Trimming YouTube Video Online – Key Points to Know

MotoCMS Editorial 18 January, 2024

Our team continues sharing time- and energy-saving tips to boost digital activities. Trimming video clips is a fascinating yet challenging process if you aren’t equipped with up-to-date progressive tools. With our help, those who love or need stunning YouTube videos will learn more about trimming YouTube videos online best options. We’ll show trimming video YouTube possibilities and many more choices other developers can offer. All the tools we will present have in common: they are effective, easy, fast, and work straight from your browser – no need to download any video trimming software on your device. You’ll learn about the most popular choices, including video trimming free software, to have a chance to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Before going deep into this trimming YouTube video online topic, we recommend checking out our featured blog post about video trimming software as a background for the trimming YouTube video online direction. You can find useful information about popular video trimming software – YouTube-related tools, and more.

Trimming Video YouTube Potential: Video Editor in YouTube Studio

Can you trim a YouTube video? If not, let’s start from the basics. So, we won’t go very far and analyze what a YouTube author gets in their studio. There are simple video and written guides and step-by-step tutorials by YouTube Creators and other users who can introduce the main idea of the online video cutter YouTube offers. You can easily find many materials about YouTube video trim and download. Here, we’ll describe the possibilities in general.

How to Trim Youtube Video

Cut YouTube videos online in your YouTube Studio on a computer. Just select a Trim mode in the Editor. Move the bars identifying the exact place or time in the video, or click and drag the blue box in the Editor. It applies to the start, end, and middle of your video – new or old – and multiple parts. If you cut an existing video, no reloading is needed. However, there are several things to take into consideration:

  • trimming YouTube videos online is available for 6-hour pieces as a maximum;
  • if you aren’t a member of the YouTube Partner Program, you won’t be able to save the changes in videos with 100K+ views unless you saved the trimmed version as a new video;
  • it may take up to a few hours for your changes to update;
  • editor features are strictly limited.

Meanwhile, the YouTube online video cutter is an excellent tool for trimming YouTube videos online if we deal with existing videos with plenty of comments and positive view count as everything stays the same, including the video’s URL. Furthermore, you decide whether to save your changes and can always revert to the original.

Before Moving to Other YouTube Video Trimmers…

You already know (or knew before) that YouTube has a Trim feature. But it doesn’t have a direct download feature. This can bring obstacles if you need or want to cut a YouTube video with a third-party editor. In this case, one more tool you need to choose is a YouTube downloader. There are plenty of them; YouTube downloaders operate with YouTube URLs and export a YouTube video file to your computer.

YouTube Download Video

Third-Party Trimming YouTube Video Online Choices

Let’s look at the most popular tools to cut long videos or make necessary changes. These tools promise fast and easy services without downloading video trimming software on a computer but by functioning as browser extensions or online editors on their websites.

VEED’s Online YouTube Cutter

Upload a file from your device, paste a video URL, and start cutting, trimming, resizing, or splitting by clicking and dragging. You no longer need to download any software. You don’t need to download a YouTube video to your computer and upload it to a video cutter because everything is as simple as a link. With VEED’s free YouTube cutter, you’re just a few clicks away from the desired result. Their YouTube video cutter also offers engaging elements such as text, transitions, progress bars, animations, music, and more to help your channel grow successfully.

VEED’s Online Cutter

So, the simple steps are: upload a file / paste a URL (as with a YouTube video), edit, automatically download your MP4 result, and upload it to YouTube. It works with most OSs and is always browser-based, including mobile browsers. This tool is free with minor restrictions, not affecting individual activities much. However, we recommend discovering more of their monthly and annual pricing plans for big scopes.

Online Video Trimmer from Kapwing

To utilize Kapwing’s video trimmer, upload an MP4, MOV, MP3, FLV, AVI, or WEBM file (by clicking or simply dragging and dropping) or paste a URL. Apart from the original YouTube online video cutter’s options, this editor allows splitting and rearranging clips. The editor menu also has many more features. The Kapwing trimmer is free with some restrictions unless you’ve signed up. As for other benefits the tool offers its users, besides good trimming services, the website is ad-free and cloud-based.

