

Obviously, when you create a website for wedding, you want it to grab the attention of the potential clients. Consequently, one of your primary goals is to make it look attractive. What are the main components of the visual appeal? Of course, they are strong visuals, the appropriate color palette, and typography that pleases the eye. Let’s find out how to achieve it.

Use a Variety of High-Quality Visuals

The more visual aids of high quality your website contains, the faster your wedding business is going to take off. As you know, visual stimuli belong to the strongest ones. That is why people, in general, and the future brides, in particular, are so demanding about the photos they see on the wedding website. Therefore, it’s better to hire a top photographer. He will help you get the images of the highest quality necessary to create a website for wedding.

avenue wedding website template


You may even consult several photographers before choosing the one you need. Don’t think of it as the waste of your time and money! The fact is that the poor quality of photos will not only disappoint your potential clients and make them hesitate. What’s worse, in the majority of cases it will make them abandon your website in favor of your competitors. As a result, you’ll lose clients even if your services in real life are second to none.

If your business is relatively young, then it makes sense to minimize your inputs. You can do this by opting for a MotoCMS wedding photography website builder. Every MotoCMS template already includes stock photos of the high quality.

wedding website


Unquestionably, when you create a website for wedding, you shouldn’t limit your visuals to merely photos. It’s a good idea to employ video. Several short video clips that last for several seconds can do a great job. First and foremost, they will help you showcase your products and services in the best possible light. Next, they will animate your website and diversify the content. Finally, videos will assist you in increasing the engagement of your visitors. This means that the audience will spend more time on your website. Thus, you’ll have more chances to turn your potential clients into the real ones.

Take Care of the Proper Color Palette

The color palette is the next important thing to consider when you create a website for wedding. It’s one of the main decisive factors when it comes to the first impression, which is vital.

website for wedding


It’s not a secret that there are lots of websites that use an unlimited number of too bright colors. Possibly, their owners think that the more colorful, the better. However, such an approach to the website design can kill even the most relevant content. As usual, when users bump into tasteless websites with too much color, they quit it at once. As a result, these websites stay behind in the online competition.

So, how to choose colors when you create a website for wedding? If you ask us, there are two things we highly recommend. Firstly, rely on the color psychology. It will help you win the hearts of the audience on the subconscious level. Secondly, make use of the Color Wheel. It’s an unprecedented assistant in selecting complementary colors while working out your unique color palette.



If you choose to create a website for wedding with MotoCMS templates you’ll get a powerful tool at your disposal. It’s the Color Picker for building your personal website color palette, which has genuinely exciting potential.

The main idea of the Color Picker is that you can work out the color palette for the whole website just by choosing the 5 dominant colors. These colors will be automatically applied to all the pages of your wedding website. The best part is that you can change the color palette yourself at any given time! So why not experiment with this gorgeous wedding gallery template?

create wedding website


Choose Best Fonts to Create a Website for Wedding

Fonts, just like colors, influence the behavior of your online audience. On the one hand, adequately selected fonts add harmony to the overall website design. They make it look complete and assist in telling a coherent story of your business. On the other hand, they have a direct impact on the user experience of your visitors. It’s quite evident that wisely chosen fonts let your visitors perceive the information more accessible.

The main thing to consider while choosing fonts is the initial message you intend to convey. That’s why before starting to create a website for wedding you should clearly see your goal.

make website for wedding


Is your primary purpose of appearing reliable and evoking trust? Go for serif typefaces such as Times New Roman, Trajan or Baskerville. Do you plan to capture potential clients with creativity and out-of-box thinking? Then, give your preference to script typefaces, for instance, Bickham or Lavanderia. However, the best idea is pairing fonts. If you find the perfect match, your website will look professional while expressing the essence of your content.

Whatever fonts you select, there’s one thing to remember. They should be highly readable to let visitors absorb the information without an effort. Therefore, we recommend you take those that are equally suitable for all sizes. Such fonts won’t lose their attractive look and readability because of the screen size.

Step 2. Guarantee the Reduced Level of Stress for Prospective Customers

You can easily guess how stressed and exhausted people are when planning a wedding. That is why it is your task to attract them with a fresh and transparent approach. There are several ways you can master it on your website.

