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Best Website Creator – What Website Builder To Choose?

Mary Frost 4 February, 2021

Whether you’re owning a small business or being a specialist in any niche, you need to go online to get more clients and increase your earnings. Today, you have an excellent opportunity to launch a website even without coding and web design skills. Pick the best website creator to build a professional site in 2 days, and raise your business to a new level!

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Best Website Creator for Building an Attractive Site from Scratch

The process of finding the best website creator mostly depends on the website owner’s particular needs. There is an extensive selection of web constructors, which offer all the necessary tools and features for launching a fantastic platform. Nevertheless, it is crucial to look through several options before picking the most appropriate one.


If you need the best website creator to launch your blog or website, MotoCMS is the ideal solution for your business. This drag-and-drop builder lets every client explore the most impressive benefits the CMS platform can offer. The MotoCMS templates collection contains thousands of ready-made themes for diverse niches. Besides, each web layout goes with high-end functionality, sharpened for the chosen business area.

Thanks to the fast website loading speed you obtain with MotoCMS 3 and Moto 4, you’ll get higher conversion rates. Thus, your website will be in demand by your audience, which will increase your earnings. Using numerous features like customizable fonts, galleries, advanced sliders, integrations with social media, Google Maps, images, and color schemes, you will easily create a responsive website on your own.


WordPress is a popular open-source platform for website development that can create everything from a simple blog to full-featured, multipage websites. While the software itself is free, there is a version that is more like other website builders on this page. One of the most significant advantages of WordPress is that it is easy to customize thanks to the WordPress visual editor. Thanks to the countless templates third-party builders and themes available on the web constructor, everyone can find the best solution for one’s business. Besides, most templates and plug-ins are free.

It’s effortless to start building a website with WordPress. Everyone can get a decent-looking blog for free with this platform, even without spending much time. Also, the web builder has good and fast customer support service and efficient managers’ assistance.


Weebly is also considered the best website creator, as it is easy to use on all devices. Moreover, this web builder is the simplest one, especially for those unfamiliar with web design. Every new feature Weebly adds will upgrade your site so that it would look more respectable. Besides, all their themes are stylish and responsive, adapting perfectly to tablets and smartphones. Besides, Weebly offers an innovative page template system, allowing you to customize the picked layout to your needs further.

This website creation tool is super handy thanks to a powerful drag-and-drop editor. A shopping cart and eCommerce tools can be optionally added to either version as well.


Wix is undoubtedly the biggest yet most flexible website creator on the market today. This web constructor announces a significant new feature monthly that increases the speed and functionality of web development. With the Wix ADI feature, every user, even the beginner, can now use a guided website creation assistant to build a website in no time. In addition to the advantages mentioned above, Wix offers an extensive selection of well-designed templates that can be used for free. Any layout is easy to customize and adapt to the client’s needs. Moreover, there is a huge range of features and tools, including a contact form, newsletter subscription, an events calendar, a forum, etc.

However, consider that the navigation on Wix templates isn’t intense and doesn’t create complex structures. The web builder also has relatively low loading speeds, especially on mobile devices. Besides, you won’t be able to switch to an entirely new theme if you get bored of your existing one.


Webnote is not the best website creator on the market; nevertheless, it is one of the most globally used website builders, especially among European users. It offers advanced and unique features that will be useful for both entrepreneurs and specialists. The platform includes a free domain name for most of their plans for the first year. Besides, it allows installing extensions that enhance the site’s capabilities right away!

Webnode also suggests an easy way to create multilingual sites, unlike other website creators. Users like the platform’s designs, which are modern and responsive. You can check out the testimonials to ensure in ti. Besides, Webnode provides stable SEO features that most sites will need.

A Few Handy Tips for Finding the Best Website Creator

Thanks to many web builders on the market, you have all chances to pick the platform that will meet your expectations. Nevertheless, it might be hard to choose the best website creator for your site due to the wealth of options. Therefore, it will be useful to learn some handy tips for determining the most beneficial choice:

  • Features. Each website has different needs. However, there are basic features that must be included in every reliable web building platform. When searching for the best website creator, you need to ensure it contains a decent blogging system, customizable SEO tools, proper image galleries, mobile-friendly designs, a shopping cart, etc.
  • Customer Support. Check out the round-the-clock customer support available via phone, chat, email, etc., before committing to a paid lifetime or yearly subscription.
  • Pricing. Look through the web builders’ pricing to pick the most affordable yet trustworthy platform. Every reliable website constructor should provide precise details of the pricing plans and extra costs (e.g., domain name) for each provider. Check out this information and subscribe to the best website creator.
  • Domain Name. A domain is an essential element of every website; therefore, you should take care of this web development aspect beforehand. Make sure the chosen website builder can assist you in selecting the right domain name.
  • Free Trial Version. If the platform for website building allows you to use it for free for a week or two, it’s an excellent opportunity to ensure your decision’s rightfulness. Keep in mind that it’s better to avoid site builders that require credit card details for a trial.

