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How to Make a Website on MotoCMS in 2 Days

MotoCMS Editorial 11 November, 2020

If you’re reading this article, you obviously want to know how to make a website from scratch. Don’t expect to get a simple answer because this question requires a detailed study. Nevertheless, we did our best to make this guide as concise and informative as possible. Therefore, sit back and check out the ultimate ‘How to Make a Website Quickly’ guidebook carefully to put our tips into practice.

How to make a website

How to Make a Website Quickly – 7 Simple Steps

Building a website has become a fascinating, relatively simple experience in recent years. Today, you can even forget coding and words like HTML and FTP because, with ready-made website builder templates, a site development process turns into fun. If you own a business that should be grown online, this step-by-step guide of how to make a website will become your wild card!

1. Pick the Right Website Builder

More and more people every day are turning to website builders to help them build sites for different niches quickly and easily. The web constructors’ opportunities are endless, as they can launch everything, starting from personal blogs to eCommerce stores. Therefore, if you have no idea how to make a website on your own, start with choosing an appropriate website builder, which must be characterized as:

  • user-friendly;
  • powerful;
  • responsive;
  • mobile-friendly;
  • and functional.

The internet market suggests a diversity or website builders, but if you want to find the option that meets all the requirements mentioned above, pay attention to MotoCMS. This super functional yet affordable web constructor provides everything necessary to those who consider how to make a website in two days! With its ready-made layouts, you’ll be able to move around blocks of text, change the font and color scheme, add images and videos, and more. Moreover, it comes with a domain name and an SSL certificate. Check out the MotoCMS website builder benefits and purchase one of its templates for launching your site. Remember, the website builder you choose will end up making your life easier, so trust us and better focus on your business.

2. Choose a Domain Name and Register It

Once you’ve determined with the website builder, it’s crucial to nail your future platform’s domain name. In our’ How to make a website’ guide, we offer five essential rules of the right domain.

  1. Your domain name should associate with your business. Use your name to promote your brand, website, and portfolio efficiently.
  2. Stick to .com, .org, or .net so that people can remember your platform out of thousands of competitors.
  3. Choose a short and sweet domain name, which is easy to spell and pronounce. Your potential visitors should keep in mind your domain; otherwise, they won’t recommend your website to their friends.
  4. Avoid numbers and hyphens to make your domain catchy and straightforward.
  5. Don’t copy your competitors’ domain names. Keep your brand unique.

Check out more details for choosing a domain name to make it eye-catching and exclusive, and at the same time, to reflect your business. However, consider that most of the good domains are already taken. Therefore, come up with a few potential names associated with your brand, and pick the most appropriate one. Remember, there is no perfect domain name, so your task is to choose yours following the methods above and focus on your business idea.

3. Set up an Account

Don’t know how to make a website quickly and easily? The MotoCMS website builder does site development extremely easy. This web constructor perfectly for restaurants, local businesses, freelancers, different kinds of blogs, student groups, beauty salons, community projects, portfolio sites, and more. Besides, with the drag-and-drop builder, you will get a lot of value from its simplicity and functionality.

To start building your platform using MotoCMS, you need to click on the ‘Get Started’ button in the middle of the page. Then, create an account by entering your email and a password. Once you fulfill these simple steps, you will pick an appropriate template out of hundreds of exclusive proposals.

4. Select an Appropriate Theme

After you created an account with MotoCMS website builder and purchased your domain name, it’s time to proceed to the next step of our ‘How to make a website’ manual – start building your site. It is not that easy to design a website that will look good, function properly and fast, and align with the latest web design standards. Nevertheless, MotoCMS turns this task into exciting fun, even if you’ve never built a site before. Start with choosing a website design theme, which will make up the foundation of your platform’s design. All layouts offered by this web builder are 100% customizable, so you’ll be able to personalize this however you see fit.

5. Customize Your Website

build a site with MotoCMS

After you’ve received the essential information on how to make a website, you can finally proceed to website customization. To launch an exclusive site that will reflect your brand identity globally, you can use the following web design tips:

Add More Pages to Your Site

To make your site informative and useful, you should divide all the necessary content into relevant sections. Add as many pages as you need to showcase everything you want to tell about your business.

