How to Make a Family Website: 6 Tricks to Remember

MotoCMS Editorial 30 March, 2017

The family is the most important aspect of our lives. Probably, this is why there is a demand for family related web projects. This category is quite diverse. It includes websites that represent summer camps, nursery centers, newborn clubs, online memory books, children photographers, etc. In this article, we will show you how to make a family website with ease!

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How to Make a Family Website

Our article is aimed at describing the launch of a successful family website. We will advise you on how to make a family website just by using your computer, imagination, and a collection of family website templates. The ideas you find here will work best for businesses that are about to take off and those that want to switch to the online mode.

Trick # 1. Start Writing Online Intensively – Start a Blog

Every family website has to have a blog. There are numerous answers to the question why.

For starters, a blog is a superb advertising tool. When you want to enlarge your clientele, you need to reach out to your prospective visitors. With witty and professionally written posts, you can attract the audience to your home page.

Another good reason to start a blog is its SEO potential. Who would mind high Google rankings? And how do you get them? That is right – by writing regular posts with the suitable keywords.

So, no matter what your business plan says, try to squeeze in a few hours a week for writing. It may seem scary or odd at first. But the more you write, the better you get at it, the less time you spend on finding a topic and covering it. One more way to maintain the whole blogging process is outsourcing.

There are plenty of people who would be more than happy to write on family related topics for reasonable money or simply contribute an article for free.

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The only catch is that your blog has to be relevant to the content and the design of the website in general. In other words, do your best to ensure stylistic and informational consistency! This is what MotoCMS daycare website builder can help you with.

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Just have a look at how the blog in Website Design for Nursery Service fits the overall design of this template.

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Trick # 2. Analyze Another Family Websites

With the Internet, it is really easy to analyze your competitors’ potential. What is more, the Internet is a great tool to look for ideas for your prospective web project. There is nothing wrong with visiting the websites with the alike content. This way you can experience firsthand what makes these websites attractive for your future audience.

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There are though two pitfalls you have to be warned against while researching the online market. The first pitfall is getting carried away. You may get so excited about the websites you see that you forget about your primary goal, i.e. to analyze them. So, stay focused and pay attention to things that matter.

The latter pitfall is getting frustrated because you may discover that there are many other websites that offer products or services similar to yours. It is not necessarily bad, though. You can always diversify your offers or think of new ways to present them online.

Trick # 3. Find Partners in Advertising

Building a community online is not only about your clientele. Why not use advertising on other websites to everyone’s mutual benefit? Solid family-oriented websites usually offer several advertising options.

Learn more about this way of promotion. Because one might give you an immediate access to the audience that is already interested in family-related topics. Not a bad way to advertise your website, right?

Trick # 4. Learn More about Color Theory

Family-related topics belong to the most personal ones. We all know that people tend to get (overly) emotional every single time one makes (either negative or positive) comments about their children. So, if you want to create a website for a family-oriented audience, you have to be very cautious. On the one hand, you should try to make your website personal. On the other hand, there is always a risk of overstepping the boundaries. In short, be careful with audio and visual stimuli you use.

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One of the most important stimuli (if not the most important one) you have to deal with on a website is colors. Colors are what your prospective visitor notices first when browsing through your website. Colors talk. They can make your website personal. They matter.

So, how do you deal with colors on your website? At first, you need to have a clear image of your prospective visitor. Who is that person? What age group does this person belong to? What educational background does this person have? What culture does this person represent? Only after answering these questions, you can start working on the color palette for your website.

The easiest but by all means not the quickest way to work on the color palette is to hire a web designer. Firstly, you will need to negotiate a meeting with a web designer. They are always busy, as you can imagine. Secondly, you have to get ready to give long explanations concerning the style of your website. Thirdly, you should be patient waiting for the project to be completed.

After that, it may take you a few days to discuss the final product with your web designer. Finally, after your website is already online, you will always need to rely on the person in order to change a detail or two.
What is the other way to go? Come up with your website color palette yourself with the Color Picker tool in the admin panel of MotoCMS kids website builder. Look how easy it is if you are ready to experiment! 

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Changing only one main color, you can automatically repaint all elements with this hue throughout the entire website. The tool in a baby website builder will save your time crucially if there is a necessity to redesign your color palette.

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Trick # 5. Make the Best of Social Media

When it comes to family, people may greatly rely on their social community opinion. Take advantage of this fact and equip your website with social links and social buttons.

How to make a family website - social media

You will not spend more than a few minutes on finding these two in the widgets list and dragging it to the suitable place on your website!

Now you know that it makes sense to make a family website even if you have just a computer and your ideas. Think out of the box and start a new family-related venture easy!

Don’t forget that you can launch any web theme from MotoCMS for free to walk the talk. If you like the MotoCMS website builder, simply save the changes and purchase your website at the end of the free trial period.

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