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Create a Website for Photography: Fundamental Building Blocks

Allison Reed 23 April, 2019

No one will deny that nowadays photography has become one of the most competitive businesses. That’s why your photo studio is not anymore enough to earn a decent living. Our digital age requires modern approaches. This means that today no professional photographer can do without an online presence. In other words, if you want your business to flourish, you should create a website for photography.

how to create a website for photography

Of course, you have several proven ways to get paid on other sites. Stock photography websites, as well as online marketplaces, give you such an opportunity. However, how much do you get when you sell your masterpieces on them? Let’s be honest: not more than half of the real price of your photos. So, why should you share your profit with anyone? If you create a website for photography, you’ll be able to get all the money you deserve.

Probably, you will ask how you can create a website for photography if you are not an expert in coding and web development. We can assure you that it is not a problem. MotoCMS offers a lot of fabulous photography website templates. All you have to do is to choose the one that will meet all your criteria. Using our artists’ website builder, you’ll easily build a professional website to stand out in a crowded market of photography. In this article, we will tell you how to create a website for photography. Besides, we’ll give you several hints on how to earn money via your future site.

photography template for website


How to Create a Website for Photography: Simple Steps to Follow

Sometimes people think that showing off their portfolio design is the only notable feature of the website. We agree that it is the primary function of such a kind of sites. Nevertheless, there are a lot of different characteristics besides memorable images you should take into account.

Choose a Specialization before You Create a Website for Photography

We all know the proverb that says: “A Jack of all trades is a master of none.” Undoubtedly, it is impossible to be an expert in all spheres. Choosing a niche to specialize in is the first step when you make a decision to become a professional photographer. The same idea is right when you create a website for photography. Specializing in a particular niche will make it easier to establish yourself as a professional on the Internet. Thus, you’ll have more chances to make money with your photography.

website photography


Of course, to find your niche is not a piece of cake. It may take days and even months. Haven’t you found your photography niche yet? Then, perhaps, it’s better to specialize in something that people are always ready to pay for. It may be portrait photography, for instance. Create a website for photography that offers one or several types of portrait photography. The choice here is wide: from family and pets to fashion and sport.

MotoCMS offers different templates to fit any niche and taste! We are sure you will find the one you need for your particular specialization. You can be a love story photographer or specialize in wedding photography and much more. In any case, we get you covered!

wedding photography template


Moreover, we would like to point out one more appealing feature. It is evident that the homepage is the first page your clients see when they browse your website. You know that you never get a second chance to make the first impression. Thanks to our attractive web themes, you will make it a real visiting card of your professional website. The information about your specialization will be presented in the best possible way.

Get a Professionally Looking Portfolio

Your online portfolio is the brand identity of your photography website. That’s why it’s vital to take care of its highest quality when you create a website for photography.

defrozo photography template


Defrozo is a photography portfolio theme, built for any artistic person to create an alluring brand image. It is a perfect example of how you can showcase your talent and professionalism using fabulous galleries. This website template combines spectacular design with a wide range of pages. The latter includes a few ready-made solutions for your gallery.

There are various types of galleries at your disposal such as a slider, grid, and carousel ones. It does not matter which gallery you choose when you create a website for photography. In any case, your photos are sure to attract your customers’ attention. What’s more, you can use a built-in Aviary Photo Editor. It will allow you to refine uploaded images, thus, making them more appealing to your clients.

Use the Benefits of the Latest Technologies

The development of new technologies has simplified our life and made it more interesting. Nowadays you do not need a computer to browse different websites. If you have a tablet, it is more than enough. Your clients have an opportunity to look at the information about your services from any part of the world. You should consider this fact when you create a website for photography. Undoubtedly, your chances are much higher if your site has a responsive design. It’ll make your professional website look amazing on any device.

photography website template


The information and the images remain as attractive as they really are. Besides, you do not have to worry about testing the work of your website in different browsers. It does not matter which browser your clients use on their devices. We make sure our designer website templates perform and look amazing in all the most popular browsers.

