MotoCMS Affiliate Tools We are eager to help you with the choice of high-converting affiliate tools. For that reason, we have collected them all in one place. Choose any of them, use on your website with your affiliate links, and make money online easily.

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Our Affiliate Tools

We have create a collection of affiliate advertising tools to help you promote MotoCMS and make money online.


Use our set of banners featuring MotoCMS best products, special offers and promo campaigns. Do not forget to use your affiliate link before you put them on the front page of your website.

Landing Pages

Use our ready-made multipurpose landing pages for affiliate advertising. After custom keyword optimization it will help you to get organic traffic and ensure a constant grow of sales. Please, take a look at three simple steps to use them on your website.

1. Download the zipped archive to your PC and unpack it. Then open the index file with any text editor and insert your affiliate ID (username). To do that you can simply replace all “{###AFF_ID###}” by your affiliate ID using “Ctrl + H”.

2. Use landing page on your website. Upload the chosen file to your admin panel. If you have any troubles with it - take a look at this simple video tutorial or text instructions. Please, mind that for successful affiliate advertising this page should be on your main page or in one of the main categories of your website.

3. Generate good traffic to your affiliate landing page by referring your clients directly, sharing it on social media networks, and using internal and inbound linking. You can also promote the page through banners, paid non-branded traffic and other legal means of affiliate advertising.

Ready-Made Shop (RMS)

If you are a web studio or a web developer you can start your own white label template shop and work for yourself. It’s up to you whether you want to promote our products or sell them without showing your users who made them. Below you can look at the example of our ready-made shop.

It has 2 versions: a shop with the prices displayed, and a catalog. If you install the shop - your clients will be able make purchases themselves and you will get 30% from every sale to your affiliate account. The catalog version can be used if you are planning to make custom projects on the basis of our templates. Using the catalog you can make billing and set your own prices for the projects - in this case you buy the chosen template, customize it and send to your customers.

If you want to integrate any of the versions on your website - please, send us a request and we will help you with the installation and update.


If you have a blog and would like to promote MotoCMS using text links and posts - we are ready to help you with the content. Just let us know and we will prepare high-quality unique SEO-optimized content written by our copywriters that will be interesting for your audience. Just ask our affiliate manager to prepare unique affiliate post showcasing our products and you will receive it for free.

There are several things we advice you to mention in your email in order to get your affiliate article as soon as possible:

1. Mention your affiliate ID (login in our affiliate program).

2. Send us a link to your blog, so that we could suggest you the most relevant topics.

3. Tell us what kind of article you would like to get. For example “ Top 10 Sport Website Designs from MotoCMS”, “MotoCMS Ecommerce Bestsellers of the Year”, “How to Create a Landing Page that Converts” etc.

4. Let us know if you have any posting guidelines (image size, word count etc.)

5. Get the article and post it on your blog!

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