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Law Firm Website Design – Best Lawyer Websites 2019

Anna Penhill 9 October, 2019

The main idea behind any website providing legal assistance is not only to deliver detailed information about a firm, its specialties, and advantages but also to highlight the firm’s unique branding. The below-mentioned examples will give you an idea of what a good site should look like. Also, you’ll be able to explore the collection and choose the best law firm website design.

law firm website design main image

It’s easy to use the templates to create a web presence for a startup that will work. A few tips on how to make a law site can be found here.

Law Firm Website Design – Examples to Draw Inspiration from

Like other homepages, law ones usually come in all possible color schemes, shapes, and volumes. However, you should follow some unspoken rules. And if you feel like you need more knowledge and motivation to build an effective site for your startup, have a look at the ten best sites for more brilliant ideas.

1. YLaw Group

YLaw Group site

The firm delivers a wide range of family law services. Even though the company helps its clients handle tough situations, the site is made in a fun manner, so it is easier to break the ice. On every page, there are contact details in the upper right corner. Moreover, prospective clients can use a contact form placed on the right side for fast access.

2. OnlineDivorcer

Online Divorcer website

The firm helps clients get divorced in three easy steps. OnlineDivorcer site is presented with a combination of distinctive colors (white, blue, and iron-grey) that nattily help the firm’s web presence shine. The company uses simple typography and meaningful photography (the headshot on the homepage) that are organically combined to inspire customers’ trust. As soon as visitors browse the company’s homepage, their eyes are taken by a navigation bar placed in the top left corner of the page.

Below there is a short questionnaire so that customers can determine initially whether they qualify to get a divorce online. A minimalist website design accurately matches nothing but the company’s complete professionalism.

3. West Coast Trial Lawyers

West Coast Trial Lawyers site

You can use this site as a law firm website design inspiration as it perfectly demonstrates how a well-thought-out homepage should look like. It features an easy-to-follow navigation component found in the upper right corner of the screen. Moreover, just above the bar, there is a contact number. Also, there is a message informing a user that he or she has to pay nothing for the service until lawyers win the case. By offering free-of-charge legal advice, the firm demonstrates confidence in the abilities of its experts. Furthermore, it gives its prospective clients a strong reason to make their first phone call.

4. OnlineDivorceWA

Washington Divorce site

You can easily notice three main colors (white, green, and blue) on this website. Also, it contains all possible information to inform clients about all aspects of the divorce process. The homepage lets visitors learn more about the benefits they get if they decide to obtain the company’s services. Additionally, the website guides clients in filling out the required forms for divorce in Washington. Using these forms, spouses can end their marital relations with no trouble and within the shortest time possible. It is normal if a person doesn’t feel like trusting every online company. And this website was built to counter those concerns.

Another special feature of the website is its FAQ area. The divorce process is complex. So, being able to access FAQs on a website can greatly help customers get the answers to their questions without asking them. This usually saves precious time and money.

5. Heaton Fontano

Heaton Fontano website

The website features professional headshots that are strong enough to encourage visitors to trust the company long before they start to navigate the site. A refined color scheme combines with a solid topography. Thus, this combination makes it easy for prospective customers to read and digest the provided information. Furthermore, the company doesn’t give too much info and all the content is well-structured. So, readers can follow the main ideas with no trouble.

6. Robbins Firm

Robbins law firm site

There is no secret that people usually choose to work with the best companies that offer prime services. Robbins Firm is one of the top service providers. Actually, it visually demonstrates its identity by placing custom cartoon images on its website. The original drawings accompanied with powerful messaging come across with no doubt! Robbin Firm has created something that will make the philosophy of the company clear. Surely, every visitor will believe that the company’s professionals are trained to look for the best solutions possible, no matter how hard a client’s case is. The homepage of a site would inspire everyone involved in developing website design for law firms.

7. DivorceOnlineUtah

Utah Divorce Online website

Browsing the website, a visitor gets a clear idea of the company and its service. There are no large headlines on the homepage. Below, there is a so-called activity area that initially grabs the visitors’ attention. Also, it informs them about the company’s experience and the services it offers. There are counters that are placed further down at the website. Additionally, “Our Benefits” is also a stand out component. The web page ends with customer testimonials and a consultation form. In short, DivorceOnlineUtah is a well-thought-out site. It represents an unexceptional law firm website design inspiration, from both its design and marketing standpoint.

8. W3IP Law

W3IP Law webpage

The firm helps its clients deal with IP and digital law matters. W3IP Law has done a great job building a homepage that serves as a perfect law firm website design inspiration. Moreover, the page demonstrates the complete professionalism of the attorneys. The incorporated СTAs allow visitors to leave their messages with ease.

What deserves special mention is the intuitive navigation component. You can see that the site comes with only three cues for navigation for more usability. By dividing all offers into three categories, the company lowers bounce traffic and helps visitors find the desired info faster.