Don’t forget that you can check the appearance of your online portfolio on any device right in the MotoCMS admin panel. As you see, a user can switch between four modes: desktop, tablet, smartphone horizontal, and smartphone vertical.

zephyr photography website template


And do you have a tablet? Thanks to our responsive website builder, you can use your tablet to customize your site anytime and at any place! Pretty convenient, isn’t it?

Promote Your Services Wisely

Unquestionably, unless your customers know that you are there, they won’t buy from you. That’s why it’s essential to assist them in finding you as soon as possible. Are you a photographer who wants to promote his services online? Then, we advise you to advertise wisely and with no additional cost.

Elements to Create a Website for Photographer


To start with, you need to learn more about search engine optimization. By the way, SEO integration is one of the most compelling features of our photography website themes. It’s rather simple to optimize pages for SEO when you create a website for photography with our advanced tools. All you have to do is just to add all vital data to your pages, optimize your content, and let search engines spot it on the web.

Moreover, such feature as blog functionality can also contribute to the promotion of your services. Make an SEO-friendly professional blog to publish exciting content for your visitors when you create a website for photography. Definitely, it will help you grow your website traffic.

website for photography


For example, you can launch this personal online portfolio for photographers and stuff a blog with your content free. In fact, you can pick this template just for its fantastic design itself.

Furthermore, you can use Subscription and Contact forms for effective online marketing and promotion. Any MotoCMS template has them inside. These forms will enable you to get in touch with potential customers and interact with the existing ones.

Must-Have Components to Create a Website for Photographer


Also, it’s a great idea to make use of social media buttons when you create a website for photography. They will help your visitors to share your content on various social networks via one click.

Must-Have Components to Create a Website for Photographer

When beginners create a website for photography, they fill it with different content. However, sometimes they may forget to include several essential elements that are vital for any website publisher.

First of them is the About Us page. It is one of the most demanded pages on your website. People want to know the information about you as a professional, as well as about your services. Choosing any theme our photographer website builder offers, you will be provided with a gorgeous ready-made layout. You can customize the design of your website pages by adding something new or deleting the existing irrelevant content.

Another critical element of your website is Contact Form. As usual, it can be found on the page Contact Us. The form is a must-have to get feedback from your audience.

photography website template


One more thing to include when you create a website for photography is your contact information. It should be highly visible. Consequently, it’s better to place it both at the top and on the foot of your professional site.

Four Actionable Ways to Earn Money after You Create a Website for Photography

Though popularity and recognition are important, they are not always enough to make a living. Inevitably, when you create a website for photography, you suppose it will bring you income, not just fame. Here are several things you can do to turn your site into a constant source of profit.

Sell Your Works

After you create a website for photography the first thing you can do to earn money is selling your works. It’s a great way to get some extra bucks as well as increase your confidence. Believe, it won’t take you long to compensate for the setup costs of your photography website if you utilize it to the fullest potential.

photography business


In fact, there are two solutions you can exploit to make money. Firstly, you can sell digital images. Secondly, your website gives you an opportunity of selling prints.

Whatever way you prefer, it isn’t a problem with a good theme for the photography website. Even though you choose a template that isn’t an online store, you can always employ a powerful E-commerce plugin. It will provide you with all the necessary tools to make a fully functional online shop page. You’ll be able to choose the currency and a payment method convenient for you and your visitors. What’s more, you’ll always have valuable statistics on your customers and their orders.

photography template


To begin with, choose some images you consider to have chances for selling well. If you want to sell prints, don’t forget to mention the options for sizing and quality.

Next, think of the price. In case you decide to sell digital images, set a price lower than that on big stock photography sites. Bear in mind that to get an income, you have to stay competitive. Besides, you’ll get 100% of every sale, not just a certain percentage. If you choose to sell physical prints, remember to include all your expenses. We mean materials, labor, overhead charges, and shipping.

creative photographer website


Finally, you can offer discounts on the images when selling them in a bundle or a thematic collection.

