How to Make a Military Website: 5 Strategies to Consider

MotoCMS Editorial 21 June, 2017

How to make a military website - main

A Roman philosopher Publius Vegetius once declared “If you want peace, prepare for war”. All real soldiers know how truthful these words are. A well-organized and professionally trained army equipped up the latest technological achievements is a guaranty of peaceful existence for any country. Still, the army does not function in the vacuum. For being an effective means of defense the army should support a close interaction between itself and the civil society. A well-designed military website is an excellent way to maintain such an interaction and to backbone the positive image of the army as the concentration of pride and valor. That is why we would like to present you the best military web templates in this article!

How to Make a Military Website

If your aim is to make a military website in order to pay tribute to the courageous soldiers, to showcase the details of the military daily routine, to run a dedicated blog or to share some important information, connected with the army, you may find this article quite helpful. Let’s get started.

The outlook is of the major importance

Ordinary people have certain expectations when they hear about the army and the military men. Without any doubt, you are well aware of this fact. Think beforehand whether you want to support the common stereotypes or you prefer to contradict them. Go on and choose a website template which answers your intentions. MotoCMS offers you some wonderful themes to be used for your website like this impressive Army Website Template.

If you are interested in the creation of a website for a military educational institution, you may favor one of these user-friendly website templates:

Military Forces Academy

How to make a military website - military forces

North-East Military Academy

How to make a military website - military academy

Besides that, you are welcome to customize the theme the way you think more preferable. For example, you are able to upload your own images and organize them into galleries for the unique representation of your organization or institution.

How to make a military website - gallery

You can choose from 8 different slider and gallery options which are added to the admin panel for your convenience.

How to make a military website - galleries

You may also find helpful the ability to edit the images without leaving the website builder if there is a necessity for doing it.

How to make a military website - image editor

Choose a logo and a motto for your website

An easy-to-recognize logo, as well as a catchy motto, is an important thing in military forces. If your organization or institution has already got a unique logo and motto, your website is the right place to put them. If you don’t have them, it is high time to give this idea a thought. A unique image will become a touch of individuality to your website and you will be able to attract more visitors.

How to make a military website - logo

Tell your story

To establish close relations with your visitors you’d better state your mission clearly. It is good for the customers to have a full understanding of your aims from the very beginning.

How to make a military website - mission

You can also use the website to tell your story and feature the team. You may give some detailed information about the history of your organization as well.

How to make a military website -welcome

Think about pointing out the benefits of cooperation with your organization alongside with the above mentioned.

How to make a military website - benefits

Moreover, it would be quite wise to offer the detailed information about how to join your organization if your visitors feel like doing it.

How to make a military website - join

Aim at creating a community

Try to turn your visitors into members of your community. There are some simple methods to achieve this result:

  • Tell real stories of the people who are involved in the life of your community. Give special attention to the success they have achieved due to being a part of your organization.

How to make a military website - real stories

  • Add social media links and let people follow your activity this way as well.

How to make a military website - footer

Make it easy for people to contact you

People should not have any difficulty with contacting you. Offer multiple variants of your contacts including landline and cell phone numbers.

How to make a military website - contacts

Give clear directions concerning your locations. You may also add a picture of your institution as a visual orienteer and a map to make finding you even easier for the visitors.

Consider feedback options for your military website because reverse communication is really important for the success of any website. It is really great if you are open to some criticism or less than positive comments. This experience will certainly help you work more efficiently and change for the better. To get the feedback you may simply put your e-mail on the website. You can also add a special ‘Contact Us’ form in the MotoCMS admin panel.

How to make a military website - contact form

If you are still not sure if you are able to cope with the creation of a military site yourself, just pick any template and start a free 14 day trial period. MotoCMS team will eagerly help you if you get any problem through the 24/7 support. Do not hesitate anymore and start your trial right now!

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