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Use MotoCMS – Forget About Outdated HTML Templates

Daria Kosych 27 January, 2021

Before, MotoCMS HTML templates were at their peak, and you may have already had a chance to evaluate them. But, nowadays, this type of product is getting outdated. Unfortunately, HTML templates have limited functional features and follow a bit obsolete look and patterns. Thus, if you wish to get an updated website theme, choose one from the vast set of modern MotoCMS 3 templates in the target category. You will undoubtedly find the one to your liking!

Is There a Solution? Use MotoCMS

Nothing is impossible with a powerful MotoCMS website builder. Not to lose clients and boost your site effortlessly, you can convert the old HTML template to MotoCMS 3 fantastic and adaptive website. Get an eye-catching design and user-friendly site with MotoCMS 3 functionality!

The new admin panel won’t differ, so you’ll manage it in any case. Our tech team will contact you to discuss your Admin Panel installation details. Please note that converting the template into MotoCMS 3 may take up to 10 business days. Still, then you get a responsive, SEO-optimized website with convenient navigation and fantastic design, which immediately attracts potential clients.

Convert To MotoCMS 3

Types of Website Builder Templates

Besides MotoCMS HTML templates which are perfect for those who appreciate classic and permanence in web page building, you can choose from:

Thus, you can build different types of websites, whether you’re an entrepreneur or just have a blog.

Looking for Something Special – Use MotoCMS

A powerful website builder is an ideal decision for those who want to update their website and plan to create a reliable and high-quality platform for promoting services/products. Moreover, MotoCMS is always open to new ideas and solutions. Let’s explore its most distinctive features.

Responsive Website Design

With MotoCMS, you can finally create a user-friendly website adaptive to all screen resolutions with fast loading speed! Moreover, you can choose a specific niche from various categories for any purpose!

Use MotoCMS Astonishing Templates for Enterprises

Templates for Enterprises

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Eye-Catching Templates for Fashion and Beauty

use MotoCMS - Templates for Fashion and Beauty

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Use MotoCMS Marvelous Themes for ECommerce

Themes for ECommerce

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 Premium Templates for Portfolios

Templates for Portfolios

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Sport and Entertainment

Use MotoCMS - Sport and Entertainment

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Use MotoCMS Templates for Social and Cultural Institutions

Social and Cultural Institutions

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Check out top-rated and premium website templates on MotoCMS web creator to find a theme that makes your heart melt.

Overall Functionality

The MotoCMS admin panel’s functionality gives you all possibilities to manage their websites without programming skills and previous experience. Whether you are a novice or advanced developer, you will have no problem with system use. Let’s take a sneak peek at the top functions of the system.

Simple Drag & Drop System – Visual Editing

Enjoy a comfy high-end admin panel with a drag & drop system – the easiest possible way to manage your website appeal! All you need to do is modify your web project by replacing objects on the stage, then adding any content items and ordering them swiftly. You need to grab a required object and place it in the desired position. It’s similar to playing Tetris, where you should manage the blocks and move them where you need to. Besides, a control panel contains lots of useful tools, options, and necessary widgets.

Use MotoCMS Powerful Widgets

The MotoCMS admin panel has a rich collection of widgets for highly enjoyable and rather effortless website development. Tons of built-in widgets & tools are presented for your website promotion and growth:

  • Contact Form
  • Sliders & Galleries
  • Google Maps
  • Audio & Video Players
  • Social Media
  • Blog Elements
  • Integration Systems

Contact Forms

This widget serves to strengthen website owner’s professionalism in visitors’ eyes. They should see that you are serious about what you do and extremely interested in their opinions. If a site visitor has a question, recommendation, or complaint, they should have a chance to express it and get in touch with you at ease.

