How to Make a Personal Page Website: 10 Steps to Boost Your Website Effectively 

MotoCMS Editorial 9 May, 2017

Freelancing has transformed the job market once and for only. More and more people choose flexible working hours instead of sitting in the same office for most of their lives. However, to promote personal services, freelancers need effective methods to attract clients. What is the best way to draw users’ attraction in the 21st century? Exactly – the Internet. As a result, the demand for personal page websites is getting higher these days. Today we will try to learn how to make a personal page website using personal web page templates with ease.

how to make a personal page website design

How to Make a Personal Page Website – A Step-by-Step Guide

If you want to create a significant presence on the web for you or your business, you probably have already faced a dilemma on making a personal page website without spending a lot of time, money, and effort. A successful portfolio has to contain enough information about your experience and expertise to inspire trust among prospective clients. But, at the same time, it shouldn’t be tedious and overflowing with dry facts. Therefore, to help you design an attractive site on your own, we’ve prepared an ultimate guide on making a personal page website with a web constructor in 10 easy steps.

Determine Your Website Concept & Structure

The first thing you should do when deciding on making a personal page website is to define the purpose of your future online platform. Ask yourself, why are you creating a personal page website? Determining your goals will help you figure out what content to add and structure your site to serve your purpose most efficiently. Here are a few questions that will help you to consider the best concept for your professional website:

  • What purpose are you going to achieve using a personal website?
  • How do you want to be perceived by future employers, business partners, or prospective clients?
  • What skills and characteristics help you to set apart from competing specialists in your field?

Your answers will represent those things that distinguish you from others. Thus, you can build a strong personal brand that will help you to promote your expertise.

When it comes to the website structure, you’d need to make a thorough plan first and then proceed to its successful implementation. The easiest way to do this is to check out MotoCMS templates or their live demo versions. Thus, you will determine the layout that meets your expectations the most. Sign up for a free trial of the most appropriate template to test its features and tools and ensure this option is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

professional website


Inspire by Websites of Your Competitors

Before you build your personal page website, you need to create ideas for its design and content. If you don’t have your own concept of making a personal page website exclusive and eye-catching, you can browse the web for inspiration. Find popular and demanded people from your industry and see what kind of content they share on their websites.

Inspire by their efficient examples, but don’t copy every detail of the site. Keep in mind that you have to be unique to draw customers’ and entrepreneurs’ attention. Please take note of the websites’ design ideas and redesign them to reflect your personal style. Please write down your findings to refer back to them when building your site.

Select an Appropriate Website Template

After exploring an extensive selection of personal pages and portfolios, you’ll get an impression of which type of site you need. And after that, feel free to look through the catalog of functional yet affordable MotoCMS web layouts to define the theme that will meet your requirements.

Website builders like MotoCMS are perfect solutions for those who have zero experience in web development and don’t want to spend huge money on hiring a specialist. With the personal page website templates, you can forget about coding and focus on design customization and content creation instead.

Your task is to select a layout that already matches your personal style and content to save time editing each section and feature. Consider whether you’ll create a landing page or a multipage website, and start establishing your future platform.

How to Make a Personal Page Website That Will Reflect Your Vision

Whether you’re planning to build a personal portfolio or a professional site for your business, it is crucial to stand out from competitors. The easiest way to do it is to show who you are and be honest about what you do. If you have no ideas on making a personal page website that will reflect your own vision, we have a great solution for you! Use the fantastic design options from MotoCMS that are available on the market now.

Just have a look at the extensive collection of multipage website templates and the range of tools and features they provide. Once you purchase the layout, you will get access to the admin panel to customize the picked template from scratch easily:

  1. Start with personalizing the menu using design presets and other widgets.
  2. Choose the colors and fonts to make your site more unique.
  3. Add exclusive photos that will identify you and make your site catchy.

Make a personal page website and let the whole world know what services you provide. State clearly what you offer with outstanding designs and elegant customization, as your projects deserve the best!

How to Make a Personal Page Website Customization

Are you tired of the theory about how to make a personal page website? It’s high time for a fascinating part – turning your site into a real masterpiece! Play around with colors, fonts, and styles, add high-quality pictures and useful articles, change the template structure, and include additional pages. Do your best to make your platform to comply with customers and employers’ expectations. Otherwise, visitors are likely to leave your site without giving you a second chance.

make a personal page website with a website builder


Pick a Cover Image

A cover image is a primary picture at the top of your homepage. Find the photo or image that will showcase your personality in some way. Keep in mind that it has to be a simple picture since there will be a text and a navigation menu on top of it. However, don’t spend much time finding the perfect image, as you can always change it to something else later after you fill out the rest of the homepage.

