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Best Sports Websites – Top 20 Sport Designs of 2019

Allison Reed 28 August, 2019

Creating sports websites can be a real challenge both for professional web developers and beginners. Today we will analyze the features that make sports sites appealing. Then, we’ll demonstrate how MotoCMS can be of assistance in the process of building a sports webpage. What is more, we will provide you with useful tips to launch professionally-looking team pages.

sports websites

What Are the Features of Good Sports Websites?

To begin with, let us have a look at the main features that are characteristic of quality sports sites.

Sports Websites Are Always Niche-oriented

sports website - dance studio

In other words, every sport has its own specific rules. Every sport is unique in terms of time and space. What works for a baseball club cannot be applied to a dance studio, right? And sports websites have to reflect all this diversity!

Sports Websites Should Appeal To All Five Senses

skydiving website

Although most sports are connected with the sense of touch, the other senses remain significant, too. That is why, to create sports websites, you have to get your head down and think of a way to combine all the senses in one consistent project.

Sports Websites Should Be Well-Organized

Of course, you should try to follow this principle for all websites. Still, when you are launching sports sites, you have to bear in mind your purpose and your target audience. People shouldn’t get lost in a huge variety of classes that you have at your gym, for instance. They should be able to see classes, schedules, prices, or sports club membership conditions. Remember to organize all the elements in such a way that visitors can find any necessary information easily.

Collection of Sports Websites Templates – Build Your Site Easily

Launching a sports webpage sounds a bit tricky already, doesn’t it? That being said, it is still possible to build successful sports sites within days with MotoCMS sport website templates. Explore the collection of the best themes for sports websites that MotoCMS is so proud of. Then, move on to find out useful tips on how to make a sports site.

1. American Football Premium Moto CMS 3 Template

american football template


If you are looking for a template for sports websites, this can be your lucky day. With this outstanding premium design for American football teams, your club will get immediate attention on the global scale. The functionality of this template allows you to inform your prospective visitors about all the possible information concerning American football. Introduce your coaches, publish the league schedule, announce the results of matches with numerous pre-made pages from MotoCMS!

2. Baseball Club Premium Moto CMS 3 Template

baseball club template


This baseball template can help you to create sports websites of the best quality. The incredible potential of this theme is directly connected with the powerful admin panel. With its help, you are free to create and change the layout and the design of your multi-page website. Originally designed for baseball league websites, this template lets you provide information about teams and create amazing galleries. Also, with this template, you’ll be able to present results and reports in a visually attractive way.

3. Dance Studio Premium Moto CMS 3 Template

dance studio sports websites


If you believe that dance is a philosophy of life, this dance studio theme by MotoCMS dance studio website builder is what you need. Demonstrate how successful your current visitors are with eye-catching galleries and the video widget. Furthermore, you can create an attractive About Us page to introduce your team with pre-made pages. Inform your clientele about the variety of training programs and dance events that you are organizing.

4. Deepdive Responsive Website Template

deepdive template


This scuba diver template is a real bargain for any lover of water sports. It is packed with pre-made pages that cover all the aspects of your future website. Moreover, this diver template contains the Website Creator with drag-and-drop functionality. Particularly, you can present the details about your courses, introduce your team of instructors, and inform visitors about pricing. Thanks to this creator, it will not take much time for you to figure out the layout and the design of your website. Let your clients see that the scuba diving world looks like with MotoCMS.

5. Personal Trainer Website Template

sports websites - personal trainer


Empowered by the personal trainer website builder, this amazing theme is an excellent choice for personal trainers. It will suit the needs of both professional personal coaches and novices in the sports business. It does not actually matter how big your client base is at the moment. What matters is that with this fitness template, you can present your services in the best light! Attention-grabbing galleries, numerous social media widgets, and the SEO-integration make this fitness studio template one of a kind!

6. Golf Club Premium Moto CMS 3 Template

golf club template


If you want to facilitate the management of your golf club, pay attention to this premium golf club template. Do you know next to nothing about web development? Then you will definitely appreciate how easy it is to edit your golf club website with the golf website builder from MotoCMS. With pre-made pages and block, you can showcase all the benefits of your golf club. To be precise, you can specify the sizes and features of your golf course and demonstrate the equipment you have. Moreover, you can tell your prospective members about your golf instructors and competitions that you hold. In short, you can create a fully functioning golf club website within a few hours!

7. Hunting Gear Website Theme

hunting gear website theme


This template is created specifically to fill the market niche for hunting gear websites. The elegant design and the 100% responsivity will undoubtedly attract hunters to test out your services. With this sports theme, you can offer your prospective customers different hunting packages and inform them about your pricing policy. Do not forget to stir your visitors’ imagination with interesting facts about hunting on your blog!