Offer an eBook

When you create a website for photography, your works are not the only thing you can sell. Next way to earn some money via your site is to offer visitors an eBook of your own.

It goes without saying that an experienced photographer has some useful tips to share with beginners. There are always people whose knowledge is less profound than yours. So, why not benefit from it after you create a website for photography?

Website for Photography Simple Steps to Follow


Of course, no one says that writing an eBook is a matter of a few hours. Unquestionably, it will take some effort and time. Nevertheless, the game is worth a candle. There always will be people ready to pay for helpful advice of a professional.

Thinking over the topic of your future eBook, consider the fact that teaching niche photography will work better. The thing is that there are thousands of courses that teach the basics. However, each niche has its own peculiarities. That’s why it’s wiser not to talk about general conceptions and methods but go more specific.

Blog Functionality after You Create a Website for Photography


As soon as you write your eBook, turn to bloggers and ask for reviews. There’s no doubt that word of mouth is the best way of advertising your masterpiece. By the way, you’ll not only get an opportunity to earn money. Your eBook is also a chance to make a name in your field.

Make the Most of the Event Page

When you create a website for photography, an Event page is a must. First of all, it will enable you to announce the upcoming events and encourage your online audience to visit them. Also, it’s one more way to earn money through your photography site.

blink photographer website


Being a passionate photographer, you scarcely limit yourself by taking photos. Perhaps, you hold exhibitions, organize workshops, travel tours or conduct webinars. Actually, it doesn’t matter which events you give preference to, for interacting with the audience and earning your living. Whatever of them is your cup of tea, don’t forget to promote them on the Event page.

The best thing is that this page allows you not only to tell about the upcoming event in detail. It also lets you insert call-to-action buttons. They may suggest booking a ticket or paying for participation right on your website. Consequently, people don’t have to make any additional moves if your event arouses their interest. In case they take a decision to visit it, they are can complete the action at once. As a result, the number of sales will significantly increase.

company photography


Take Advantage of Blog Functionality after You Create a Website for Photography

Blogging is one more actionable way to earn money as soon as you create a website for photography. Indeed, you may say that you are not a blogger. However, it’s common knowledge that talented people are talented in everything. That’s why we are sure that you should try.

photographer site


Of course, talking about blogging, we don’t mean that you must change the field of your professional occupation. We just offer you to make use of the Blog page on your photography website. Firstly, a relevant, informative Blog page will attract an online audience and keep them coming back to your site. Secondly, it will make your website rank higher in the search results. Thirdly, such a page will help you earn through advertising.

The simplest way to make money with advertising on your blog page is to use Google AdSense. It lets you earn by displaying relevant Google Ads (you choose them on your own) on your Blog page. The best thing is that you can select not only the types of ads yourself. You can also choose the place where they will appear. You will get paid each time the ad is displayed or clicked on.

photography website


Another variant to earn via your blog after you create a website for photography is to share affiliate links. It’s not a secret that the majority of online stores that offer various goods for photography have affiliate programs. Everything you need is just to sign up for some of them and share the links in your blog posts. Each time your visitors use the link to learn more about an item or make a purchase, you get a small percentage.

However, there’s one thing to remember if you want to earn with your blog. The key to successful blogging is quality relevant content.

passionate photographer template


Bottom Line

As you see, it’s not so difficult to create a website for photography and start earning money online. The only thing you need to get a professional photography site is a desire. So, if you are ready to promote your services on the Internet, take time to scrutinize MotoCMS website templates. They are capable of satisfying both you and your online audience. Remember, MotoCMS gives any user free access to any web theme in the collection.

photographer theme


Just register your favorite template with your social media account or email. After it, you can start to create a website for photography with no charge! If you love the outcome, buy out your ready-made site when the trial period is over. We hope you’ll enjoy working with MotoCMS templates as well as the result you’ll get!

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