How to Make a Fashion Website: Fears and Facts

MotoCMS Editorial 27 March, 2017

We all know that fashion trends have their ups and downs. What is the in-thing today, can be out tomorrow, and then in again the day after tomorrow. In the fashion world, nothing is stable except for one factor. This factor is our common desire to look good in any given place at any given time. That is why the fashion industry has been thriving for centuries. This is exactly the reason why fashion websites are getting more and more popular nowadays. So, this article is for you if you are making your first steps to creating an online fashion store, a fashion agency, or a fashion blog with the help of fashion website templates.

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How to Make a Fashion Website

If you believe that you have something to say about fashion, then you definitely need a website too. At first, it may seem unrealistic to you because of the fears we want to tackle here.

Fear 1. Third-Party Assistance Required

You have just started your business and do not have enough funds to hire a professional web developer. That is the phrase you can hear quite often, really. Yes, we know that you can be a successful clothes shop owner, an intelligent fashion expert, or even represent a well-known fashion agency. And we also realize that when it comes to websites, it is very likely that you have no idea how the whole website creation process even looks like. 

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There is great news for you, though. You do not need to hire anybody. What it more, you do not need to know anything in particular about the web development to launch a successful online project yourself. What you do need is to follow our guideline about how to make a fashion website and stay tuned!

Fear 2. Lack of Skill

You may also think that after you get a website, you will have to spend even more time and money on its support. There is a common belief that having an online fashion shop or a fashion blog demands super abilities in terms of managing and maintaining. In fact, it is as easy as pie. With the best cms for a fashion website, your online project will demand sporadic supervision at the most. Do not hesitate to make a fashion website with MotoCMS model website builder! What we offer is a unique approach to creating websites.

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With our fashion collection of templates, you will forget about the fears discussed above! MotoCMS can even allow you to create a website for free during a 14-day trial period. You get a full access to our admin panel and see if this is what you can manage. And after you are ready with your online project, you can buy it out! Fantastic, right?

Now you know there is nothing particularly scary about making a fashion website. So, let’s have a closer look at fact that you need to keep in mind for succeeding in the online fashion world.

Fact 1. Get Ready for Competition

The fashion world is highly competitive. There is nothing good or wrong about it. It only means that you need to find your own niche on the market. The easiest way to do it is to try your ideas out on yourself. Imagine that you are your prospective customer. What stores, blogs, or agencies would you like to see online? What can you already find on the Internet? Try to order a thing or two online, subscribe to different blogs, and visit a few online fashion agencies. Think out of the box!

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Our templates can help you find your clientele despite the high competition. Take advantage of the exquisite subscription forms that our MotoCMS fashion templates contain. It is easy to inform the prospective clients about your news if you have MailChimp widget at hand.

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How do you get this widget up and running? You simply find it in the Widget list in the admin panel and move it to the suitable place.

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Fact 2. Your Assortment Can Be a Changing Concept

Knowing what you can offer, you will see right away whether it makes more sense to diversify your products or services. Or vice versa – it may be better to limit your assortment to several offers instead of struggling with dozens. That is why it is better if you can manage your website yourself. If you want to add a few things to the summer collection, inform your clients about sales – rely on your skills… and MotoCMS.

You will be more than surprised to experience the full potential of the admin panel that we offer. For example, you can always try out the advantages that the built-in Google Map widget has to offer. It is especially handy for online fashion shops.

When stating the location of your showrooms with a help of Google Map, you may attract traditional shoppers. It is as plain as the nose on the face, really. Give your clients a chance to try your assortment on and then order your products online.

Fact 3. Your Fashion Website Should Be Easy to Navigate

People who are passionate about fashion usually represent the most demanding clients. This is also true when we talk about fashion websites. If your prospective clients pay a visit to your website, you should interest them in staying with you at any cost. The question remains how you do it.

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The most reliable way to grasp your customers’ attention is to make your website easy to navigate. For instance, with this Zoe MotoCMS eCommerce Theme, you can use the fully customizable Cart and Profile widget to make the checkout process for your customers flawless and show them the easiest way to get a product.

Find and Create Your Fashion Website Easy

How to make a fashion website - drag and drop

Thanks to drag & drop functionality in the website builder from MotoCMS, it is possible to customize an existing fashion website or create a totally new one from scratch. We collected a couple of clothing website templates for you to see what your future website can look like.

Don’t be shy to launch any web theme for the test. It is free of charge. By the way, keep in mind that if you want to get profit from your website, you can also create an awesome fashion eCommerce website with MotoCMS anytime.


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