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Mary Frost 16 January, 2021

The year 2020 turned out to be more challenging than anyone expected. People throughout the world have faced different kinds of problems, and a lot of businesses failed. However, MotoCMS website builder news impressed users with positive vibes, as this time, the web constructor raised to the new level of reliability and functioning!

The Most Essential MotoCMS Website Builder News of 2020

2020 and the situation with COVID-19 have changed the lifestyle of the majority of people, as well as their business models forever. MotoCMS also had to reaffirm its values and implement some changes. However, our web constructor succeeds to work everything out and turn the tables! Look through the website builder news to make sure all of them are for the best.

New Working Regime Establishment

Since the Coronavirus situation has influenced work environments worldwide, we also had to adapt to the current circumstances. Converting all MotoCMS departments to the remote mode became one of the first website builder news.

We learned how to work remotely and to manage all working processes from home. All our employees switched to remote work in March 2020, and many who still work remotely. It’s essential to admit that it is challenging to keep working in such a mode. Nevertheless, we do our best to provide premium quality services, as our customer satisfaction is still a top priority.

Time management is a science that requires a sense of purpose, patience, and discipline. Therefore, MotoCMS does its best to remain the same productive and successful!

Efficient Brand Improvement

In addition to the new working regime, we also worked on our brand improvement. Although it was tough to grow such a project as MotoCMS during the pandemic situation, we have a lot of positive website builder news to share with!

The new COO of MotoCMS provided his own strategy for web constructor development, allowing the company to gain more customers. Besides, he has worked on product development and how all the processes inside the company should operate. Today, MotoCMS can confidently claim that the project not only didn’t fail under quarantine conditions but has raised to a new level!

Advanced AI-Powered Website Builder News

The third challenge we accepted is the Moto4 website builder – a new solution for web development. This is an entirely brand-new product, which is supposed to be even more powerful than MotoCMS 3. Moto4 is an AI-powered website solution that will help you to launch a website fast and simple. Moreover, it goes with a diversity of advanced tools and features that are made to meet the new generation’s needs. Check out MotoCMS 3 vs. Moto 4 comparison to define the most appropriate builder, and launch your platform right now.

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Website Builder News & Updates of 2020 That Are Worth Focusing On

MotoCMS is a high-quality website building constructor that enables building a personal website or a professional platform within a few days only. Whether you have experience in web design or not, you can create a stunning portfolio, CV, online store, or a multipage site from scratch quickly and simply. This year, we surprised our clients with the most terrific website builder news! So, if you’re interested in getting useful information about MotoCMS services and products, feel free to check the information below.

Top-Notch Drag and Drop Tool Editor

MotoCMS is a perfect solution for all businesses and specialists who want to build a strong presence on the web effortlessly. This website builder procures a pretty powerful functionality and has overall ease of use. You’ll also be pleased to get to know from MotoCMS website builder news that it doesn’t expect its users to have any coding, web development, or technical skills. Thus, if you prefer to have full control over your site’s appearance, this drag and drop builder is a great chance to make everything on your own.

The drag and drop function is one of the tools that will come in handy to all beginners. Therefore, we paid a lot of attention to improving this feature in 2020. Making a website on such a platform is also really affordable, as it won’t take up too much of your time or effort. The first version of your site can be published in a few hours, and afterward, you have the option to improve it, meeting all your expectations.

Moreover, this year, MotoCMS offered a new intuitive Moto 4 web constructor in addition to MotoCMS 3. Take into consideration that both of these solutions are especially handy for eCommerce websites. Thanks to their ease of use, you will be able to work on essential tasks using only a few buttons on the dashboard to choose from.

MotoCMS website builder news for newcomers


Affordable and Lucrative Lifetime Subscription

Another thrilling website builder news is that MotoCMS upgraded its lifetime subscription plan. Now, each client has an opportunity to obtain all the latest advanced tools and features with the purchased template. Moreover, the user will get all further updates for free!

The most popular product of our company, MotoCMS 3 offers three different plans:

  • lifetime;
  • monthly;
  • and yearly.