Contact Us Form

Therefore Moto CMS is equipped with a multifunction Contact Form widget. It enables you to edit:

  • Text Format
  • Items Style (Line Thickness and Color, Shadow Color and Distance)
  • Buttons Style (Line Thickness and Color, Shadow Color and Distance)

There is also an option to add new items to Contact Form (Field item, Area item, Select item, CheckBox item, Radio Button item). So, you can’t make your online presence successful without a well-thought-out Contact Form, and MotoCMS provides you with all the necessary tools!

Use MotoCMS Galleries

MotoCMS allows you to embed various galleries to the HTML themes. They make website appearance creative and fabulous – this is exactly what is essential for photographer portfolios, web studio templates, fashion industry themes, and everyone interested in building a splendid site. Let’s take a closer look at each gallery.

Background Slider

This gallery is one of the most impressive as it allows users to demonstrate pictures in a full-screen mode. The toolbar enables you to pick the automatic or manual mode for the slideshow. If automatic, you should choose appropriate settings: Duration, Show Control (previous-next buttons and pagination), and Controls Padding. By the way, the Pagination function enables image navigation with the help of thumbs.

Use MotoCMS for Background Slider

Carousel Gallery

Carousel gives users access to several images at the same time. This gallery is usually horizontal dynamic cycling of pictures with partially visible previous and next ones.

Carousel Gallery

You can specify the scrolling speed: if you choose the option ‘Move Automatically,’ click on the ‘Enable’ button and set the duration time. Otherwise, pictures will be showcased by hand. Also, within the toolbar, you can set the main picture’s size, Image Style, Image Hover Style, and Control (previous-next buttons). Image Style function is for configuration of the color of the image in the gallery. In contrast, Image Hover Style allows the image style configuration while hovering the mouse over the gallery.

Grid Gallery

Grid Gallery allows you to make a quick acquaintance with numerous images. There is no need to flip through all pictures – they are shown on one page in small size, enabling you to enlarge them. The widget editing means specifying Row and Column number (it depends on how many pictures you want to display), setting Control, and Thumbnail Style options. Moreover, you can choose how to expand the images – in the Background (a full-screen mode) or Lightbox (big-size images with still visible background patterns).

Grid Gallery - Tattoo Design

Reflection Gallery

It is an innovative way to showcase images because they will have a fascinating reflection effect. The central picture is more significant than all others, but each reflection image is the same as its original. The users can set the Opacity percentage for a reflected view within the admin panel, Distance Between Images, and Text Characteristics. Pay attention that the text will be published on the central image only.


A slider is the most popular Gallery widget in web design. This widget is the right solution for any website so far as it looks organized and highlights essential content. Use the Panel to set General Settings (Slideshow characteristics), previous and next buttons peculiarities, and Image Properties.

Slider with Thumbnails

This functional Slider has two sections – the first represents an image of significant size and the second section is a sliding horizontal or vertical ribbon with thumbs. Such options as Automatic Slideshow, browsing pictures by hand, Image Size, Thumbnails height and distance between them, Image Properties are available.


Sliding Click Action Gallery

This dynamic gallery allows showcasing images in a very convenient way – they are scrolling vertically or horizontally (you can specify it in the admin panel). You can use either left-right arrows or a mouse (set the option in the widget toolbar).

Sliding Gallery

This gallery is a sister of the one mentioned above, but they are a bit different. When pictures are showcased via Sliding Gallery, you can view them in full size in two ways – Background or Lightbox – specified within the admin panel. The same as in Sliding Click Action Gallery, you can select General Settings (Navigation style, Orientation, and Distance Between Images). The Thumbnail Style option enables you to set the Color, Background, and Stroke for thumbnail images.

Use MotoCMS Maps

The MotoCMS widget allows you to integrate a Google Map to the website, and in its turn, this increases your findability for visitors significantly. After adding a widget, double click on it and indicate your location. You can choose a marker icon from the Media Library, and the quantity of them is unlimited. Add the title and description of your location then.

This widget’s Possibilities are awe-inspiring: Default Map Type selection, Position of Map Focus, Zoom function, Controls Position settings (Location, Zoom, Scale, Map Overview, Map Type), Map Types’ specification (Normal, Satellite, Hybrid, Physical) and Style options.

