Maintenance Service Company Website – 7 Tips to Make It Valuable

Daria Kosych 26 June, 2021

Nowadays, the property management industry in the US generates $88.4 billion in annual revenue and is expected to grow. It’s obvious as when things go wrong – and they often do – the maintenance man (or woman) is our first port of call. The jobs themselves may be small, but it’s a big business. As the barriers to entry are very low, it results in a highly competitive marketplace. Moreover, this industry is increasingly conducted online, so you need to stand out to be successful. And launching a maintenance service company website is the first step to boost your business.

Creating Trustful Relationships

Services marketing (a set of marketing strategies focused on selling non-physical products, like maintenance services in our case) is a complicated subject, with the value proposition to the customer based on more than just price. In many cases, the person you invite to work on your property or entrust your possessions has to be someone you trust.

Creating trustful relations with a customer you may never have met before includes building a rich and comprehensive maintenance service company website, keeping it up-to-date and functional, adding rich content to show off your skills, and creating online advocacy with social media. Thus, a clear, simple, and well-designed website is your shop window. Let’s explore how you can get the best from your online presence while making your site with versatile maintenance website templates.

Maintenance Service Company Selling a Single Proposition

A value proposition is quite simply the reason why people should choose your maintenance service company above others. If you do one thing, do that one thing well. That’s the message for the single proposition site.

There may be multiple reasons why people should buy from you, but your customer proposition should be simple – and your website should reflect this.

Window Cleaning Website - Maintenance Service Company


This window cleaning template is an excellent example of promoting a single proposition. It’s well designed and clear, with the continuous scrolling look feeling modern and straightforward for the user to understand. The site clearly explains what the company offers(f.e. commercial, residential, and high-rise cleaning), which should aid navigation and SEO. It’s uncluttered and contains all essential information on the front page, including multiple access points for clients. Customers can also search for online validation through the social media buttons and access more content to support their decision-making.

Maintenance Service Company - Electricity Website


This website offers some exciting benefits to keep your message and your brand strong. As your business grows, the MotoCMS does too, enabling you to develop this single proposition with a clear site hierarchy and a consistent brand look and feel.

Managing a Broader Service Offer

If your business offers multiple services to your clients, your maintenance service company site needs to clearly explain what you do and how your customers can access your services.

Air Conditioning Website Design


Using convenient blocks illustrating the services(repair, installation, maintenance), this air conditioning website allows the visitor to understand your offer easily. With its help, you can:

  • describe your strengths and all the steps of work;
  • add photos, videos of the process, and helpful articles;
  • present prices for all types of work;
  • provide information about the experts of your team;
  • add Testimonials page, CTA buttons(like Request Appointment, Contact Us, Our Services, etc.).

Suppose you have a shop connected with a maintenance business, for example, a plumbing services supplies store. In that case, you get the opportunity to classify all the products into categories, add their images and necessary description. Also, due to a subscription form, you get new clients who stay up-to-date on your promotions, discounts, sales, special offers, and more.

Plumbing Supplies Store


Home and services templates from MotoCMS are all about simplifying the navigation for your users while maintaining a strong focus on all of the services you offer.

Maintenance Service Company Introducing Seasonal Variety

Building your site on a CMS enables you to make changes as and when you feel necessary. There are seasonal peaks and troughs in many service businesses, which is why you need a website that’s easy to manage and easy to update.

The Moto CMS admin panel makes it simple for you to build various pages, all based around the same template design – swapping them whenever you wish.

Dry Clean Company


Using bold and colorful blocks with this dry cleaning site you can easily edit text and photos for each offer, keeping your site fresh and up-to-date. Even though it’s a fully-fledged ready platform, there are no borders!  Due to a vast collection of widgets, modules, and plugins(f.e. eCommerce plugin, advanced contact form ), you can expand your site’s functionality:

  • change all the details as often as you wish
  • test offers to manage capacity and assess their impact.

Maintenance Service Company - Cleaning Website


You can also change and manipulate the site hierarchy, moving entire content blocks and materials on the site without knowing any programming languages.

