Best Website Builder for Artists to Make Your Genius Shine Online

MotoCMS Editorial 19 August, 2019

There’s no doubt that every genius deserves recognition and fame. It doesn’t matter whether you are a talented painter or sculptor, a gifted musician or fashion designer. In any case, you need an audience that appreciates your outstanding skill giving you inspiration for further work. It means that you just can’t do without an appealing site and, consequently, without the best website builder for artists to create one.

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Are you afraid that you aren’t an IT geek capable of making a functional site from scratch? Don’t worry! We are here to dispel your fears. Believe it or not, there is a way to create an attractive site with no tech knowledge. It’s the best website builder for artists that enables even novices to cope with the task without much effort.

In our article, we’ll acquaint you with several simple, though highly effective solutions, to bring your art online. We’ll show you both free and premium artists’ website creators with numerous useful features. By the end of the reading, you’ll be able to make a conscious decision which option suits you the most. Do you still hesitate whether you really need a personal site in our epoch of social media networks? Then, the first section of our article is especially for you.

Personal Profile Website Template


Isn’t Social Media Enough for Your Successful Promotion?

Hardly there are many artists today who completely ignore the advantage of social media promotion. Undoubtedly, you have at least one account on such platforms as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Behance, Fine Art America, Etsy, Redbubble, or others.

Of course, these social websites are a great place to meet like-minded people, display your works, and gain feedback. Unfortunately, not any of them can become your personal online art gallery where you are the only one owner. On these sites, you are just one of the thousands of participants looking for appreciation and following the fixed rules.

Music Composer Website Template


Unquestionably, social websites are a valuable component of good overall online marketing strategies. Nevertheless, they are just a helpful tool to complement a personal website, not to replace it. The primary goal of your social media accounts is to drive traffic to your website where you are the only host who sets the rules. It’s not a problem to create one if you have the best website builder for artists at your disposal.

Why You Need Only the Best Website Builder for Artists

Try typing the phrase “a website builder for artists” in the search line of Google. How many results do you see? The number is impressive. However, it wouldn’t be a wise idea to click on the first one that strikes your eye. The fact is that not all website builders are equally good. Some of them may not only make the process of site creation a daunting and time-consuming task. They can turn it into your most terrible nightmare.

Art Gallery Website Template for Fine Art Sites


Even if you’re a workaholic who firmly believes in Edison’s “Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration,” it’s not the reason to overwhelm yourself with excess work. You need an artists website builder to make your life easier, not to double the trouble. That’s why it’s so essential to find the best website builder for artists that will save you time and effort.

With the best website builder for artists, the process of site creation will resemble an exciting game. You won’t even notice how you’ll complete building a highly-functional website. Only with the best website builder, your future site will be as perfect as your masterpieces are. In a word, only with the best online builder, your genius is destined to shine online.

Lookbook Website Template for Fashion Sites


How to Discern the Best Website Builder for Artists

If you’re a novice in making sites, finding the right website builder may become a rather tricky task. Before starting a search, you should clearly understand what exactly you’re looking for. In other words, it’s essential to know what features distinguish the best website builder for artists from the rest. So, let’s focus on the opportunities the best website creator should provide you.

Website Design for Tattoo Salon or Parlor


Effortless Site Creation

How much time are you ready to spend on building a site of your own? Probably, the answer is: “As little as possible.” It’s not surprising. Unquestionably, you are a busy person who values time. Your creative work, exhibitions, presentations, shows, or concerts require lots of your time and energy. Therefore, you simply can’t afford yourself to study complex technical nuances, even if you’re eager to do it. Consequently, you need an easy, intuitive tool that lets you make a site without learning web design basics.

A perfect solution will be a drag-and-drop website creator that allows building a site with no coding. Your mouse is the only necessary tool here. Everything you have to do is just use your imagination to organize the content on the template layout.

Artist Gallery Website Template for Photographers


Besides, the best website builder for artists should be WYSIWYG. Don’t start worrying! WYSIWYG is not a diabolical spell. It’s a mere abbreviation of “what you see is what you get.” It means that you see all the changes as soon as you’ve made them. Thus, you are insured against unpleasant surprises at the end of the building.

Availability of Quality Themes

Whether you want to create a website for photography, art gallery, or online store with your latest collections, aesthetics matters. Firstly, your future site should look as professional as your creative works to evoke trust. Secondly, it should communicate your individuality and unique style to make you stand out among the crowd. Achieving it is possible only with an appealing theme with a thought-out layout. That’s where the best website builder for artists is the single one solution.

