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5 COVID-19 Survival Tips for Online Advertisers

Elsa Boyd 3 September, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has wrecked across all industries, and businesses are finding it extremely difficult to cope. However, over the past couple of months, the online advertising field is on the path to recovery, and marketers/PPC advertisers are resorting to ingenious ways to survive. We’ve had long discussions with some of the leading online marketers and PPC advertisers. Here’s a list of five incredible COVID-19 survival tips for online advertisers.

survival tips for online advertisers

1. Learn to Adapt – Basic Survival Tips for Online Advertisers

Just like the real world, the digital marketing field has also been affected by the crisis. Consumers across the globe are complying with new government regulations, which are directly resulting in behavioral shifts. Companies must adapt quickly, or else they risk losing to their competitors.

This pandemic will play a decisive role in separating those who can adapt and those who can’t. Since there’s no rulebook for such an unforeseen scenario, online marketers have to be nimble while adapting to this situation. All digital marketers have to convince their clients to adapt by backing their claims with enough data to reveal the impact of COVID-19 on businesses across different verticals. PPC advertisers have to offer PPC performance data to their clients and show them the PPC’s regional impact. Clients need to be aware of the underlying reasons for the performance dip of PPC campaigns. It’s equally important to compare the pre and post-COVID performance of PPC Ad campaigns and share the report with the client.

making online advertising relevant

When crafting new advertising strategies, always bear in mind that the current landscape has shifted. One way of advertising specific products or services might no longer be acceptable. For instance, if you advertise a traveling agency, you should not present the typical deals. In some cases, people will greet such promotions as offensive, when most of the countries still struggle to cope with the pandemic. So, always pay attention to the situation and react to it.

2. Stay Relevant in Every Possible Way

It’s tough to pull consumers out of their routine because they simply don’t want to try anything new. It is a big reason why the price of getting a new consumer is always higher than retaining an old one. Businesses have to prove their value, and they might not even get paid for putting in the extra effort. However, you have to realize that because of the pandemic, consumers are compelled to change, and this can be a huge business opportunity if you’re able to meet their needs. Thus, you will have to make your moves fast to stay relevant. Retaining a customer has always been a huge challenge, and you’ll have to face the challenge, even when you can meet a fraction of their need.

3. Create Relevant and Inspiring Ads

If you want your ads to get a higher number of clicks, you’ve to create ads that don’t seem outdated. You’ve to write relevant and action-provoking ads geared towards solving the customer’s problem. The COVID-19 pandemic situation has resulted in nervousness, boredom, and anxiety; you can never win their hearts by reminding them of all these. Instead, you’ve to mold your message in a way that tells your customers how they can get out of this rut.

creating inspiring ads

However, it’s equally important to consider the business data related to the current situation while presenting the advertisement. For instance, there’s no point in creating ads that invite customers to the showroom, and instead, you must offer something that they can access from their homes. Never advertise products that have a low stock because if you fail to deliver, chances are very high that your brand’s reputation is damaged forever.

4. Make Security Your Top Priority to Follow Survival Tips for Online Advertisers

Digital marketers or PPC advertisers have multiple things to juggle with, and in the process, they can expose themselves to cyber-attacks and hacking. Any breach in your network system can lead to valuable data theft. COVID-19 has given rise to a new breed of hackers and cybercriminals. If you don’t want to fall prey to such malicious attempts, you need to take security seriously.

Install a VPN on your laptop, computer, or any other mobile device that you use to communicate with your clients or set up campaigns. A Windows VPN offers absolute protection from hacking attempts and safeguards your valuable data from scammers. VPN’s end-to-end data encryption technology provides the perfect security cover to the data packets transmitted over a network. No marketer wants to part away with critical customer data that can permanently harm their reputation.

5. Turn Your Audience into Your Biggest Asset

The pandemic has presented online marketers with the perfect opportunity to try new things. If you’re failing to close deals, you will at least have the opportunity to build demand for a product or service in the future. You can use display ads and inexpensive social media ads to slowly create your audience.

using social media as survival tips for online advertisers

Online marketing is witnessing a tectonic shift, which implies that PPC advertisers and digital marketers have to adapt quickly to stay relevant. However, you must never stop learning because that’s how you can quickly detect the changes and adjust accordingly. Find out the latest trends and adapt them to your strategies. With enough information, your marketing will be much more effective. In other words, figure out what people need, and facilitate their needs. Brush aside the unnecessary tactics and be the chameleon of online advertising.

Some Final Thoughts Before You Go

The pandemic has greatly affected us all. Some of the changes are evident: schools and universities providing remote learning options or employees working from home. Another clear-cut alteration is the significant traffic drop for restaurants and cafes that no longer have the same clientele. While some shift to home deliveries to compensate, others attempt to find other solutions. However, the spread of the virus affects all industries on varying levels. For advertisers, this means reacting quickly and coming up with new advertising strategies. What are the long-term effects of the COVID-19? Difficult to tell at the moment. However, be quick on your feet and always track the latest updates on the situation across the globe.

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