Trim Video

YouTube Video Trimmer by Flixier

Cut videos of any type easily in seconds with one more tool – an online YouTube trimmer by Flixier. This time it is a highly-rated video editor designed specifically for YouTube users’ needs. Users need to create an account and log in to enjoy all the benefits the tool can offer. Flixier’s Youtube video editor lets users trim, crop videos, and add editing details like animated text and images, voice generation, etc., within a few clicks. To do that, you must paste a video link, and off you go! The process requires only three steps: Import – Trim/Edit – Export.

Trim YouTube Videos

Moreover, unlike most video editors, this one allows you to export the final version to YouTube (or another online destination). So, publish your video with changes at once or download it to your device. Also, Flixier lets you try it before you decide to buy it.

How to Choose the Best Online YouTube Video Trimmer

You can guess, check with a search engine, or search in a reputable software downloader that there are tons of trimming YouTube video online offers. Here, we’d like to focus on the main aspects to succeed in the choice. So, what are the limiting factors to narrow your search?

First Limitations

Starting from the easiest properties, you must ensure the video trimmer can process the data you import. It can be a link; in that case, you should check for limits like prohibited sources or providers. If you import a file to a website or utilize a trimming extension that needs a file, learn the limitations and preferences for the file size, length of the video, format, and other physical properties. Possible file extensions are essential for checking the supporting ability and ensuring that the tool can generate files of the necessary formats. Some YouTube video trimmers won’t meet your needs even at this straightforward stage.

Trimming YouTube Video Online - Video Files

Reputable Reviews of Online Video Trimming Tools

A small review (like the one we gave to the most popular video trimming tools above) can help the choices fall off. For example, if you look for free video cutters only, any sign of pricing plans, paid features, etc., in a review will turn you off and save you some time. Or vice versa, you have huge volumes of videos and complex projects to fulfill; then you’ll probably want to invest in a reputable, robust tool.

Free or Paid

As for the financial aspect, it’s also important to understand your budget, if any. Most free online video cutters, starting from built-in YouTube Studio Editor, can guarantee relatively good trimming opportunities. However, they can lack many trimming features helping you feel comfortable utilizing an online video trimmer for the first time. These are user-friendliness, intuitivity, simple functionality, design, etc. Moreover, commercial YouTube video cutters can become much more functional video editors by switching some modes. Even if their function is more restricted to trimming, they offer helpful editing features that complement a trimming process best.

More About Functionality

There are so many offers on the market that, with a due attitude, everyone can find a perfectly matching online video trimmer. Developers are now way far from creating limited trimming tools. They work hard to combine the most practical features to boost your cutting activities. The functionality of such tools starts from a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface for trimming itself. Then, they analyze which popular YouTube-oriented details can combine with a trimming process, such as animation and other visual effects, smart texting, voicing, etc. So, while choosing from hundreds of online YouTube video-cutting tools, details may become the main focus that helps you pick the best.

Online Video Trimming Tools

Easy Uploading

If you plan to utilize an online video trimmer for YouTube only, we suggest opting for the tools that can offer the most efficient and fastest way to upload your finished video. Here, you can decide what’s better for you – one-click instant publishing on YouTube, automatic upload to your device, a combination of several ways, etc. One more thing to check here is possible quality changes. If leaving the same high quality as the original piece is essential, you’d better check the requirements and conditions, especially for free online video-cutting tools.

Try Before Buy

Do you remember that we nurture a highly respectful approach to our clients and provide favorable conditions of a free demo version and a trial period without any obligations to buy our templates? We advise you to ask for the same fair attitude when choosing paid services online (if this format is possible). Try the online YouTube video trimmer you like for free, and then decide whether it works for you.

Mind Your Cyber Security

Online YouTube video trimming is a popular service, so malicious actors can exploit any vulnerabilities in developers’ systems to get to sensitive data. Remember basic cyber security measures while choosing and utilizing these or any online tools and software, like going for reputable software sources, implementing cyber hygiene practices, etc.

Let Your Website Benefit from Excellent Trimming YouTube Video Online Opportunities

Now that you know the main information about trimming video YouTube and third-party options don’t hesitate to boost your online presence and reach global coverage. Take advantage of up-to-date YouTube videos on your personal or business website.

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In conclusion, we’d like to suggest reading more about how to edit large videos easily and fast, online and offline. And if you need some more software to edit not only YouTube videos, you might find our blog post about the best video cutters for PC interesting. After checking out these posts, we’re sure you’ll feel very confident about how to cut any videos for YouTube as well as various other purposes. The only thing to do is to give it a go!

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