Model Agency Website Template


A great artists’ site builder will offer you a wide choice of professionally designed templates. It doesn’t matter if you’ll search for photography website templates, music website templates or themes for a fashion stylist. In any case, you’ll definitely find them with the best website builder for artists. The best thing is that you’ll be able not only to select a template that boasts a gorgeous design. You’ll have an opportunity to take a unique one and customize it however you like. It means that your future website will never look like thousands of others. Therefore, it will have much more chances to grab the attention of the online audience.

Opportunities for High Ranking in Search Engines

There’s no doubt that when you’re creating a site, you hope it to enlarge the circle of your admirers. Apparently, you want it to appear in front of the users’ eyes within the first lines of the search results. However, it’s entirely unfeasible unless you optimize your content for search engines. If you fail to do it, your website will become just one of the millions visited by no one except your kind friends and relatives.

Music Composer Template for Personal Site


The best website builder for artists is a website builder with SEO tools. You don’t have to be a web developer to enable SEO optimization with it. Due to the powerful SEO tools, your site will never be lost in the cyberspace. Your potential audience will see it as soon as they type an inquiry concerning your field. As a result, you’ll get the targeted traffic that will increase day in, day out.

Means for Effective Online Promotion

It goes without saying that wise promotion is a must if you intend to grow your audience significantly. Of course, you can hand out your business cards in the streets or pay for radio and TV ads. Unfortunately, it’s neither efficient enough nor cost-effective. The better way is to take advantage of online promotion via your website. It won’t take much of your effort if you’ve chosen the right artists’ site creator.

Photo Blog Website Template with Galleries


The best website builder for artists will provide you with all the necessary tools for valid promotion. Everything from email marketing to blogging and social media integration will be at your disposal. You’ll be able to keep in touch with your audience constantly. Whether you’ll want to tell about your new works or announce an upcoming exhibition, you’ll do it in no time. Furthermore, your fans will have an opportunity not only to enjoy your creative works alone but share them with others.

Could the Best Website Builder for Artists Be Absolutely Free?

It’s not a secret that free website builders are not a rarity nowadays. Whatever site you’re going to create, it’s possible to find a free option that is rather good. Undoubtedly, the most attractive feature of these online builders is their promise to save your budget. However, is it so when it comes to practice? Do free website builders really allow you to create a website for portfolio with all necessary functions for no cost?

DJ Website Template


Let’s have a look at a couple of free online builders which are popular today. It will help you decide by yourself if one of them deserves the status of the best website builder for artists.

IM Creator

IM Creator is a relatively young tool. Nonetheless, lots of people consider it the best website builder for artists. Why? Perhaps, it’s so because it was “built by Creators, for Creators,” as their statement proclaims.

IM Creator Best Website Builder for Artists

IM Creator has an entirely free unlimited plan. Thus, no one makes you upgrade in a while if you don’t want to. The free version gives you access to all templates and hosting. Besides, IM Creator is among a few free website builders that offer unlimited storage and bandwidth as well as e-commerce functionality.

The process of registration is more than pure. Your email, password, and nickname are enough to start building a site. After you register, IM Creator redirects you to the dashboard. Here you can choose a template according to your liking.

portfoilo of a creative agency

The templates of IM Creator are rather attractive. There are several categories for artists such as Art & Design, Photography, Fashion, and Music. All templates are fully responsive, which is a big plus. They come with the sample content that you should replace by yours. That’s where we bump into the first inconvenience.

Customization of the IM Creator templates is a task that can be confusing, especially to a novice. Unlike the majority of website builders, IM Creator doesn’t possess an intuitive drag-and-drop feature. That’s why editing may take much of your time.

IM Creator provides extensive social integration options and a multilingual support tool. You can also add a blog and optimize your website pages for SEO. However, if you have problems with operating this builder, you won’t get much help with a free plan. To get 24/7 customer support, you have to upgrade to the Premium Plan. Also, the free version lacks image editing and email marketing tools.

Web Template for Creative Photo Portfolio



Our next candidate for the best website builder for artists is Portfoliobox. It’s a helpful tool that enables you to create an eye-catching online portfolio website in your browser. This website builder was designed especially for creatives. Therefore, it offers numerous themes for photographers, designers, artists, architects, models, and musicians. With Portfoliobox, you can not only use a ready-made standard template. You can also build a truly unique website applying a new, different style to each page.

