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Welcome an easy and feature-rich cargo website builder from MotoCMS. It is your fastest and the most reliable way to launch a full-fledged business website with ease! Choose one of responsive cargo website templates, customize it up to your liking and go live with a compelling site that brings profit!

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Cargo Website Builder from MotoCMS

Technologies develop dynamically, the Internet every day more and more affect our life. Without looking away from the computer, you can: find out the weather forecast, call a taxi, watch a movie or listen to music, get acquainted with the train schedule, order food delivery, find a job and so on. Practically every sphere of business virtualizes more and more every day.

Cargo shipping services have become very popular, and today, many people in business are engaged in this industry. Sooner or later, entrepreneurs think about buying one of ready-made transportation website templates. MotoCMS cargo website templates can serve for various purposes, starting from informing regular clients to promoting an online project to attract new customers.

Advantages of Using Cargo Website Builder

Using the intuitive website builder has many advantages for a business owner of any level. By using the website editor with ready-to-launch templates, you can create a cargo website least expensive. However, the lack of budget for a full-fledged site does not mean low quality of the product. A business owner or any other client will receive a full-fledged cargo website template that will work correctly and stable among the entire uptime.

From the advantages of building a website by using the cargo shipping website templates, the following can be highlighted:

  • A wide range of templates for any type of business, including cargo delivery service;
  • Simple and intuitive backend interface for adding content and using features;
  • Any technical skills are not required;
  • The ability to create unlimited numbers of pages, news and blog posts;
  • Fully responsive design that is supported by all devices;
  • Contact forms and callback buttons;
  • The ability to improve a website SEO for better search result;
  • Free analytics and 24/7 technical support.

Convenient Way to Manage Content

It takes much less time to update and edit content with the cargo website builder. The same goes for making design updates and adding new content. Whether new menus, headers, and footers, any edits can be easily made by using a convenient and intuitive interface. The website editor that boxed with all cargo website templates, and allows editing the selected transportation company website template and managing its content without writing a line of code. Everything that is required is access to the Internet and a web-browser launched on any device.

The interface of the cargo website builder developed for those who have zero coding skills and technical background. Everything is drag and drop, so the layout of a cargo website can be re-configured according to any requirements. Content can be replaced and updated by anybody who has access to the admin panel by using any device whenever this is needed.

Full Access to Premium Features

MotoCMS cargo shipping website templates provide convenient access to various items, including text, images, audio, and video files located on a website. The cargo website builder is probably one of the most attractive tools from a visual point of view. You will feel like a real professional working on building cargo website design. The functionality of the cargo collective website templates is truly impressive because any aspects of a website can be updated.

Secured Data with Cargo Website Builder

Regarding the security of cargo website templates, you can be sure that any personal information will be safe. The Moto CMS website creator encodes all personal data, so any website is secure and protected from hackers and malicious software. You need to select an appropriate transport website template and add information about the features of the services provided by a cargo shipping company. MotoCMS company takes care of everything else.

Multiple Contact Forms Available

The main feature of a cargo website builder is its efficiency. As faster you respond to a client's request for transportation, as higher the chance that there will be an order. Any cargo website template must have its contact form. That is a convenient way for visitors to quickly contact a cargo shipping company without having to look for the owner's contacts, open mail, or dial a phone number.

To add a contact form, it is not enough to place a widget by using the website builder. It must be appropriately formed and placed. Otherwise it will not bring any orders, but on the contrary, it will reduce the conversion of the site and the number of sales. One of the fields in a contact form should be mandatory, either phone or email. Otherwise, you will not be able to contact a client and provide him a service. Remember, as smaller the number of fields in a contact form, as more comfortable it will be for a user to fill a contact form on a cargo website template. Accordingly, you will have more completed orders.

Video Widgets for Services Representation

Recently, people prefer faster and easier ways to get information. Offer your website visitors' information in the form of a video. Videos can be used to transfer a large amount of important information in a short time. If users find what they need, and in a convenient form, they will spend more time on your site and less likely to go back to looking for more information, which will positively affect its ranking.

As shown by numerous surveys, thematic videos posted on a logistics website template have a positive effect on visitors' confidence and conversion. Sometimes, huge texts with schemes and photos are less useful than a short promo-video. Also, you can post a video with the results of your work and products, thus showing what your customers can account.

A promo-video increases the average duration of a cargo website views, and it is also displayed in the search results, attracting additional traffic to a corporate cargo website. Add a promo-video to any cargo website template in a few clicks. There a few options presented in the cargo website builder for adding a video on a website:

  • Upload a video directly to the media library to host it on your server. Then to add the video player widget on a cargo website design and select a video from the media library;
  • Upload a video on YouTube or Vimeo, add the video widget on a website and paste a link to the video into the appropriate field into the cargo website builder;
  • Add a side video player from third-party developers by adding the embed widget on a template and putting code into the built-in code editor;
  • Translate a video from an external resource by adding a link to a third-party site into the iFrame widget.

Ready-to-Use Cargo Website Templates

Cargo shipping website templates include all the necessary pre-built pages, such as:

  • About us - tell clients about the history of a cargo shipping company, about employees, main goals and achievements;
  • Portfolio - represent a cargo shipping company and successfully completed projects;
  • Contact us - it is a very important page with contact details and a contact form by using which a client can contact a company to place an order;
  • Under construction - this page will replace a cargo web template while a website is incomplete and not published;
  • 404 - Not found - a pre-built page that redirects visitors to a home page if a page that is opened by a visitor does not exist.