Menus – Horizontal and Vertical

This widget is a helpful tool in creating easy navigation through your website. Horizontal and vertical menus have identical features except for orientation which is evident from the name. In both menus’ toolbars, you can add the desired quantity of pages and subpages by clicking on the ‘Add a New Menu Item’ button. You can delete unnecessary elements by selecting an item and clicking on the ‘Remove Selected’ button.


This section enables changing the options of the website and its admin panel. It also gives access to the Media Library and Fonts Manager.

It enables users to adjust settings for the admin panel, including ‘Advanced Settings,’ ‘Password’ and ‘Backup & Updates’.

  • Advanced Settings

The admin panel is available in 15 different languages, and it’s a piece of cake to select a needed one. Users may enable a Welcome Screen and ‘Check for updates’ function. It is possible to set the Preview parameters too. If you’d like to see previews from the page you last edited, mark the option ‘View the website in the same preview window,’ but if you want to start preview from the first page, mark an appropriate option ‘View the website from the start page.’

  • Password

Here you can change a password for entering your admin panel.

  • Backup & Updates

This section is for creating backups and searching for updates. The Panel provides all necessary explanations and instructions, so there is nothing complicated to manage these features.

Media Library

The Media Library in MotoCMS is truly multifunctional. Firstly, there is a function to create folders for grouping various media files. There is also a filter for choosing one particular type of file to work with at the top. To add images or videos from your computer, press the button ‘Add media.’

Use MotoCMS - Media Library

Fonts Manager

This section displays available fonts which you can activate/deactivate or delete at all. The ‘Add Font’ button is for adding new fonts to your control panel.

SEO Optimization Tools

Nowadays, it’s difficult for websites to survive on the market without SEO. It not only makes you stand out from the crowd but boosts your site’s value and attracts more customers. That’s why MotoCMS has created templates with effective search engine optimization options. With their help, you can manage site improvement personally and enjoy being at the top of search results.

MotoCMS SEO Built-In Tools

Use MotoCMS Free Trial Period

Not to make you rush, we’ve provided a two-week free trial period. So you will have time to test it for your business and think carefully if a particular template is right for you. Be sure that all the changes will be saved, and you’ll be able to launch your site after purchase.

Free Hosting Service

MotoCMS offers free hosting and SSL for subscription, so you won’t be forced to buy hosting services or choose a specific hosting provider. We’re always ready to give a piece of advice so that you can take advantage of all the possibilities that our reliable website builder gives you.

Reliable 24/7 Support

Get professional help at any time! MotoCMS friendly experts are always ready to answer your questions and solve your problems. Check out our clients’ reviews at Trustpilot (“amazing support,” “best,” “great,” “support beyond this world!” etc.).

Tip: Read the article Dive Deep into MotoCMS Website Builder and check out MotoCMS benefits and features to make the first step to an excellent website. Enjoy adequate conditions of service!

Convert an Old Website and Get Extra Services

MotoCMS offers you extra customer services to achieve the best results! You can choose from:

Moto 4 New Generation AI Website Builder

You also can choose Moto 4 to create an ideal platform for your purposes. Artificial intelligence is what you need if you want to get a unique theme developed from scratch – it’ll make everything for you.

MotoCMS 4

Some benefits of using Moto4 are:

  • Intuitive Website Builder
  • Image Library Access
  • Site Styles Manager
  • In-built Integration
  • Marketing Tools
  • Shared Editing

Tip: check out The Ultimate Website Builder Comparison – MotoCMS 3 vs. Moto 4  to define the difference and make the right choice.

Create Your Website with MotoCMS

All in all, you can convert your website to MotoCMS 3 or create a new one effortlessly. MotoCMS is a fully-functional intuitive website builder able to bring your business to a new level. We hope you have made sure that it is seamless to use. Moreover, we upgrade our products regularly, so frequent updates are guaranteed. We won’t make you wait for long!

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