Make a Clear Navigation

Keep in mind that website visitors won’t get back to the platform with lousy navigation, as nobody wants to spend much time finding and analyzing the needed information. Create a user-friendly menu and organize your pages into logically-named sections to ease your site’s search process.

Change the Theme’s Color Palette

To stand out from competitors, you have to personalize the template and make it eye-catching for prospective customers. Choose the needed colors out of the extensive MotoCMS palette, and create a truly unique design on your own.

Rearrange the Text Elements

With the drag-and-drop website builder, you will be able to do any customizations, including text elements rearrangement. Imagine that the chosen web layout is your apartment, where you move the furniture as you see fit.

Edit the Font Sizes or Font Style

Change the font sizes and styles to focus the users’ attention on your services, products, and your company’s benefits. Please note, it’s crucial to edit all of the stock elements of your builder’s layout. This is how to make a website look unique while still retaining the theme’s original functionality.

6. Preview and Make Any Final Touches

Once you finish with all customizations mentioned in the previous items of the ‘How to make a website’ guidebook, it can be tempting to hit publish your site right away. However, you have to go through a final review process before posting it on the web. The MotoCMS builder has a preview function that allows you to check out how your website will look live. Take time to look through every page carefully and look for any errors. To ease this task, ask yourself the questions like

  1. Are there any spelling or grammar mistakes?
  2. Is all the information represented on the site accurate?
  3. Do my images fit in the existing design?
  4. Are there any strange formatting errors?
  5. Do all the links point to the right place?
  6. Can my visitors intuitively navigate my website?
  7. Do all of the call-to-action buttons work?

Besides, check how the site looks on mobile devices and in different web browsers. One more tip is to ask your friend to go through the website to see if they find it intuitive, and everything looks useful to them.

7. Publish Your Site

After the final checks are complete, you can feel free to publish your site and launch it on the web. This step of our’ How to make a website’ guide is the most long-waited, yet the most intimidating, as you might consider that nothing can’t be changed after launching the platform. But, with MotoCMS, you can still make quick and easy changes from the back-end of the editor. Therefore, focus on generating traffic, marketing your site, and making your online business dreams come true with a wide range of MotoCMS services.

If you want to know more about this CMS, its development aims, and the story behind the company, take a look at this detailed and informative MotoCMS review with the founder’s interview included.

10 Tips on How to Make a Website That Will Succeed

create a website in 2 days

Website development and design require lots of skills, experience, and patience. However, there is no need to be an experienced web designer when using MotoCMS web templates. Just ensure your site adheres to three crucial rules of the ‘How to make a website’ guide

  • #1: Crisp copy.
  • #2: Innovative design.
  • #3: User-friendly functionality.

We know how to make your website comply with these requirements. Check out our ten most efficient tips on how to make a website that will succeed and boost your business to a new level!

Tip #1: Write Good, Trust-Building Copy

After you fulfill all the steps mentioned above on how to make a website, you’ll obtain an amazingly designed platform for promoting your business online. However, having a magnificent website is not enough if you’re trying to win clients’ hearts. When it comes to launching a successful site, good content is the same crucial as the design itself.

Explain to all visitors why your company is uniquely experienced in providing its products or services. Add the information about your company’s history and achievements on the About Us page and share your specialists’ details in the Our Team section. Add your photo if you’re planning on building a personal site. Showcase your customers’ feedback on the Testimonials page for more credibility.

motocms adminpanel

If you are not sure you are experienced enough to create an excellent copy on your own, hire a professional copywriter who knows what kind of writing will work for your business. Check out expert website copywriting services by MotoCMS to find a specialist who will write the best web copy for your site.

Tip #2: How to Make a Website – Best SEO Practices

If you ask a content specialist how to make a website that will effectively engage the target audience, the answer will be SEO (search engine optimization). If search engines like Google rank your website high, you immediately gain many new prospective clients searching for your product or service. Therefore, an optimized copy is a must. Besides, you can create SEO friendly content for free if you use the following tips:

  1. Find relevant keywords.
  2. Write a compelling meta title and meta description.
  3. Optimize your images.
  4. Use internal links.
  5. Improve the user experience on your website.
  6. Add keywords to your URL. Focus on getting more authoritative backlinks.