8. Manelity Responsive Website Template

manelity template


This template belongs to sports sites of the premium design. Created as a site for a horse riding club, it looks energetic and positive. There is no doubt that it will attract the attention of both professional horse riders and novices. You can enchant your visitors with marvelous photo galleries of your horses. Additionally, you can introduce your horse instructors to people. Moreover, you can display pricing plans directly on your page. Due to the powerful social media widgets, the popularity of your club will increase daily. You will also be able to appeal to clients of different age with the handy video of your horse riding classes.

9. Tennis Sport Ecommerce Website Template

tennis sports websites


If you are an owner of a tennis shop, this template is your choice #1. With the quality design of this theme, your business will stand out among other tennis websites. Customize the pre-made pages to create a unique platform for your online tennis sports business. You will be able to create well-organized tennis store catalogs and modify product lists. Moreover, you will get the possibility to add custom product properties and to set store search filters. This will make your store more efficient and user-friendly. Manage your orders and track the progress with MotoCMS sports websites. Furthermore, The handy Color Picker with five dominant colors will help you modify the whole color palette of your website in a few clicks.

10. Yoganati Responsive Website Template

yoganati template


Although this theme is created as a yoga center template, it can be a powerful tool for creating other team pages or sports centers. The exquisite layout of the pre-made pages will help your future visitors navigate the website with pleasure. Supported by the fitness website builder, the template gives you full control of sports websites customization. You will be able to arrange information about your classes and schedules effectively. Also, you can create pricing plans that will distinctly show your customers what they get. With Yoganati, you know that your website stays unique and reflects your sports philosophy.

How To Create Sports Websites – Useful Design Tips

If you have a strong desire to start building your sports site, follow these simple steps and launch your page in several days.

Identify Your Aims and Target Audience

sports websites - yoga classes

First of all, you have to set your goals and identify your target audience. Even if you are going to launch a gym website, you may specialize in classes for women or men, for instance. Your site should appeal to your target clients. When people come to your page, they should find the sports classes they need or a suitable type of membership at your sports club.

Choose Appropriate Sports Website Templates

sports websites - jogging and running

The most comfortable way of creating sports sites is picking a suitable sports theme. Having pre-designed, niche-oriented pages, sports website templates will greatly facilitate the process of building your website. As you have seen, the variety of sports themes by MotoCMS comprises a lot of designs. It is up to you to choose the one that attracts you most. If you need to create a sports store website, consider choosing a template with eCommerce functionality. To find out more about web store launching, you can read the Ecommerce Checklist for Newbies and Pros.

Customize Your Theme with Relevant Content

skuba diving website gallery

After installing your sports theme, you have to personalize it with appropriate content. You have to create appealing galleries that will draw your visitors’ attention. The photos in your galleries can demonstrate everything, including your facilities, equipment, club members, competitions, etc. Furthermore, while adjusting your template design, remember to insert your logo. People associate logos with companies, so displaying your logo on the website helps visitors to recognize your brand. In case you haven’t got your logo yet, study the Top 5 Free Logo Maker Tools that will assist you in creating your free custom logo fast.

Introduce Your Team

sports websites - pilates instructors
For sports clubs, coaches and instructors are guiding stars that help people to achieve high results or fulfil their dreams. Thus, quality sports websites should pay special attention to presenting their team. In MotoCMS templates, you will find pre-designed pages to arrange information about your teachers or instructors quickly and efficiently.

Showcase Your Services – Present Classes and Training Programs

sports websites - programs
Sports sites should also give visitors a clear understanding of what their purpose is. So, it is vital to showcase all your services to the best advantage. With sports website templates, you will be able to create impressive pages with classes, training programs, organized events, etc. Moreover, it is a good idea to include the schedule of training. Thus, people will be able to choose the time and classes they prefer and attend them.

Display Pricing Plans

sports site - pricing
Good sports websites also take care of informing visitors about their prices. If you are launching a website for a gym or sports studio, you can include the costs for different classes, as well as pricing plans for a gym membership. Similarly, if you need a golf course club or a yachting website, you can state the prices for club membership. In any case, people will be informed, and when they come to your studio or club, they won’t lose time for choosing the membership that fits them best.

Create Informative Blog

A blog is a powerful tool for sports websites. An efficient blog can help you to promote the sports community and motivate people. First of all, with the help of a blog, you can explain the peculiarities of your training programs. So, you will assist people in choosing necessary classes that correspond to their needs, age, purpose, and health state. Secondly, you can provide advice on your blog. For instance, you can write about useful techniques that will help novices to master new skills. Thirdly, you can post news about events and occasions at your studio or club.

Include Social Share Options

sports websites - social share options
Social buttons are beneficial for sports webpages, as they present a quick way for people to share content. Moreover, a stronger online presence will promote your studio or club on the Internet.

In Conclusion

Now you know that creating sports sites is not that scary after all. Make sure you browse through the MotoCMS collection of sports templates to find the perfect match for your future online project. So, help people stay fit with your sports websites and MotoCMS will help you stay popular on the web!

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