Providing Information to Your Customers

The freedom to change your website is valuable, but match it with analytical data that you can get as an administrator with Mot CMS is incredible. Thus you can take your customer offering to another level. In-depth analytics can help you focus on the details of your site. You get the opportunity to unlock the secrets of how users navigate your site, the most popular offers you have, etc.

The key to success is in using analytics and embedding it within your business strategy. According to Google statistics and facts , there are over 70,000 Google searches each second, which is almost 227 million an hour and about 5.4 billion Google searches per day. Therefore, it’s essential to analyze your website performance(adapt it to Google core web vitals or use free tools like Lighthouse or PageSpeed ​​Insights ), audience interaction, and improve your offer.

MotoCMS Useful Built-In Tools

Google Analytics can help identify your core audience and help you target your site for them. When creating your maintenance service company website, use analytics to help set targets. It can also be used to highlight how people are accessing your site, their location, and the way they navigate through your site.

Information is power, so use it to your benefit. When editing a Moto CMS template, you can easily enable Google Analytics and track your data. This option is available in the Settings section of the admin panel. Just add your tracking ID, and all the information considering your site work will display in Google Analytics.

MotoCMS Admin Panel

Besides, there’s a significant benefit here for perfecting the dark arts of SEO. It’s such a vast subject we can only touch on it here, but local searchers seek local information, cues, and reference points so that SEO optimization is essential. Choose an appropriate page, and you’ll see a meta description on the right of your admin panel.

Website Meta Description


Making Your Content Rich

When selling a service, words are cheap – content is what matters. Use video, audio, imagery, and, well, just about anything to promote your service.

Scrollable image galleries and YouTube video integration are key aspects of a CMS, and they work well on pressure washing website template. The key is in creating content that presents your business in the best possible way. The good news is, it doesn’t need to cost the earth to create.

Tip: read the post SEO Copywriting: Content Optimized For People and Google to learn how to optimize your content for free.

Besides, be sure that all the visuals and text will look perfect on mobile devices as MotoCMS templates adapt to all screen resolutions.

Using Social Media to Engage Your Customers

Social media brand building is essential – there’s no denying that. The reality is that it’s a free and simple way to engage with customers, which is an opportunity most businesses pass up.

The social media icons are clearly displayed in all templates, meaning users can go to your social media platforms to learn more about your services.

Water Company Website Template


Creating accounts is simple, and the generated and shared rich content, as previously discussed, is the perfect way to build connections. Linking rich content to your social media feeds is one way of engaging an audience; encouraging them to share is another. Thankfully, this is also simple and easy with Moto CMS.

Tip: read Instagram Promotion Guidelines to learn how to make the most of this social network.

Creating a Maintenance Service Company with Value

These tips are the basis on which you can build your maintenance service company site, but always remember to create something with personality. A CMS system can provide the building blocks and the tools for you to launch functional sites – but it’s up to you to inject some of what makes you different and special into the site.

Social media, rich content like videos or photography, testimonials from previous clients and more can help build trust in your business.

Using analytics and information can help you understand your customers, where they are from, how they use your website, and perhaps most importantly, what’s not working.

By creating a maintenance service company website that works – and providing high-quality services to back up the claims – you’ll attract customers but, more importantly, begin to build brand equity and create a real business with value.

Variety of Templates for Maintenance Service Company

MotoCMS strives to satisfy every client and develop easy-to-edit templates according to customer preferences and market requirements. Therefore, you’ll find a good decision for any sphere of maintenance business:

  • home renovations;
  • plumbing;
  • window cleaning;
  • air conditioning;
  • laundry and dry cleaning services;
  • materials delivery services;
  • painting;
  • roofing;
  • individual handyman services;
  • themes for janitorial services;
  • pool construction and operation;
  • house remodeling and reparation;
  • pest control companies.

Website Design for Pest Control


Moving Company Web Template


Maintenance Service Company - Roofing Website Design


Maintenance Service Company - Cleaning Website


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    I appreciate the points discussed above and believe that those are much more fit to get a full fledged maintenance business to be operated smoothly. But here with I believe that UX(user experience) is somewhat that contributes a vital value to the overall website operation. Even today the search engine which is considered as the sole contributor to the web world looks after the UX and that helps gain a perfect level of authority to the website.

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