Portfoliobox Best Website Builder for Artists

The free plan of Portfoliobox allows you to create 10 pages with 30 images. Though it’s not enough for a vast online gallery, it can be not a bad variant for a start. Furthermore, the free version lets you integrate an e-commerce store to sell your works online. The main drawback of the e-commerce feature is that it limits you to 10 products max. To take advantage of a free plan, you need to sign up. As soon as you create your own account, you are ready to start.


The process of creation is quite simple due to the intuitive visual editor. You are unlikely to get stuck thanks to the “Learning Box” that guides you around the dashboard. Here you have all instruments and settings in one place. In theory, Portfoliobox is WYSIWYG. While making changes, you see your site in the background. However, some users complain that the changes seen on the draft not always appear on the published website.

When it comes to SEO, you have a basic set of tools with a free version. Frankly speaking, they aren’t enough to put your website at the top of search results. Nevertheless, you can improve the situation by adding a blog page to publish keyword-based posts. Blogging layouts vary from plain blog pages to half and full-screen headers. You are also free to add images, videos, and maps to your blog.

Photography Portfolio Website Template for Photo Artist



Bookmark is another platform with a free plan that aspires to the title of the best website builder for artists. It looks not just modern but innovative. The matter is that this cloud-based site builder uses AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant).

Bookmark Best Website Builder for Artists

The assistant creates the basic version of a website considering your answers to seven core questions. It means that you don’t choose a template from a collection. You simply select a category, site style, and layout. In 30 seconds you get the template and can customize it to your liking. On the one hand, it saves time. On the other hand, your website will never be unique if you don’t pay much attention to customization.

portfolio favorites

To tell the truth, it’s not difficult to customize the template. The website builder employs a drag-and-drop system. You have various “modules” at your disposal, from galleries and sliders to forms and price tables. Unfortunately, there are two drawbacks here. Firstly, Bookmark lacks some essential modules such as a search box, for instance. Secondly, not all customization is carefully thought out. For example, when you want to change a font, you have only a list of their names, no visual samples. Therefore, you have to know the names of the fonts or keep experimenting unless you find the one you like.

A free version of Bookmark offers 1 GB bandwidth, 500 MB storage, and free hosting. You can also add blog and e-commerce functionality. As for SEO and Analytics features, they are somewhat limited until you upgrade to the paid plan.

Art Gallery Website Design for Exhibition Site


As you can see, free builders can be beneficial if you don’t plan to grow and promote your website. Yet, they aren’t the best choice if you’re dreaming of a high-functional site. Where is the way out then? The answer is evident. It’s time to think of a premium website builder with a free trial. Perhaps, you’ll decide that it’s the single best website builder for artists after you learn about its features.

The Best Website Builder for Artists with a Free Trial

MotoCMS artists’ website builder is a handy tool for creatives, regardless of their specialty and the level of tech skills. It allows making appealing, fully functional sites in the shortest period. This intuitive WYSIWYG website creator stands out for its high-quality themes and a bunch of useful features. It provides you with everything you need to make your genius shine online. Whether you want to create a stunning online portfolio, gorgeous art gallery, or a robust store to sell your works, MotoCMS is a great choice.

MotoCMS Best Website Builder for Artists

Although this online builder doesn’t have a free plan, it offers a 14-day free trial. During the trial period, you get unlimited access to all templates and functions. This fortnight is more than enough to create a breathtaking site and make sure it performs flawlessly. The best thing is that after you decide to purchase the chosen template, the changes you’ve already made won’t disappear. Consequently, you won’t have to begin from scratch again with this best website builder for artists.

Music Band Website Template for Artists


Broad Choice of Gorgeous 100% Responsive Themes

MotoCMS possesses an extensive collection of attractive templates capable of satisfying any taste and needs. There are loads of fabulous themes for make-up, nail and tattoo artists among its personal web page templates. Photographers, painters, and sculptors won’t stay indifferent when they see the marvelous art gallery and photo gallery templates. Hair and fashion stylists, models, and musicians will definitely be impressed by the fantastic themes of the portfolio website builder. In a word, there’s no field of creativity this best website builder for artists doesn’t cover.

Photographer Portfolio Website Template for Artists


Every MotoCMS theme boasts of professional design. It comes with a full set of premade pages an artist needs for successful online presence. The layout is carefully thought out in compliance with the primary visual hierarchy web design principles. It means that whatever template you go for, it will let you create a good-looking well-structured website.

What’s more, each theme is fully responsive and cross-browser compatible. To put it simply, it won’t matter what device and browser your online audience will use. In any case, your future website will look ideal and perform appropriately with this best website builder for artists.