The Kinds of Sites That Can Be Created with the Best Website Creator

If you don’t know how to build an effective presence on the web for your business, start defining the kind of platform you want to open. Website builders offer various solutions like landing pages, multipage sites, and eCommerce platforms. To understand how each of the options looks, we want to showcase the most thrilling web layouts available at the present moment.

Landing Pages

Want to build a professional CV or portfolio? An attractive and informative landing page is an ideal way to showcase your skills and working experience. With MotoCMS 3, you’ll be able to develop your business locally and worldwide fast and cost-effectively.

landing page for your business


Multipage Websites

Whether you own a small business or a large company, a multipage site can increase incomes and widen the client base. MotoCMS templates contain a full set of ready-made pages that are easy to customize and personalize even with no web design experience.

consulting firm website design


multipage website for your company


Ecommerce Platforms

Not all website builders offer effective eCommerce layouts, but when it comes to MotoCMS, you can rely on the best products. This is the best website creator for those who want to launch a successful online store. Moreover, every MotoCMS template goes with all the necessary plugins needed for growing sales.

Fashion Ecommerce Website Design


eCommerce plugin


The Best Website Creator for Launching a Site for Your Niche

MotoCMS is a versatile web building platform, which suits various niches. Its extensive collection of website templates has options for all tastes, and all layouts are divided into specific categories. Thus, it the MotoCMS catalog, you can find magnificent themes for:

  • industry;
  • business;
  • healthcare;
  • entertainment;
  • sport;
  • creative;
  • social;
  • design;
  • home services;
  • and other spheres.

You’ll find the most compelling examples of MotoCMS templates below.

Professional Website Templates for Small Businesses

Every company, regardless of its size, should have a strong online presence. MotoCMS has a fantastic collection of website templates for small businesses. Filter the catalog to choose the layout for your niche and create the theme that will help you to get on the top of Google.

best website creator for small business


Stunning Web Layouts for Designers and Other Creatives

Thanks to the stunning MotoCMS templates catalog, your photography site or a designer’s portfolio will impress a broad audience. Choosing one of its themes will allow you to demonstrate your artworks worldwide, as every layout has a full set of tools, widgets, and plugins necessary for building a successful platform.

creative website templates


Functional Ecommerce Themes for Online Stores

Are you going to start an online store? Check out the MotoCMS eCommerce themes, which are well-equipped with everything necessary for such types of websites. With such functional layouts, you will be able to scale and grow to hundreds of items. Moreover, they are more affordable than other options available on the market.

best website creator for online store


Figure Out Your Website Purpose

Once you got acquainted with our ultimate guide on ‘How to select the best website creator,’ it’s high time to start picking the appropriate solution for your business. Start with determining the primary goal of your web presence. Whether you want to sell products or attract potential customers for your services, MotoCMS has the right web layout for you.

Once you figure out what site you need, you’ll be able to prioritize the tools, plugins, and capabilities you want in your builder. This will let you focus on critical features instead of getting pulled off track, unuseful tools that aren’t helping you achieve your goal. Thus, if you’re interested in growing sales, start by looking at the eCommerce layouts; in case you’re a web designer, pick a one-page or multipage template to build an impressive portfolio, etc.

professional web template


Define How Much Time and Money You Spend on Building Your Site

If you don’t have web development experience, it will take you more time to create a professional website. However, with MotoCMS, you can create a multi-functional platform from scratch quickly and easily. The time and money you need to spend on the website building depend on several factors like:

  • the clearness of your design vision;
  • usability based on the features;
  • flexibility and intuitive design of the editing interface;
  • the responsiveness of the website builder, etc.

However, you would need to consider that regardless of a web builder is very easy to use, it is also quite comprehensive. This, for example, MotoCMS, has a sheer number of options and tools, which can make the process of website creation a bit challenging for a newbie. Nevertheless, you’ll quickly deal with everything, as each template is easy to customize in just a few simple clicks.

The Best Website Builder – Conclusion

Summing up, it’s a bit challenging to find the best website creator out of numerous options available on the web. Nevertheless, this guide’s information can help you focus on the most effective website builder, which is definitely MotoCMS, in our opinion.

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