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User Interface Design Principles and Techniques for Your Website

Melissa 8 November, 2017

The basic consensus about developing applications across mobile platforms is that the web UI design is one of the key proponents of a successful app project. Every user wants an application that will meet their day to day requirements without any stress involved. Some of the today’s app developers believe they are perfect without any consideration for following due process. They do not take their time to invest in their applications for easy navigation or even follow the standard of user interface design principles for an interaction design. Instead of taking adequate measures, they conclude that the major thing in app development is using attractive color themes or making the code a clever one.

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The fact remains that a coordinated user interface will give users the ease to navigate through the application without receiving any form of training or bothering to go through the manuals. For several reasons, UI design is fundamental. If the ui designing is engaged, the usability automatically becomes better. When the user interface is good, people will begin to like it, and fewer users will need help operating the app. In this piece, some basic things like techniques and user interface design principles will be addressed.

Experts in this field have finally concluded the fundamental techniques involved in designing a good user interface design principles, and they include the following:

1. Pass your Messages Effectively

A primary source of information to the users is the text that is displayed on the app’s screen. If the text is poorly worded, then the UI designing will be seen as low class by the user. Instead of using abbreviations or codes, use of complete sentences and words to make it easier to understand. Every message must be positively worded, with instructions on how to properly use the app thus ensuring that the user is in total control. For instance, which of these messages do you find more appealing when a user input digits inaccurately “Incorrect Digits” or “Wrong Information” or “Incomplete Digits?”.

Furthermore, the messages must be consistently and accurately worded displaying on the screen with a consistent placing. “Your first name should be inputted” and “An account number must be inputted.” These two sentences are worded well separately, but bringing them together would make it inconsistent. Try as much as possible to make your sentences simple, correct, and straightforward.

2. Enable Navigation Within Pages

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The navigation between the web ui design is as important as the app function itself. When it becomes difficult to navigate from one point to another, user’s will surely be frustrated and eventually withdraw. However, when it is easy and fun to switch between screens making the purpose of the app feasible, your application will certainly be treasured by users. You should always remember that different users have different ways of working with apps, and so you need to make your application flexible to support several approaches. UI-flow diagrams can also be developed if necessary, to enhance your understanding of how a user interface should be created.

3. Navigating Within a Screen

In the Western world, people read from top to bottom and left to right. It is important to interaction design your app screens in an organized manner from top to bottom and left to right for people within this region/culture because they are already used to it. By doing so, you will be organizing a navigation system between the widgets on your app’s screen that the users are familiar with user interface design principles already.

4. Follow the Rule of Contrast

the rule of contrasts

Even as you use colors in your app, you should ensure that the content of the screen is readable. The only way to do it is to ensure that you follow the rule of contrast. For instance, you can use dark text or symbols on a lighter background and light text on a dark background. Reading the red text on a white background is better than reading yellow text on a white background. The problem here is that little contrast is existing between yellow and white to enable easy reading, whereas the contrast between red and white is more obvious.

5. Align your Fields Effectively

When you have multiple editing fields on a screen, you should try organizing the fields in such a way that the visuals will be efficient and appealing. The best way to do this is by left-justifying the editing fields. This means that at the left-hand side of every editing field, there should be a straight lineup, and one will be over the other. The corresponding symbols or labels can be justified to the right and inserted immediately at the side of the field. This is an efficient and clean way to design the fields on your screen with the user interface design principles.

6. Don’t Just Depend on Other Apps

Except you are sure that an application has been certified to follow the user interface design principles and standards in line with the functionality of your organization, never assume that the app is doing the right thing. Although getting ideas by observing the work of others is a brilliant idea, until you are sure about the difference between a bad UI designing and good UI designing, you should be very cautious. Many developers frequently make this mistake of copying a poor GUI design from low-quality software designs.

7. Make Appropriate Use of Color

appropriate use of color

Colors must be used with proper care when designing your application by user interface design principles and web design trends. Don’t forget to make use of a secondary indicator. You may not be aware, but some users may be suffering from color blindness, and so if you want to make something obvious on a screen, you should think of something to make it noticed by these people instead of relying on colors. Try to use colors consistently in your app so that you can portray a unique feel and look all through your application.

Summing up User Interface Design Principles

Your design must be easy to use. That is the essence of everything. If your app users do not know how to make use of your software immediately, at least they should be capable of using it while making educative or mental guesses. If these guesses are not correct, your app should be able to deliver a reasonable result that will help the user to understand and learn from the situation by user interface design principles. There are millions of apps in the world today. If a user doesn’t like your interface, that user will simply uninstall your app and download your competitor’s app.

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