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Text links
Use text links to promote our products on your website. To make the link affiliate, just add ?aff=username after the URL of the product.
Here’s an example: http://www.motocms.com/?aff=username
Don’t hesitate to use link shorteners. The links will still be affiliate.
Use our banners to create constant flow of customers and increase your sales. Do not forget to use affiliate code before you put them on the front page of your website. Download the whole set of new banners (you have to be logged into your affiliate account).
Landing Page
We have an easy option to promote our products on your website. Landing page is an HTML page with top 12 MotoCMS templates. We will install this page on your website and you can start to sell templates.
Multi-purpose landing page
Use a ready-made multi-purpose landing page to showcase our products, refer your visitors to MotoCMS.com, and offer them free 24/7 support provided by MotoCMS website builder. This tool is easy to install - you get a detailed instruction from us along with our help if necessary.
RMS (Ready-Made Shop)
You can start your own template shop and start working for yourself. It’s up to you whether you want to promote our products or sell them without showing your users who made them. Click here to look at the ready-made shops that are very easy to integrate. You have to be logged in your affiliate account to view the RMS solutions. If you need help with that, just let us know.
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