Each option has its benefits; however, we consider the lifetime plan the most lucrative solution for every user who needs professional web design and all related services. That’s why we’ve been working on its improvement during the whole year! Be aware; this solution will provide you with all the necessary tools, as well as 24/7 customer and technical support, a stunning, multipage website template with one-year hosting, domain name support, and an SSL certificate. However, if you still have no idea what plan to choose, you need to look through what’s behind lifetime, yearly & monthly subscription plans. This guidebook contains an ultimate description of their pros and cons so that you could make a proper decision.

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Brand-New MotoCMS Website Templates

MotoCMS always strives to surprise customers with new templates that are easy to customize and personalize. Once you pick one of the web layouts, you will easily create a landing page, multipage website, or eCommerce platform on your own. Moreover, you can be sure that your site will stand out from the competitors and make your services and products eye-catching for your target audience!

MotoCMS categorized all products to ease finding an appropriate responsive template for your business. The themes are divided into various niches like:

  • business & corporate;
  • medical & healthcare;
  • sports & entertainment;
  • beauty & fashion;
  • industry & technology;
  • people & society, and more.

Check out the extensive MotoCMS templates catalog and choose the theme that will reflect your business idea. You hardly find the same reliable and professional platform for creating a strong and efficient presence on the web. Look through our customers’ reviews to ensure this is the perfect solution for your company.

Besides, you can always test all MotoCMS templates from the constructor’s catalog at any time during the 14-days trial period. This is great website builder news for those who aren’t sure about purchasing a paid subscription plan.

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Effective SEO Tools and Services

If you want your site to rank high on Google, the next website builder news about MotoCMS 3 will benefit you! In addition to the unique domain name you obtain when purchasing one of our templates, you also can get a professional SEO specialist’s assistance.

Thanks to MotoCMS SEO services, you’ll create SEO optimized content for your website. It helps Google and other search engines understand the purpose of your page. Moreover, this will let your site appear on the first page of Google, which means you’ll get more potential customers’ attention.

In 2020, MotoCMS decided to offer an entire section of tools that help websites gain popularity. Those include the updated versions of SEO and traffic boosters. As you might know, the more your website is exposed to search engines, the more people will be able to access it. Thus, you need to use these features to be able to grow in popularity and gain success!

Excellent User Guides and Customer Support

Excellent customer support is one of the things that differs MotoCMS from other website constructors. Therefore, in 2020, we did our best to sustain the progress or even improve it. Despite the COVID-19 and remote working regime, our company has provided the same high-quality support service.

MotoCMS offers customer & technical support over the phone, live chat, email, etc. Thus, if users have any problems or questions, they can write to them in live chat and receive a reply within a few seconds. This option will save you a lot of time, as MotoCMS managers answer quickly and are very responsive.

In addition, we suggest fantastic user guides so every client could customize the picked layout and set up the domain and necessary plugins. Our platform has many categories that will help you solve any web development issue step-by-step. This year, we’ve also worked on our MotoCMS blog, i.e., created many text-based tutorials, guidebooks, and other useful and informative materials.

The Latest Website Builder News: Features That Will Be Developed in 2021

MotoCMS has a lot of plans and ideas to implement in 2021! During the year, we’re planning on releasing around ten new versions of the MotoCMS 3 builder. Moreover, each performance will come with exciting and useful features & tools to make website building more fascinating and straightforward. Among the most exciting things that are already being discussed are the Multilanguage plugin and complete admin panel redesign. Besides, you’ll see the improvement of MotoCMS eCommerce templates that will become more functional and easy-to-customize.

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The year 2020 was extremely troublesome for all of us. We all know how difficult it was to keep your business doing well during the pandemic situation. The majority of people around the world are practicing social distancing. A lot of us even stay at home all the time. Of course, all this influences the working situation as a whole. Nevertheless, the MotoCMS team has shown remarkable results, described in our ‘Website Builder News’ article.

Thanks to everyone who is trying to go online now and promote one’s products and services to the web, we increased our online sales in 2020. A lot of users have opted for MotoCMS website builder for implementing their eCommerce purposes. Our themes were top picks among customers, who own businesses in different niches, and all of them were satisfied with their choices. Therefore, considering these facts, it should be noted that MotoCMS can be widely regarded as the web constructor of the year!

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