How to Make a Law Website: Management & Marketing

MotoCMS Editorial 25 April, 2017

You have graduated from a law school. You have got enough experience in the field. Sooner or later you may realize it might make sense to start your own law business. What do you do first? That is right, you plan ahead. You research how to attract clients. You realize that the networking events or word of mouth are not the most reliable ways to enlarge your clientele. You learn how to make a law website. Here are some ideas and law website templates from MotoCMS that you may find helpful if your law company has just begun to take off.

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How to Make a Law Website

Idea #1. Your Website Can Be Your Manager

As a legal practitioner, you will need to spend quite some time on paperwork and trials. If you add all management issues to this workload, it may become overwhelming. So, when working on your website, keep in mind that it can be your tactical weapon in different management situations. For example, on your website you should cover the following topics:

  • Acquaint your customers with your pricing strategy. You should always inform your clientele beforehand whether you use flat fee system or a system of billable hours.
  • Update the information about your prices. Include the information about fees for working extra hours or beyond your preferred geographical area.
  • Mention the law fields and industries you specialize in. Full-service law companies are not the in-thing these days, as you probably know.
  • Make your logo and the phone number visible on the homepage.
  • State your location and working hours clearly.

If the information mentioned above is easy to find, your website will save you and your prospective clients lots of time. That is why your website’s navigation should include not more than 5-7 tabs, like in this Lawyer Premium Website Design.

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Also, your clients will know right away what they can or should expect from your company. Thus, defining expectations will lead to a better lawyer-client relationship in the long run.

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Idea #2. Decide on the Marketing Strategy

There are many marketing tricks that you can use on your website. For instance, you may like using the counters. This visual tool helps you to build a trusting relationship with your prospective clients and demonstrate your productivity. The more cases you win, the better attorney you are, right? Moreover, it gives your loyal customers a chance to track the progress of your law company. Counters available in the admin panel of law firm website builder can be of help for you too to examine the client growth in particular and your success in general. The little statistics never killed anybody, if to paraphrase one famous song.

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Another idea that might make your law company more recognizable on the legal market is to start a blog. Why would a successful attorney spend time on writing posts? There are two answers to the question. Firstly, a blog is what guarantees you high Google rankings in case you publish the original content. The higher rankings your website has, the more prospective clients you get. It is not a must to write those posts yourself but is highly preferable. You may find topics for your blog in your practice. The main factor here though is to keep the posts impersonal to avoid the lawyer-client conflicts.

Secondly, a blog is what makes you look more approachable for your prospective clients. They may comment on your posts, ask their questions, and eventually become your customers. To make your blog even more successful, try to cut down the use of professional jargon. Your posts should attract visitors and not scare them off. Use multiple blog options in lawyer website builder from MotoCMS to post your articles in the most convenient way.

Creating the whole page devoted to free consultation is also a nice marketing idea. This way you show people that you believe in justice and are not obsessed with earning the money. People love everything free. However, free consulting has a few pitfalls. First of all, it is free. You are not getting any money and as a result, you may lose your focus. What is more, it is time-consuming.

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That is why you should be very concrete about the amount of time or a number of clients that you can spend on the free consulting per day or week. It is also important to mention when you provide the free consulting services to avoid late night calls. Do not forget to mention how you do the consulting, i.e. via a mobile phone, on Skype, or using the email.

Idea #3. Create a Friendly Image

People who need legal advice are often stressed. It is no surprise – they are about to trust you with their personal information. That is why it makes sense to create a website that can reduce the stress level of your prospective clients. The easiest way to achieve it with attorney website builder is to establish an approachable About Us page. On this page you can:

  • post photos of your stuff (you may even try to get a bit creative and demonstrate how your employees function in the courtroom);
  • provide some basic information about their education and field of expertise (or just funny facts about them);
  • add social links to the profiles, so that your prospective customers can get to know your employees better.

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You may also want to use the galleries of different kinds to demonstrate:

  • your company’s accomplishments. For example, you can always post the diplomas of your employees and their certifications or licenses.
  • your company’s partners and clients. The longer this list is, the more chances there are that your client base will grow bigger.

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This way you promote transparency and make your business look more reliable at the same time. As a conclusion, one should emphasize that in order to make a law website you simply need some courage. It can be much easier than learning all the articles in the European Convention on Human Rights, that is for sure. So, opt for the best cms for law business and become the leader of the legal market!

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