How to Make a Personal Page Website With a Great Logo

The logo is a critical part of your branding; therefore, we recommend creating it using a professional designer’s assistance. Build an eye-catching logo with MotoCMS, which provides an easy logo-making tool, and add it to your website in strategic places like a website menu.

Choose Your Site Colors and Fonts

If you’ve ever faced articles about color psychology, you should know that colors have a significant impact on mood and feel. The same thing goes for the importance of the right color combination in web design. Try out different combinations using color palette tools to ensure an aesthetic result that will draw users’ attention.

Look through the sites you really love and figure out what colors and fonts they use to apply these combinations in your design. Choose fonts that will suit your brand and reflect your activity from the best side.

MotoCMS website builder will walk you through a quick set-up process step-by-step so that you could launch your site within a few days!

Include Your Own Unique Content

Now, when you’ve picked a template and customized it accordingly with your requirements, it’s time to consider how to make a personal page website that will tell visitors about your work and achievements. Do your research about what information your competitors perform, and determine which content your personal site requires.

However, be aware that regardless of what type of site you are creating and what industry you represent, your platform should contain the following elements:


As a rule, the homepage is the first page on your site that visitors see. Thus, you should perfect your homepage design to make a positive first impression on users. Make a clear note about who you are and what you do, form a strong mission statement, and create an attractive design.

Your Bio

Share the essential information about your expertise in a dedicated ‘About’ page to look more trustworthy. Highlight your professional career by adding a downloadable version of your CV and express your unique personality by sharing additional interests’ details.


When people consider making a personal page website, they are most common to build a portfolio to showcase their works. Edit your portfolio with MotoCMS to share your best pieces! Even if you’re not a photographer, video operator, or any other visual field specialist, you can demonstrate the strengths of your work online using images and videos with high resolution.

personal portfolio



This is probably the most crucial part of each website, as people always check out the testimonials before purchasing a certain product or service. Add your customers’ feedback to prove your skills and improve credibility. Motivate people to write substantial testimonials to highlight your qualities and expertise.


Even if you add your phone number or email to the website’s header or footer, you should also create an additional page for your contact details. Ensure this section contains the actual information; otherwise, all your website building’s hard work will amount to nothing. Add all the relevant contact info in an obvious spot, and include the links to your social media profiles.

contact page



Although a blog is not an integral part of a personal website, it can effectively improve your presence on the web. Start sharing your knowledge and provide valuable insights about your field to impress potential customers and demonstrate your expertise to potential employers.

How to Make a Personal Page Website Using SEO Optimized Tools

Well, you’ve created a stunning design and useful content for your site. Now it’s time to get to know how to make a personal page website popular and demanded. There are many ways to promote your personal platform, and if you are new to SEO, you’ll need to check out a step-by-step guide that will explain everything about SEO optimization. However, if you want to prepare your site for search engines fast, you should learn a few things and implement them in the early stages of creating your personal website:

  • find the right keywords for your website and use them in your written content;
  • pick a catchy domain name that represents your work’s character to Google;
  • make website local optimization suggestions, and more.

MotoCMS on-page SEO optimization service can do this quickly and easily, so trust specialists if you want to boost your website effectively.

Ensure Your Platform Is Compatible with All Devices

Today, most internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Therefore, you should strive to optimize your platform for all mobile units and ensure your site looks perfect on smartphones, laptops, and tablets. When building a website with MotoCMS, you can be sure it will be compatible with all devices. The builder has a mobile editor, which automatically optimizes your design for both desktop and mobile.



Check Out All Details Before Launching a Site

If you’ve reached this stage, it means your website is ready to be launched. However, it is crucial to check that everything loads well and that there aren’t any broken links before introducing the site on the web.
Ask a couple of trusted colleagues or friends to review your site and give you feedback. Let them help you to make your platform easy to navigate or add more information to your pages, if necessary. Do your best to fix every remark you get. Remember, you should be satisfied with the final result before hitting the ‘Publish’ button!

Work on Your Website’s Promotion

Once you publish your site, you’ll ask yourself a question: ‘How to make a personal page website popular? The answer is simple: you have to promote your website to make it successful enough for bringing you clients, orders, and money.

If you don’t know what to start with, follow these tips to boost your website promotion:

  1. Use social media marketing by sharing your site on your social platforms.
  2. Inform users about your latest news and deals using email marketing.
  3. Add a link to your website and social channels on your email signature to increase people’s chances of reaching your site.

Final Words

Use every opportunity to showcase your professionalism and raise your chances for gaining a lucrative project!

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