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How to Make a Personal Page Website: 4 Tricks to Speed Up Your Portfolio

MotoCMS Editorial 9 May, 2017

How to make a personal pages website - main

Freelancing has transformed the job market. More and more people are choosing flexible working hours instead of sitting in the same office for most of their lives. In order to promote personal services, freelancers need effective methods to attract clientele. What is the best way to attract clients in the 21st century? Exactly – the Internet. As a result, the demand for personal page websites is getting higher these days. Today we will try to learn how to make a personal page website using personal web page templates with ease.

How to Make a Personal Page Website

Duplicate Social Links

Social Media Marketing has become one of the key concepts for business. There are many reasons why. There are three main ones we would like to emphasize on:

  • Social media allow you to increase your client base. You never know who is going to like and share the content you have created, right?
  • Social media websites perform in real time. So, they show your prospective customers that you are professionally active at the moment.
  • In addition, via social media, you can stimulate the customers you already have by reminding them about your services or surprising them with new offers.

Let’s see how you can actually add social links to your online personal page. With MotoCMS personal pages templates, like this Photographer Website Design, it is as easy as pie.

How to make a personal pages website - ohira

MotoCMS personal page web themes boast a handy website builder. Thanks to this powerful instrument, adding social links involves only the following two steps:

  • You find the social links widget in the list on the right.
  • You place the widget where you think it will be more visible.

How to make a personal pages website - social media

Now when we realize how important social links are for your portfolio website, it is high time to figure out where to place them. We would advise putting social links both at the top and at the bottom of each page of your website. 

How to make a personal pages website - social header

It may seem a bit too much at first. But it is hardly possible that your prospective customers will be scrolling to the top or the bottom just to find social links. So, you will only benefit from the attention your website get via social media if you duplicate the social links.

How to make a personal pages website - social footer

The impressive portfolio is a must-have for any personal page website. That is why make your best to demonstrate what you are capable of in the best light. Create My Works or My Projects page and fill it with the illustrations of completed projects.

How to make a personal pages website - works page

Depending on your specialty, you may need to use different widgets. For example, if you work mainly with graphics, then you will like the diversity of galleries that MotoCMS offers.

How to make a personal pages website - galleries

If you work with audio content or create videos, then the Media widget category is what you will find helpful. Pick a media widget, i.e. Video, Video Player, Audio Player, or Soundcloud, to ensure the fully interactive experience for your prospective customers.

How to make a personal pages website - media widgets

Protect The Sensitive Information

The Password Protected page is the one you may need to consider about when:

  • You work with sensitive personal information, e.g. nude photography;
  • You want to intrigue your prospective customers with a bit of mystery;
  • You create the content that children are not intended to see.

MotoCMS has already done the most of the job and created a password protected page. As you can see below, the password protection form is also at your disposal. So, pick a password and increase the functionality of your personal website.

How to make a personal pages website - password form


Enjoy The Pre- And Post-Purchase Experience

When buying a MotoCMS template for a personal pages website, you make a smart investment. How so?

For starters, you buy what you see. There are no hidden pitfalls that you might not know about. You can watch a live demo about any template that you find attractive and suitable for your portfolio.

Moreover,  you can test everything out without paying a penny. Thanks to a free 14-day trial, you can click through all the tabs in the Website Builder and make sure that you understand how it works.

In addition, when choosing MotoCMS, you get free updates for one year. You can track all the actual information about the status of your template in the Setting – Updates window.

How to make a personal pages website - updates

Let’s not forget about the live tech support that is also free for one whole year. In case you have a question, you can start a live chat or get a callback from the top professionals! It always feels great to know that there is somebody who can reach out to you, doesn’t it?

Help Your Website Reflect Your Vision

When it comes to personal portfolios, it is always important to stand out. The easiest way to do it is to show who you are and be honest about what you do. You can reflect all this thanks to your website with multiple design options that MotoCMS offers.

Just have a look at the Design Options for Widgets. As you can see, the list of available widgets is impressive. Let’s take the Menu widget as an example and try to work on its design.

How to make a personal pages website - menu widget
When you click on the Menu tab, you are directed to the Menu Presets. Here you can choose one of the three custom presets to your taste.

How to make a personal pages website - menu widget presets

When choosing the one you need to redesign, you get access to the design panel. This is a place to adjust every single detail of your menu to your needs. How easy is that?

How to make a personal pages website - menu presets

Hopefully, by now you have realized that creating an online personal portfolio can be exciting and not stressful at all. Make a personal page website with MotoCMS and let the whole world know what services you provide. State clear what you offer with outstanding designs and elegant customization. Your projects deserve the best!

Author: MotoCMS Editorial
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