How to Make a Politics Website: Strategic Planning

MotoCMS Editorial 26 April, 2017

People who are into politics belong to two different groups. The first group “consumes” politics. The latter group creates politics as a product. This article is for the people who prefer being knee-deep in politics and want to start a website, thus the pro-active politics makers.

How to make a politics website - main

I do not mean just politicians. If you are an activist, a media professional, or a political journalist, then you might find this article helpful too. So, learn how to create a political website today and wake up famous tomorrow!

How to Make a Politics Website

Answer the Key Questions: Money and Timing

Whatever reason you have for creating a politics website, you need to plan ahead. There are several things to consider when making your first move:

  • How much money are you ready to spend on financing your online project?

In other words, what website can you afford at the moment? You have two options here: either a custom or an off-the-shelf website. Custom websites cost considerably more. In addition, they require constant supervision from the web company that has created them. This translates as more investments in the long run. As for off-the-shelf websites, they are cheaper and easier to operate. Moreover, you can always choose a political website builder of the highest quality, like Political Website Template with a Full-Width Image Slider. Your choice.

How to make a politics website - template

The next two questions concern timing.  

  • How quickly do you need your politics website to be up and running?

Nobody enjoys waiting. Especially the press and your potential donors. How can you impress them if your website is not ready when it is supposed to?

Again, creating a website, you face a choice between a custom website and a ready product.

With a custom website, you should be ready to schedule at least a few (Skype) meetings with a web developer. If you are lucky and you find the web developer who shares your concept of the website, then your project is ready in approximately several weeks. So, if your campaign starts next month, it makes more sense to opt for an off-the-shelf website. For example, if you choose MotoCMS, you can actually create a politics website from scratch within 5 days. Yes, without any prior expertise in the web development. This amazing functionality is achieved thanks to the unique admin panel. Let’s have a look at how it all works.

At first, you find a politics website template you like. You register for a 14-day trial. It is free. Once you are done with the template, you can buy it or try another website template.

Then, you customize everything that you think needs to be customized. For instance, you want to edit the slider that dominates the homepage of your politics website.

How to make a politics website - slider

What do you do then? You click on the slider and get a hint “Double Click to Edit”.

How to make a politics website - button

Of course, you double click. The admin panel redirects you to the Slider panel. Here you can choose what items you want to be visible in your slider. How simple and amazing is this?

How to make a politics website - slider settings

  • How much time are you ready to spend on the website’s maintenance a day/week?

When I say “maintenance”, I mean a blog. This is an absolute must-have for any politics website. You can not underestimate the wide-read blog for the politics website, let alone its importance for the search engine optimization! The more people find your posts appealing and passionate, the better prospects your political campaign has.

How to make a politics website - pages

With MotoCMS, starting a blog is as easy as ABC. All MotoCMS politics website templates have everything to create a blog. You simply go to Pages – Blog and begin to work on your posts.

This is what a typical blog structure looks like. As you can see, all the necessary blog elements are waiting to be used!

How to make a politics website - blog

So, use your blog to attract the audience. Do not forget to use it regularly, meaning you need to write at least two pieces a week to stimulate your visitors’ interest!

Think of Details that Matter Most

There are several technical tricks you can implement on your website even if you know next to nothing about the web programming.

For starters, make sure that your website’s URL contains all the keywords you find important for your politics website. Do not get carried away, though. Long URLs are hard to remember, which can be frustrating for your prospective visitors.

Moreover, you have to be cautious about updating your website. Nothing puts people off more than inaccurate information. Now you know that MotoCMS website templates can be managed without any outsourcing. So you should already understand that updating looks not so scary at all, right?

One more advice is to invest in an editor and a photographer. You will still have some money left if you choose a template at a reasonable price. Why are editors and photographers so important? Quite simple – no typos or blurry photos are allowed at politics websites. Your audience needs somebody to look up to, and not a person to giggle about.

How to make a politics website - widgets
You can also benefit greatly from installing a PayPal-Donate widget. Politics is an expensive business. So, why not share this burden with the like-minded? It is really easy to add this widget to your website with MotoCMS. All you do is to click the Widgets tab – PayPal-Donate.

You will see the following message:

How to make a politics website - button

It is time to choose where to put your PayPal-Donate widget. The safest place for this widget is one of the upper corners of your pages. Thanks to the unique admin panel from MotoCMS, you can move the widget around till you find the most suitable place for it!

How to make a politics website - donate

As a conclusion, we want to emphasize that your politics website has to reflect your campaign or philosophy. Do not fall for the typical. Usually, people can distinguish a political product of a high quality. So, whatever you create your website for (i.e. to find donors, to find followers, to impress the media), do it with passion!  Do it with MotoCMS!

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