If you're new to MotoCMS, here you will find answers to common questions about the platform and its possibilities.
Types of templates and their differences. How do I choose a template for my website?
MotoCMS has two basic product types that can completely satisfy any of our clients` needs. Those are MotoCMS 3 and MotoCMS Ecommerce. All three basic product types can be found in the catalog left sidebar.

To choose from these options, we advise you to read the short summaries below, that briefly describe their strength and peculiarities.

MotoCMS 3 templates are based on the content management system with a simple drag and drop website builder functionality. Most of the templates consist of premade content blocks, which can be moved and customized without any coding skills or special knowledge. That's why, MotoCMS 3 is a perfect solution for end-users, who want to build their websites quickly, easily, and professionally.

MotoCMS 3 Ecommerce templates also have a drag and drop visual editor inside their user-friendly admin panel. The thing that makes them stand out is ecommerce functionality with a built-in store analytics, where you can see daily customers and sales reports; an easy-to-edit product catalog, and other necessary settings. Therefore, using MotoCMS Ecommerce templates you don't need to look for any additional tools, or third-party plugins to launch your online shop. Simply use this all-in-one solution perfect for ecommerce websites.

Is hosting included in the templates? What are recommended hosting providers?
It all depends on how you prefer to purchase the template because we are giving our clients full freedom of choice.

For a Yearly Subscription Plan, hosting is already included in your order, so, you will not have to look for a trusted hosting provider and set up your website. As this is a hassle-free solution, we will do all the set-up work for your website. You just need to login to your admin panel and start editing.
Otherwise, buying MotoCMS Lifetime Plan, you can choose any local hosting provider and use a plan that meets our basic hosting requirements:
  • PHP version v. 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3;
  • With MySQL database support.

For most of our templates, we can confidently recommend Inmotion Hosting. It is a trusted hosting provider, which not only corresponds to our system requirements but also provides permanent discounts to all MotoCMS clients. Just follow the below-mentioned link and see how much you are saving.

If you want to check other recommended hosting providers, please visit this page or ask any of our representatives for a piece of advice.

For additional information regarding pricing plans, you can check this page.

Can I create a blog using MotoCMS?
Yes. MotoCMS 3 templates have a blog functionality. It means that you can create a fully-functioning blog with multiple pages and sections. Users can add new posts and modify the existing ones right in the admin panel.

Each of the posts has the necessary publishing settings and features, like ‘Post Name’, ‘Post URL’, ‘Author’, ‘Date’, ‘Status’ (to divide published posts and drafts), etc.

Moreover, there is a helpful block with SEO settings to help you get more organic traffic by setting unique meta descriptions, meta titles, canonical URLs, and other important things that help your content rank better.

Images for your blog posts can be uploaded and inserted from the media library. You can move and rotate them within the text as far as you want with a simple drag and drop visual editor. As for the image SEO, there is a special ‘Alt’ field, where you can set custom attributes for each of the images.

To read more about the blog structure, functionality, and settings, please take a look at the MotoCMS user`s guide.
Which SEO settings are available for my website?
All MotoCMS templates are SEO-friendly as we have included all the necessary metadata to the default version of our products. Therefore, you won't have any issues with search engine ranking if you set them right and use some webmaster tools.

Firstly, all pages of your future website contain special SEO fields. Those are ‘Meta Title’, ‘Meta Keywords’ and ‘Meta Description’. In addition, you can make any page ‘No-Index’ or/and ‘No-Follow’ if you don't want them to appear in search engine results and make an impact on your ranking.

Secondly, all images used on your website have custom alt attributes which can be set and changed according to the keywords you are using for your website.
Thirdly, you can make blog and website external links ‘Nofollow’. The ‘Nofollow’ attribute will hide those hyperlinks from search engines and won`t let them influence your performance in the search engine`s index. Also, there are useful ‘Canonical URL’, and ‘Hide Canonical’ options.

Lastly, we have included a ‘Code Injection’ block onto MotoCMS 3 admin panel for your convenience. It allows you to insert a custom code into the footer and/or header sections of your posts.

We hope the above-mentioned information was useful for you. However, if you want to know more about the SEO settings, please find our step-by-step guides and helpful articles below.

HTML MotoCMS SEO Optimization guide
MotoCMS Ecommerce SEO Guide
MotoCMS 3 Blog Settings
How to backup a MotoCMS-powered website?
If you want to backup a MotoCMS-powered website, you have to copy the template files and database on the server side manually.
Here are some simple steps, which will help you export the database from phpMyAdmin:

1. Log in to phpMyAdmin and go to your current database;
2. Click the ‘Export’ button;
3. Choose the ‘Quick’ export method, thus only the basic options will be displayed;
4. Click the checkbox ‘Save as file’ and proceed by clicking the ‘Go’ button;

As soon as these steps are completed, an .sql file (backup of your database) will be downloaded to your computer automatically.

If you want to know more about the MotoCMS websites backup and update, please check special guides and tutorials.

How to backup MotoCMS 3 website?
Moto CMS HTML Backup and Update Guidelines
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