Make Simple Things Even Easier

First and foremost, minimize the number of obstacles your visitors may come across while browsing your website. Keep in mind that not all of them are advanced users. Moreover, their time and patience aren’t endless. Consequently, when you create a website for wedding, focus on the simplicity of all processes from navigation to booking. Just imagine that you’re building a site for your six-year-old kid or elderly granny.

wedding website template


To begin with, think of the handy menu. Don’t bet on too creative solutions in your desire to look progressive and trendy. Everything should be visible and at hand. Therefore, when you create a website for wedding, avoid hidden navigation. It significantly slows down exploration and decreases engagement. Let your visitors see all the navigation options right from the start.

Next, make sure that your booking forms are available from any place of your website. If your prospective customers want to book wedding services, make sure they know how to do it. What’s more, don’t use too complex forms with tons of unnecessary information that sneak time of your visitors. Ask only for the data you really need to provide your services or analyze the performance of your website.

Finally, mind your high availability. Provide all your contact information not only on the Contact Us page but also in the header or/and footer. Include your phone number, email, and physical address as well as business hours. Use Google maps to help potential clients find your business in real life.

With MotoCMS templates, your customers always know where to find you. React quickly. Be respectful. Check out how you can edit a contact form to this beautiful Wedding Cake Website Template with Blog! Just find it out on the layout or drag the widget from the list and drop it to the place you need.

makewedding website


Provide All the Necessary Information about Your Services

As you create a website for wedding to advertise your services or products, don’t tell about them in general. Your potential clients shouldn’t guess about the benefits they get with your business. Such words as “superb wedding photographer services” or “the best fabric for your wedding dress” are empty phrases. Your potential clients should clearly see why to choose you from the rest. Consequently, your primary task is to highlight the advantages of using namely your services.

It doesn’t mean that you should go into nitty-gritty details and write a novel about each service you provide. It means that you should concentrate on the things that differentiate you from the competitors.



When you create a website for wedding with MotoCMS you have everything to showcase your services in the best light. The handy pre-built services page will save you lots of time and effort. Do you represent wedding catering or wedding venues business? Make use of various galleries to emphasize their uniqueness. Add the details concerning prices, discounts, and special offers.

Do you own an online wedding store? Sort your products in the way convenient to your customers. Use qualitative thumbnails. Add short descriptions, set weight, length, and width for shipping purposes, and discounts for sales.

To sum up, be concrete about what you offer and what lies beyond your area of expertise. Are you ready to experiment right now? Check out this Best Jewellery Website Design for a wedding jewelry site. It contains everything one needs to start a successful wedding catering business.

best wedding website template


Step 3. Boast Your Experience

Undoubtedly, modesty is not a thing that will help you promote your business online. That’s why it’s better to forget about it when you start to create a website for wedding. Your prospective customers should know who they are dealing with. Therefore, your site must become the place where you shout about your success.

Use Word of Mouth to Create a Website for Wedding

What is the best way to give proof of anyone’s competence? Indeed, it’s the opinion of the clients who have already interacted with your business. In the majority of cases, people carefully study reviews of the products and services they are going to use. There is nothing wrong about asking your clients to write reviews about your services to employ them on your website.

azalea wedding website template


Another smart solution is to give your clients the opportunity to share your content on social media. With the social media widgets that MotoCMS has developed, sharing gets much more enjoyable!

Implement Formal Evidence of Your Qualification

The next actionable way to attract clients is to post all the formal evidence of your qualification. It can be your certificates, diplomas, or licenses. Do you have any awards? Don’t hesitate to mention them when you create a website for wedding. People should trust you if you want to be a part of their wedding.

There’s one more way to stand out in the wedding market. You can highlight your business in numbers. It will have a significant impact on those who prefer mathematics and logic to emotions while making a choice. This is already realized in the Wedding Website Design Template for a Wedding DJ.

dj website template


Step 4. Push the Boundaries

It is always important to remember that a business has to evolve. It means that you, as an owner of the wedding website, have to be aware of all the latest trends in the wedding industry. In practice, it means that you should be able to create and (more importantly) edit your website.

In fact, your task is to develop the general concept of the final product. The rest will be taken care of by the Website Creator from MotoCMS. Test our Drag-and-Drop Editor out in this elegant Wedding Website Design for Online Wedding Planner to start creating your online business free of charge.

wedding website



So, don’t waste time. Start to create a website for wedding with any bridal web theme from MotoCMS right now. Just visit our collection and choose the future of your wedding business to launch it for a free trial period! It requires neither special skills nor credit card information.

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