9. OnlineDivorceTexas

Texas Divorce Online website

This company helps married couples do their paperwork and file for divorce online. Its website is minimalist and informative. Moreover, it puts customers’ minds at ease once they visit the website’s homepage. Surely, the firm knows its targeted audience very well. These are couples who have once found their marriage on the rocks and need someone to help them. The company is ready to assist couples in going through the divorce process much faster, with less stress, and at a relatively low price.

10. Bhatt Law Group

bhatt law group

Along with its captivating design, the website perfectly demonstrates how smoothly you can incorporate multiple specialties on one homepage. A combination of contrasting colors drives the visitors’ attention to clickable call-to-action buttons to increase visitor activity.

As soon as users get to the website, it becomes clear for them what services the firm offers. Moreover, visitors can access the list of attorneys and the areas of law they specialize in.

Law Firm Website Design: Popular Templates to Consider

If your business deals with delivering legal advice, then a stand-out site is what you need. MotoCMS has everything you need to create a sound homepage from scratch. Look through the below-mentioned collection of feature-rich solutions and pick the one you like most!

1. Best Law Firm Website Design for Lawyers & Attorneys

Cealissa - law firm website design for lawyers and attorneys


If you provide legal help, then it is crucial to establish a web presence for your business that will help you not only spread info about your specialties but also increase your clients’ trust. For your site to look professional, it is recommended to choose only from the superior law firm website design templates created by MotoCMS.

No matter what size your business is, a well-chosen law firm website design will do the trick! A drag-and-drop website maker known as Website Creator along with many content blocks allows for creating a web-project without outside help. Thanks to the drag and drop feature, you can launch an unmatched site with ease. Stick to this solution if you want not only to retain your loyal clients but also improve customer relationships and attract new ones.

2. Law Enforcement Website Design Template

law enforcement website design template


There are countless law firm website design templates on the net. However, very few of them are so captivating, all-encompassing, and, at the same time, user-friendly as this one is. Featuring an intuitive user interface and exquisite law firm website design, this solution allows for creating a webpage of your dream. Particularly, you can build a full-fledged site and customize it to your liking whenever you want. Moreover, it doesn’t require any additional software to run a blog. So, you can add a fully-featured law blog to your web-project in no time.

Once you purchase this all-in-one solution, you will be able not only to make a website but also optimize it and add necessary widgets. Particularly, you can add social media widgets to your site. Furthermore, you can upload the relevant updates, benefit from free-of-charge customer support, and so much more.

3. Law Firm Website Design for Attorney Services Corporation

lawyer website design for attorney services corporation


It comes as no surprise that this solution is meant to help law firms build up their reputation, enlist the respect and trust of their customers, and thus increase profits. Don’t overlook the capabilities that make this law firm website design differ from the rest. Let us say, this option is a good value for money and suits every law firm no matter its size.

This responsive full-fledged template is equipped with a highly manageable administrator panel and comes with excellent drag-and-drop functionality. The two allow for building unique sites that are meant to stand for nothing but high professionalism and commitment of many businesses. Sounds too great for you, doesn’t it? Test the product for two whole weeks at zero cost and see it for yourself.

4. Legal Website Template for Local Law Firms

legal website template for local law firms


Do you run a local law firm? Are you a self-employed attorney? Your answer doesn’t matter indeed. Truth be told, this product suits both. Featuring a captivating and voguish website design for law firms, this template has highly responsive layouts and six pages that can be filled out with your content. A wide variety of features along with add-ons that can be easily added to your site contribute to its functionality. Add a live chat to keep in touch with your customers and a booking widget to arrange appointments with the latter ones without trouble. All of this and more is available with the solution created by MotoCMS.

5. Law Firm Website Design for Legal Advice Website

law firm web template for legal advice site


This is a sophisticated product that will suit any business selling legal services. Developed by using the latest advances that have been made in the web tech world recently, this template features a minimalist design that allows visitors to concentrate on details. It’s every content block is original and captivating.

It will require you less than three minutes to install the template on your hosting. A backed-in drag-and-drop website maker will let you customize the site up to your liking, dragging elements within the admin panel. This product is perfect for any legal service business, no matter whether it is a firm or a self-employed lawyer.

6. Immigration Lawyer Website Design for Visa Attorney

immigration lawyer website design


This web design for lawyers was developed by using a so-called Bootstrap, an innovative toolkit. With it, it is no longer necessary to create another version of your site that will be compatible with smaller screens. This template allows integrating a live chat, as well as subscription and contact forms, for you to stay in touch with your customers 24/7. Many social media add-ons will enable your customers to share the information you have provided on your webpage on different social media networks with ease. Use its top-level functionality to come up with an impressive online photography portfolio that will let you stand out from the crowd.

7. Legal Services Website Template for Lawyer Agency Site

Femida - legal services website template


Are you avid for an unexceptional law firm website design that will bring your legal service business to the next level? If so, then go no further than Femida! It is a perfect solution for your lawyer agency for sure as it will show everybody what areas you specialize in, tell visitors more about your firm, and even invite them to read your blog if you decide to have one.

