Nine Free Online Courses: Nail Your Dream Job

Allison Reed 18 August, 2017

The free online courses have become the in-thing in the turbulent modern world. The same goes for the paid ones too. How so?

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Well, the interest to the self-education can be easily explained. People simply change careers more often these days. In fact, an average person does it up to 15 times, as The Balance claims. There are many reasons for that. For instance, the growing number of people is trying to find the better balance between their jobs and private lives. Other reasons include avoiding stress, fulfilling one’s ambitions, and of course higher salaries. So, if you are planning to find a job of your dreams anytime soon, this article is for you.

The Business of Web Design: How to Grow your Ecommerce Web Design Business ecommerce business

This course online can bring you fantastic results in the blink of an eye. Being informative and up to date at the same time, it will introduce you to the essentials of the web design. For starters, the course will give you a chance to create a real landing page as a part of your future eCommerce web business. What is more, the length of this web designing course is only 75 minutes. You will not regret spending a bit more than an hour to boost your web designing skills so effectively!

Concepts in Game Development (GamesDev)

This course belongs to the life-changing free online courses. It is a bit time-consuming with more than 3 hours of the video time. But it is well worth it for the knowledge it provides! After you are done with it, you will have enough courage even for creating your own game website! The good news is that you will learn a lot about the game design and popular game engines. And of course, you will be instructed about the importance of the player experience as well. There is bad news though. This course online contains quizzes and assessment tests after every module.

Introduction to Jewelry Making: From Amateur to Artist

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This fashion designing course is a must if you want to learn the basics of jewelry making. It will inform you about the latest techniques and tools in the jewelry making business. The main audience of this course online are people with very little or even zero experience with jewelry. You will also find useful tips about how to repair jewelry. In addition, you will be encouraged to create your own necklace. Check out how to create a jewelry website once you are ready to present your artworks to the world!

Introduction to the Music Business

If you are looking for free online courses connected with the music industry, then this one is what you need. This course is aimed at a wide range of professionals functioning in the music world. Songwriters, singers, beginner producers, and music bloggers will find the course useful. After this course online, you will definitely get excited enough even for launching your own music website! Dive into the ocean of music history. Learn to understand the laws of the music recording and the music copyright. Get tips on how to build a successful music band and perform live with flying colors.

Introduction to Starting Your Own Fashion Label fashion online course

Being prepared by a self-taught designer, this course online is a real inspiration. It states clearly that you do not need any prior education background to start a successful fashion business. In this fashion designing course, you can learn all the fundamentals of the fashion industry. The course starts with the topic of establishing your niche. It ends with the information about attracting investors after your first success. This fashion designing course covers pretty much everything one needs to earn the decent money in the fashion world! So, make your move, create a fashion website today, and advertise your business worldwide!

Food, Nutrition & Your Health (FoodHlth)

Looking for free courses online that can help you stay healthy and live longer? Here is the one for you. The concepts of the healthy diet and the well-balanced nutrition are guiding in the course. You will also get to understand how eating disorders are connected with your genes, culture, and life choices.  

Lifestyle Photography: Everyday Storytelling in Photo & Print photo free online courses

This is one of the many free courses online that is mainly practical. Get encouraged by the friendly photographer who knows how to capture the moment. This photography course online is relatively short (only 25 minutes), which is a definite advantage. Moreover, it is packed with shooting tips. Make sure you remember all the instructions on how to turn a morning walk into visual wonder. After you master all the instructions, think whether you want to bring your photography to the new level. If your answer is “YES”, then create a photography website and let the whole world learn about your artistic vision!

Computer Science Essentials for Software Development

This course online has many advantages. To begin with, it is slowly but surely will inform you about the common algorithms to design high-quality software. What is more, you will get to know the basics of Java and JavaScript while working on your own web app. The only disadvantage of this course is that it does not belong to the free online courses. You will have to pay about $ 500. Who knows, maybe this will be the best investment of your life?

InDesign Free Online Courses: Recreate Your Favorite Magazine Layout in 30 Minutes indesign free online courses

Unlike many other free online courses about the InDesign, this one is aimed at complete novices. If you want to get upskilled quickly and effectively, choose this indesign online course. It is easy to follow and informative. The indesign course will give you tips about setting up and exporting your files, as well as working with images and texts. The best part is that it offers you a challenging task of recreating the sheet from your favorite magazine. How exciting is that?  

As you can see, there are many decent free online courses out there. So, now it is up to you to choose the one that suits your future dream job best!

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