Religious Web Design: 7 Tips for Complete Novices

MotoCMS Editorial 23 December, 2021

Every religious website is created because of two reasons. Reason #1: you need to attract new visitors to your church. Reason #2: you need to keep your congregation involved and interested. These two reasons have to be always kept in mind, especially when making your first religious website. In other words, one half of the content on your religious website should look innovative and welcoming. The other half should reflect the philosophy of your church and its best traditions. So, the question that we are answering today is what you should know about religious web design and how to create a site that is multifaceted and effective at the same time using religious website templates.

Holy Bible

How to Create Religious Web Design

Tip 1. Start Discussions Early

So, here you are, a volunteer who wants to make a religious website. Where to start – this is a question that you have on your mind. There is one simple answer. When creating a website for the church, you may need to consult its leaders and congregation first. Are you planning the big “website development” campaign? Then get ready for long hours of tossing around the ideas about the future online project. Why is this discussion phase so important, you can ask.

Catholic Church Template

Usually, a website is a topic everybody wants to contribute to. The older generation knows that a website can become a direct reflection of their church in the long run. That is why this social group will try to demonstrate the full potential of the place with the storytelling and photos. And to be honest, we can admit that there is nothing wrong with concentrating on the existing congregation only. The younger generation will definitely pay more attention to technical details. For example, if given a chance, this social group will vote for the intensive use of videos and social media links.

Catholic Church Site

To get the best result, you may need to know both sides of the story and try to combine them into one consistent project. Remember – all the parties should be involved in the discussions of at least two or three drafts of your religious website. 

Tip 2. Create a Separate Community Page

A church can be a different place for every single one of us. Some look for peace in it, others need a safe place to reflect on life issues, and for many of us, a church is where you feel the support of the like-minded. That is why creating a Community Page on your website is always a good idea.

Islamic Church

Let’s have a look at this Online Church Service Site from MotoCMS. It already contains the Community page. It is designed to demonstrate the full scope of the activities that your church organizes. How great is it?

Community Page

Tip 3. Religious Web Design – Opt for the Soft Color Palette

Although bold colors are the in-thing these days, do your best not to overstimulate your prospective visitors’ eyes. You want to have a religious web design that the whole congregation wants to be proud of, right? That is why pick the neutral color palette with three or four dominant colors. Think of the interior and the exterior of your church. It would be great to transform the image of the real church into a successful online project.

Religious Design Website

MotoCMS offers a website builder that can help you with religious web design by choosing the appropriate soft colors in a few mouse clicks. Simply go to the Design tab, pick a page that you want to edit and click on the Colors tab. This is where you can find the colors that dominate your page design at the moment.

Do you feel like changing a color or the whole palette of your religious website? In this case, click on one of the main colors and find the color option you think suits your church philosophy better.

Tip 4. State Your Location Clearly

A website is a great tool to pray online and to discuss the latest sermon. However, one should not underestimate the role of the real presence in the church. Being in the church is a much more effective way to get engaged in the life of your religious community, wouldn’t you agree?

Customize Religious Website


So, help prospective visitors find your church. With the MotoCMS church website builder, it is unexpectedly easy. Add a Google Map to your website and design a corresponding Contact Form. Edit the two widgets when necessary just by clicking on the element that needs fixing.

Tip 5. Be Practically Helpful, Especially for Newcomers

Religious Design Website

Try to reduce the level of stress that every newcomer can experience when entering a new place for the first time in their lives. How do you do this? Be consistent about providing as many practical tips for newcomers as possible. Offer advice on public transport and parking options. Provide tips concerning appropriate clothing and childcare options. Place this information either on an About Us page or a Contacts page.

Tip 6. Value Traditions

Every church has its unique history. Do your best to cherish this history with the available online tools. You can start by creating a separate Archives page. This is a place to go when you need to read on the past of the church and experience its presence.

Fill the Archives page with eye-grabbing photos from your galas and youth retreats. Add both professional and amateur videos about your cookouts. Record your sermons so that the community members could keep up with the information even if they could not make it today.

Tip 7. Track the Success of Your Religious Web Design

Even the best products get corrupted when left unattended. A religious web design is not an exception. So, if you are all ready to launch a church website today, think again about its tomorrow. Who is going to update the content and the design of your religious website, let’s say, next month? How regularly should the updates be done? These are important questions to consider before entering the digital world with your project.

Church Template


Now you know the basics of religious web design and can make a website yourself. With MotoCMS, you have all the online power to bring new light to your church. Good luck with your first online adventure!

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