Everything Starts from Domain Name



Want to transfer a domain you already own?
Everything Starts from  Domain Name

Reasons to Buy Domain Name from MotoCMS

Are you looking for an easy and straightforward way to purchase a domain name with no hassle? Your search ends here! Use the comprehensive solution from MotoCMS and go online with no effort.

Low initial cost

Low initial cost

Are you tired of overpricing? Examine the MotoCMS domain name offers. We provide hostnames for a low price for our clients. Use our service to buy a domain name for cheap and enlarge your online presence.



With this feature, you won’t lose your domain if you forget to renew it. We will extend your hostname once it expires. Therefore, you won’t need to buy a domain name and hosting every year by yourself.

Free SSL

Free SSL

Security first! Along with a domain name, we provide a free SSL certificate that protects all the transferred data by encrypting it. Moreover, we provide WHOIS privacy protection to keep your personal information safe.

Easy DNS Management

Easy DNS Management

Configure DNS free and effortless with MotoCMS. We provide an easy-to-use tool to update the A, NS, MX, and other records. By using the in-built DNS management panel, you’ll be able to point your hostname on any server in a few clicks.

Domain <br> Forwarding


Set up redirects easily. Using the domain management tool from MotoCMS, you can quickly set up 301 redirects for domain and subdomain names under your account. There is no need to update configuration files on your server anymore.

24/7 customer support

24/7 customer support

If you want to buy a domain name and hosting but experience any problems, our customer care team is glad to assist you for free. We provide 24/7 support service and help to resolve any issues fast.

How to Choose The Right
Domain & Go Online

How to Choose The Right  Domain & Go Online

Search a Brand Name

If you don’t have a preferred domain name in your mind, start research by inputting your brand or business name into the search bar. The system will start a search and show you the best matches that are available for purchasing.


Examine Available Domain Names and Suggestions

Surf all the suggestions and check their availability in different time zones. Do not hesitate to create a list of the best domain names from each search query.


Pick the Best Domain Name

Examine all the domain names in your list and pick a one that meets the following requirements. Firstly, it should match your business. Secondly, it should be unique and remarkable.


Buy a Domain Name

Select the best one and go to checkout. Sign up and purchase a domain name for a particular time. A hostname needs annual renewal.

Find and Buy Domain Name

Are you ready to get started? It’s easy! Use the search bar below to find a domain name that will help millions of users to see you on the Internet

[rstore_domain] .COM FOR ONLY $16.99/YEAR


Do you have any doubts? Check out the most popular questions from our clients and examine the answers from our experts.

What is a Domain Name?

It is an interpretation of a unique site’s address on the Internet. Each website has a particular address on the Internet that implies a lot of numbers. To simplify the process of finding a website on the Web, people use domain names that are much easier to remember than a set of digits.

How to purchase a cheap domain name?

Use the domain name search bar and surf the domain names available for purchasing. Also, check hostnames with low-demand domain name extensions.

What is a TLD?

TLD or Top Level Domain is the rightmost part of every domain name? It has the highest level of in the hierarchical Domain Name System of the Internet. For instance, in example.com, ‘example’ is the domain name and ‘.com is TLD.’

Can I get any hostname extension while purchasing a domain?

Mainly, you are free to purchase any domain name extension. You can buy a country TLD like .ca, .es, .uk, even if you are not a resident of the country. However, to purchase hostname extensions like .gov, .edu, and .mil you have to meet some criteria.

Can I use a website without a domain name?

If you don’t buy a domain name, the only way to reach your site is by specifying your web host’s IP address on the Internet. Also, you’ll need to manage your personal server 24/7.

What is SSL?

An SSL certificate is a cryptographic key that encrypts data used by your website. It helps to keep the personal information of your clients safe and make online payments secure. When an SSL certificate is active, a green locker in a browser appears to indicate it.

Can I use different domain names for my website?

Sure, you need to launch your website under a primary hostname if you want multiple domain names to lead to your site. Further, you have to purchase new domain names and set up 301 redirects to drive users to the primary hostname.

Can I buy a domain name at different providers?

Yes, you can purchase a hostname at MotoCMS and get hosting at another company. To connect your website and domain name, you will need to update NS records and point your hostname to your server.

Are there any restrictions for domain names?

Note that each hostname has a characters’ limit. The minimum length should be 1 character. The maximum length for a domain name is 63 characters.

How should I use domain name search availability?

Specify your domain name in the search bar or use the WHOIS Domain Lookup. If you want to purchase a domain name that is unavailable at the moment, try to contact a domain name owner.

How to sell domain names? Can I resell them?

Yes, if someone wants to purchase your hostname, you can sell it for any price. Many services on the Internet can add your domain name to a marketplace or sell it on an auction.

How can I buy a domain name forever?

There is no option to purchase a hostname forever. You have to renew it annually. However, you can top-up your account for ten years ahead, so the auto-renew feature will automatically buy a domain name for you.

What is WHOIS domain privacy?

This service, provided by a domain name registrar, provides the ability to replace your contact information at WHOIS with the info about a hostname provider. In mere words, it allows users to hide their personal information at the public WHOIS listing.

What is a subdomain name?

It is a domain name that uses a root hostname. For instance, example.com - is a primary hostname. blog.example.com - is a subdomain. It is useful for creating additional web-resources on your server, like a blog or customer care portal. Note that a subdomain is not a part of a root domain. It is an independent unit on the Web. You can create additional subdomains for free.

Can I create a corporate email when I buy domain names?

Every business should have a corporate email address to communicate with clients and partners. Buy a domain name from MotoCMS and create an email address with ease. Moreover, you will get the ability to create multiple email accounts and manage them separately.

How much does it cost to buy a domain name?

The prices on TLD are different and depend on its ranking at Google. The cheapest domain names cost less than $1/year. The price for the most popular domain names can be over $500/year. An average price for a hostname is $20/year.

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