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How to Make a Consulting Agency Website: Must-Have Elements

MotoCMS Editorial 23 February, 2017

Business consulting is a field that requires most of your attention and focus if you wish to win the audience on the Internet. When creating a website for your business agency you should carefully rethink many things – from its color scheme to the layout and navigation. Not to mention its overall usability.

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How to Make a Consulting Agency Website

In this article, we won’t touch upon all the aspects a good website design should have. Instead, we will stop across the essential design elements and find out how to make a consulting website that leads to traffic growth and conversions rise. We will take some professional-looking consulting website templates as an example.

Thought-Out About Page

In most cases, the About Us page is one of the most visited pages of a business website. After a Home page, you have to pay to it as much your attention as you can. The greatest art in writing an About Us page – is telling your story the way it can benefit not you but your users. In fact, readers don’t care about a full history of your brand and its essential stages. They need to know the value you offer to them. So try to get to the point and describe the benefits your readers can get from you.

  • Go short and clear about your story;
  • Avoid unnecessary flair in your text, get rid of industry slang or meaningless expressions;
  • Tell more about your benefits and values.

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A good About Us page is about building trust to your brand, so try making it human and customer-oriented.

Trust Signals

Building trust to your company is one of the essential tasks your website should perform. About Us page is a start. But there are a few more elements that bear trust signals and should definitely be clearly visible on your website made with an agency website builder.

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Our team. This can be made a part of the About Us page or set up as a separate section on a Home page. But in any case you should show your team to your clients. People like to see who are they working with. Showing photos of your team and telling in a few words about your people makes it easier for clients to trust you their problems.

Our clients. Another beneficial way of building trust to your services is creating an Our Clients section. Here you can show logos of the most famous companies that used your services (and were satisfied with them, of course). Show that you are worth people’s trust and more users will wish to try your services.

Testimonials. If clients remain satisfied with your services, it’s a good chance to ask for their reviews. Reviews is one of the best ways of creating brand awareness and building trust to what you do. These shouldn’t definitely be from celebrity customers. Today people are to trust someone “like any of us” even more than celebrities. It can be connected to that fact that celebrities often are paid to endorse brands while ordinary people usually praise what they really liked.

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These three sections can be used in combination or separately. But including them into your website design will definitely makes it much more attention-drawing.

Social Media Integration

Social media networking play a significant part in building trust to your brand and engaging more customers. People love spending time connecting with their friends on social media. People often share their opinion about a particular brand, service or a product on their social media accounts. In modern world such reviews are worth more than paid advertising and can ruin brand’s reputation as well as establishing a good one.

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Having a strong social media presence is highly beneficial for a business. So don’t forget to include links to your social accounts to your website.


In modern business a blog is a real must-have for a business website. It performs many functions, from providing people with valuable info to gathering traffic and improving your website’s SEO. Business agency blog can offer useful posts with answers to the most popular questions people search on the Internet.

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The more of a quality blog content you offer – the more people are likely to return to your blog for a new portion. And this is the fact that Google uses to evaluate your website’s rankings.


If you sell anything on your website – you definitely need call-to-action elements. They tell users to perform a certain action and lead to conversions. You need at least one CTA element (link, button) per page.

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Contact Page

Actually, contact info should be features pretty on every page of your website, along with a call-to-action element. It’s a great idea to include a phone number in a clickable form so smartphone users could to call you right from your website.

Contact info of a Contact page should include your email and physical address along with a map showing your location. It is also beneficial for search engines what allows them to properly identify your brand in local search.

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Of course, your business agency website should be responsive. It’s a common requirement for modern websites. But including these essential elements into your website design increases your chance to create a strong online presence.

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