Users admit that they like the admin panel very much: by using it, they can customize their websites from their perspective. Numerous integrated widgets and a complete toolkit allow for modifying websites beyond recognition. You can also create a highly responsive mobile version of your site so that all customers can reach you without any strings. Use this template to get website traffic to your site and win more loyal clients or use one of the other ready-made solutions for a different online presence.

8. Law Firm Website Design for Immigration Consulting Company

immigration law firm website design


This powerful full-fledged template will suit the taste of the most demanding company. Use this template and see how easy creating and maintaining your firm’s online presence can be. Do you offer immigration consultations, provide visa services, do various assessments? This template has got you covered! If you abandon the idea of hiring someone to build a site for your business, then don’t lose the chance to benefit from this template and make a quick profit. A well-thought-out and highly responsive design will bring more clients to your agency.

Incredibly flexible admin panel features numerous widgets so that you can make your webpage look professional. The SEO settings and design options integrated with this zero-code solution make it the number one choice for many businesses. Then why not give it or any of these law firm website design templates a try?

9. Law Firm Website Design for Attorneys & Legal Sites

law firm website design for legal sites


Need the solution that works? This product comes with everything you may need to build a unique and yet captivating website that will sell your legal services with a bang! Lots of ready-to-use pages, plenty of design settings, and a drag-and-drop website maker – with the template you get all of these and even more.

Customize your website to your liking by dragging widgets placed in the left sidebar and dropping them on your web pages. Add more pages at the touch of a button. Then, fill them with informative content using any of the many Google Fonts. With this solution, there are no limits when it comes to customization. Try the demo version to enjoy the superior functionality for free.

10. Lawyer Website Template for Law Office Websites

law office website design


With this template, building a website that will help your business become more profitable is as easy as shelling peas. It is a perfect choice for companies, as well as self-employed attorneys, that is meant to show off any business the best advantage on the net. A full-fledged drag-and-drop website maker and a user-friendly blog tool allow for creating a complete web-project, where a law firm can sell its services, deliver up-to-date news, and interact with its customers. The product supports all Google Fonts and enables businesses to create their own law firm website design as no coding skills are required. A simple admin panel makes it easy for all businesses to manage their online presence.

11. Law Firm Website Design for Legal Help Site

legal help - law firm website template


We call your attention to this minimalist and yet modern law firm website design. It looks just fine on all screens no matter whether it is a PC or a smartphone. This ready-to-use solution comes equipped with marvelous features and integrated tools. So, users can edit their homepages, upload pictures, and start and grow their blogs.

Since the product features an SEO integration toolkit, it becomes much easier for you to optimize your site. You can do this even if you don’t have any specific skills. Ready-to-use content blocks and presets make your website more user-friendly. Moreover, this feature-rich product comes with some great perks such as 24/7 user support and monthly updates.

12. Attorney Law Firm Website Design Template

attorney - law firm website design


This captivating, highly responsive, and yet modern template was developed with attention to the smallest details and the latest advances made in the world of web technology. It is a great solution for all legal service businesses striving to establish and maintain their online presence conveniently. Try this template to build a website that can compete with other sites made by professionals.

Its built-in editor has no limits and thus allows for creating any website design for law firms that meets any requirements. To do so, you don’t need any coding skills. This highly responsive feature-rich product comes with a blog tool, SEO integration toolkit, and other powerful features for more flexibility and increased functionality.

13. Lawyer Landing Page Template for Attorney

lawyer landing page template


Self-employed attorneys and law firms are often believed to have rustic landing pages. And if you are one of those who strive to break the mold, then opt for this product. This minimalist and yet attractive solution will allow you to launch a website that will strike the eye.

The template is prevalently performed in the grey-and-black color scheme. However, there are also brown elements that create a more professional touch. There are also numerous icons and well-designed ready-made content blocks. It’s not for nothing that this web design for lawyers is the number one choice for many enthusiasts.

14. Law Firm Website Design Landing Page Template

law company landing page


It has never been that easy to build landing pages for law companies than it is today with this full-fledged template. Buy it to see how effectively this product can help you convert your prospective clients into your devotees. With this solution, your page will not be bedizened. Frankly speaking, a highly professional team would hardly take the liberty to use a multicolored law firm website design for a reason. That’s why this webpage is in black and white colors with light-beige elements that give your land page a fresh look. A well-thought-out product is a perfect solution for both start-ups and big companies striving to generate more leads.

15. Law Firm Landing Page Template for Lawyers

Evolution - law firm landing page


This is another great product for those who don’t simply look for a captivating web design for lawyers but also want to get rich performance and high flexibility. Have a look at this number one pick that comes with an impressive background photo. A picture of scales, books, and a gavel on the background are present to inspire trust. In the foreground, there is a content block, where you can represent your motto, logo, or so. The product is made in a brown-and-white color scheme that is meant to speak for high professionalism and nothing else.

Law Firm Website Design – Conclusion

In short, you should carefully choose a law firm website design to present your law company professionally. Pay attention to the color scheme of your website. Also, arrange your content in such a way that clients could find the necessary information quickly. To build an impressive law firm website, take advantage of MotoCMS templates. Using the pre-designed law pages, you’ll create your astonishing website easily!


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