Handmade Jewelry Website Template for Jewelry Artists


Best Website Builder for Artists with Maximum Ease of Use

MotoCMS builder guarantees a fast, effortless process of website creation. Believe it or not, it’s as easy as ABC and understandable even for a kid. After you choose a template, its installation won’t take you more than 5 minutes. In case you need instructions, you’ll find them in the comprehensive MotoCMS 3 User’s Guide.

Songwriter Website Template


When it comes to website creation, everything is elementary due to the convenient admin panel with a handy Block Editor. You’ll see numerous ready-made content blocks, each one with a unique design. Just find the blocks you need and drag them to any place you like with your mouse. The drag-and-drop functionality of MotoCMS website builder also enables you to fill your site with varied content on the fly. You can add images, texts, videos, and widgets simply by dragging and dropping them on the layout.

With this best website builder for artists, you are free to customize any content element to get the desired result. You’ll see every change immediately as soon as you’ve made it.

Fashion Stylist Website Design


Don’t you have time or desire to install or customize a template? It’s also not a problem with the best website builder for artists. You can always take advantage of the additional customer services. MotoCMS team will gladly help you with installation, website template customization, and much more other tasks.

All Imaginable Functionalities without Third-Party Plugins

Undeniably, one of the main advantages of MotoCMS builder is an opportunity to create a highly-functional site without additional software. This best website builder for artists has a huge collection of helpful widgets to add any desired functionality. Firstly, this feature saves much of your time and nerves. The fact is that it’s not an easy thing to find the right third-party plugin that will work correctly. Secondly, it saves your budget as the majority of quality plugins aren’t free.

Artist Portfolio Website Template for Sculptor Site


To begin with, thanks to MotoCMS widgets, you can place, edit, and customize various objects on the go. Next, you can set up different galleries to showcase your works and add any type of media content. Then, you can insert like and share buttons of numerous social networks. Also, you can make yourself highly available to your audience due to the MailChimp, Contact Forms, and Google Maps.

What’s more, MotoCMS website builder for artists offers integrated blog functionality and an effective solution for e-commerce. To sum up, you have everything necessary to create a compelling site for displaying and selling your masterpieces online.

Makeup Artist Website Template for Stylist Portfolio


By the way, if you don’t feel like writing text content for your site or posts for your blog yourself, you are always welcome to order MotoCMS web copywriting service. An experienced team of copywriters will eagerly help you create unique, high-quality content.

Best Website Builder for Artists with Mighty Tools for SEO & Analytics

We’ve already mentioned the crucial role of SEO for your website. That’s why we won’t dwell on the importance of high rankings again. We’ll merely say that with MotoCMS, your site has all chances to occupy the top position in SERPs.

Music Artist Website Template for Singer


All necessary SEO tools are waiting for you inside the admin panel. Do you want to enable permalinks or specific .html suffix for your site or its separate pages? Are you planning to add meta descriptions, keywords, ALT, and titles for images? Is your intention to generate a sitemap? You can do all these and even more with the powerful SEO tools of this best website builder for artists.

Alongside with helpful SEO tools, MotoCMS provides you with Google Analytics. Undoubtedly, it is the core for measuring and improving your site performance. Thanks to Google Analytics, you’ll always have valuable insights about your visitors and their behavior. By analyzing their interaction with your site, you’ll be able to determine the most popular content. At the same time, you’ll see which pages arouse less interest and require improvement.

Model Portfolio Website Template with Galleries


Best Website Builder for Artists with 24/7 Customer Support

One more thing that makes MotoCMS the best website builder for artists is extensive customer support. Whatever question you have, you’ll receive an exhaustive answer from pros in no time. You can get qualified assistance via live chat, phone, or email whenever you need it. The good news is that technical support is available 24/7 and free of charge.

Opera Singer Website Design for Classical Music Site


Also, you can always visit the MotoCMS Help Center with its searchable knowledge base. There you’ll find extremely helpful FAQs, user guides, and video tutorials. Furthermore, don’t hesitate to use the Help Center for submitting a support request or getting access to MotoCMS community.

Radio Station Website Template for Music Radio Websites


Bottom Line

Choosing the best website builder for artists is not a simple task. We hope our article has made it a bit easier. Now you understand what features you should consider while making the final decision. There’s only one thing we’d like to recommend. Don’t just search for a bargain! Try not to give preference to the site builder only because of the lowest pricing. Remember that your website is a necessary investment that will pay off ten times in the shortest period if you think carefully and make the right choice.

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