All pages were developed by experienced and creative website designers who know how to build efficient website design, combine colors and configure a layout to create a high-rated cargo website template. Also, there are various pre-built design presets are available for all widgets. It's enough to use a drop-down list with different designs to change the design of any widget.

In case of more deep customization of a widget's design required, there is a preset builder presented in the cargo website builder that can be used for deep customization of various design presets.

Vivid Design Effects

Modern cargo shipping website templates require modern design solutions. Using design effects on a site is a design trend that started not so far and became a trendy web design solution nowadays. It makes your website live and attractive opposite to static websites. Also, it's easy to highlight a call to action by using design effects.

Videos as a Background

Using video as a background adds a more dynamic and vibrant look to a cargo website template, and therefore, it is the right solution. Such a website stands out among a crowd of static websites. The first advantage is the ability to attract more visitors, due to its uniqueness and modern look. Video background on a cargo website template gives an idea to visitors that a cargo shipping company follows the latest trends and implement the most recent technologies at their business. It can also be a demonstration and explanation of provided services.

Parallax Effect in Cargo Website Builder

Parallax effect, is a unique technique in which objects in the background move more slowly than objects in the foreground. Due to this, a 3D effect makes a feeling of 3D space presented on a website. Parallax scrolling is a great way to add a highlight a block on a website template or improve a portfolio page. It requires no technical background to enable this effect on a cargo collective website template The website builder provides the ability to set up any element of a website in a click.

Beyond that, fixed effect makes a background image static while objects in the foreground are scrolling. It seems like blocks with content have a transparent background when the fixed effect is enabled. Both parallax and fixed effects are available in the cargo website builder and can be applied to any block with content by selecting the appropriate checkbox. Make your website look modern by using modern design effects and features.

Cargo Website Builder - White Label for Resellers

If you are a web developer who builds a website for a client you can grow your business with MotoCMS website builder and white label feature. Any cargo website template can be re-branded by using a convenient MotoCMS account. MotoCMS admin panel provides the ability to manage purchased templates and re-brand any of them without editing any source files.

Apply your brand to MotoCMS cargo website builder, enable or disable features in your re-branded cargo website admin panel, change its design and color scheme by using backend tools in your MotoCMS account. Any website built by using a re-branded cargo collective website template can be sold without any restrictions under a side-company brand.

Regular Software Updates

The world doesn't stay in one place, and everything changes and gets better. MotoCMS developers release monthly software updates that bring new features to cargo website builder, fix bugs, and improve the system. Software updates release so frequently because of user feedback that is noted and used by MotoCMS developers and the need to follow the latest trends in web development. That's why all cargo website templates will always be up to date and filled with modern features.

Responsive and Cross-Browser Cargo Website Templates

People use a different browser on various devices to preview cargo collective website templates. The main goal for MotoCMS cargo website builder developers was to make all website templates compatible with any browsers and devices. This goal successfully achieved, and the cargo shipping website templates became the most mobile-friendly website templates. Any cargo website design can preview on any device without losing content or website's appeal.

The system re-configure the layout and place content in the correct order automatically when a cargo website template is previewed by using mobile devices. The final website design can be previewed on different devices in both portrait and full-screen modes directly in the admin panel by using the selector tool. Just select a device in the cargo website builder, and the content will be previewed on a device that has been selected. A widget's preview can be disabled on different modes to simplify content on mobile devices.

Free 24/7 Support for MotoCMS Customers

It is vital to make a website's uptime close to 100% in order not to miss any client. MotoCMS provides free support for all clients via chats, emails, and phone conversations, to resolve any issues that may occur immediately. You can contact a professional support team anytime to get your questions answered or issues resolved.

MotoCMS has one of the most complete knowledge bases on the Internet, where you can find a user's guide about all the features of the cargo website builder and how to use them. Besides, there are a lot of step-by-step user guides on how to fulfill custom requests while editing cargo website templates. Any cargo website will be safe with MotoCMS support team.

Blogging Tools in the Cargo Website Builder

The main goal of any cargo shipping website is to attract new visitors to a website to increase sales and build a strong brand. With the help of interesting content, it is much easier to do this than without it. Therefore, if regularly publish texts that meet search queries, a cargo website will get new visitors who will become new clients of a cargo shipping company. The blogging tools will help you to:

  • Improve a website's SEO.Regular blogging on a website will significantly increase the visibility in the search and attract more traffic. Good, high-quality content will increase a brand's recognition and credibility of a business!
  • Stay in touch with clients. Thanks to the commenting block that is provided by Disqus in the cargo website builder, you will be able to follow visitors responses to your posts, and you will have the opportunity to directly respond to their comments, which is of a great way to build good relationships with a client.
  • Increase a brand's awareness. Make posts on relevant platforms and share them on social networks to take your blog and brand to external environment.
  • Position yourself as an expert. If you are experienced well to answer questions and you can offer a possible solution to problems that are related to your industry, help potential customers to solve their problems.
  • Become a leader in a niche. Surveys show that people trust information from blogs and more often pay attention to it than to traditional advertising. Do not miss a chance to lead the cargo shipping niche with MotoCMS cargo website templates and their Blog functionality.
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