Using these SEO practices, you will rank your site high on Google, increasing your customers’ number and incomes. Look through efficient SEO optimization services to achieve fantastic results.

Tip #3: Create a Marketing Plan

New websites often need an extra push to get visitors’ attention. Therefore, you’ll need to create a marketing plan even before considering how to create a website. Search engine optimization is just one part of the website promotion, as you can also include the best marketing strategies as:

  • paid advertising;
  • social media marketing;
  • content marketing.

Tip #4: Provide All the Relevant Information

When people browse the Internet for specific information, they want to get exact details on a given topic. If a site doesn’t provide the facts, the visitor will move on to the next one in the search results. Your task is to answer the typical customers’ questions; otherwise, they’ll leave your site. Provide detailed info about your services and prices, as information-rich websites are the most effective way to convert visitors into real clients. Moreover, search engines prefer sites that provide comprehensive data, ranking them higher on Google.

Tip #5: How to Make a Website with a Catchy and Concise Homepage

As a rule, users usually start browsing a website from a homepage, as it is the most common entrance to the site. Therefore, you should ensure it describes the essential benefit of your products and services. Remember, if visitors can’t quickly figure out what your company deals with, they will instantly leave your platform.

To avoid this mistake, add the links to at least three inner pages that visitors commonly seek on the homepage. Have no idea what pages to include? Please pay attention to the About Us, Testimonials, Contacts, or FAQ pages, and don’t forget to link to the page for your top-selling products. Thus, you will draw more visitors’ attention and engage their interest.

learn how to make a website


Tip #6: Create Unique Landing Pages for Specific Topics

You won’t find the following information in other ‘How to make a website’ manuals, although this tip requires special attention. As mentioned above, most people come through the front door when opening a website. Nevertheless, don’t focus on the homepage alone, as that might not be the best strategy. Apply a more targeted approach, i.e., create landing pages for specific sections.
Thus, if someone is looking for information on your services’ efficiency, a person should land on your page dedicated to that topic. MotoCMS can also help you cope with this task with stylish landing page templates. Besides, landing pages convert at a higher rate than homepages.

Tip #7: Share Your Business Story

It’s a proven fact that telling your business story influences your trustworthiness; therefore, you need to include this section on your site. Share the information about your experience to showcase your team’s competence and professionalism.

restaurant website template


Tip #8: Demonstrate Your Expertise Using High-Quality Pictures

A well-built portfolio is key to customers’ trust. If you have professional photos of your products or projects you’ve worked on, you should attach them to your site’s relevant page. This is probably the most thrilling and straightforward part of the ‘How to make a website’ guidebook. However, you have to make sure there are only high-quality photos. Otherwise, you risk messing up your brand’s reputation.

In case you can’t afford professional photos, look through stock photos on the Internet. Add them to make your content more readable and visually attractive.

create portfolio for your site


Tip #9: Make It Easy for Visitors to Reach You

After you interest users with your services or products, they will want to get your contact information. We highly recommend you put your contact details in multiple places on the site, including the footer on every page, so it’s easy to find. Don’t make people search for your email or phone number to reach you quickly.
If your website includes a contact form, try to make it as simple as possible. Users don’t like completing numerous useless fields, so don’t overwhelm them with unnecessary details.

contact us


Tip #10: Add Calls-to-Action on Nearly Every Page

Call-to-action buttons will help you question how to make a website that will be popular on the web, as people like platforms that are easy to use and navigate. Let your website visitors know they can purchase on your website. Show them how to find specific information. Follow your audience’s mindset when creating calls-to-action, and make sure the buttons match your clients’ intent.

best web constructor



Follow our advice on making a website from scratch, and you’ll obtain a new stunning platform in two days. Don’t worry if your experience is not enough for building a site on your own, as with MotoCMS. You don’t need web development skills at all! Focus on your website design and content to draw more attention to your brand and boost your business to a higher level!

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