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Best Templates for Blogs – How to Create a Blog Website

Daria Kosych 9 May, 2021

A blog is a content marketing magic wand in a brand’s reputation promotion and boosting organic traffic on a website. After you’ve decided on the target audience, articles’ regularity,  their volume, and know your goal, it’s time to create a professional platform and tell the world about your business. Let’s review the best templates for blogs from top website builders and find the best one for you to match all the requirements and your vision of the future platform.

Before we start, we’d like to pay attention to the fact that if you like the structure, widgets, blocks, and all the elements on a template, you can tailor it according to your needs no matter if it’s related to medicine or traveling!

MotoCMS Among Top Builders for Blogs

MotoCMS provides stunning niche-oriented templates with a user-friendly drag & drop editor. Every theme is mobile-optimized, includes built-in SEO optimization tools and tons of built-in widgets. Moreover, you get best templates for blogs with free hosting and domain name, lifetime updates, and various additional customer services to launch a website of your dreams faster(installation, customization, content creation, design, SEO, and White label).

MotoCMS Among Top Builders for Blogs


Advantages of MotoCMS templates with blog functionality:

  • a highly functional page where you can drop such Blog widgets as Post List, Recent Posts, Tag List, and Category List;
  • ability to set a Blog page as the homepage on the site;
  • various blog layouts that you can change in the admin panel.

MotoCMS Templates with Blog Functionality


Customize the blogger template according to your needs: add images, text, galleries, buttons, and other global settings for the entire blog(enable or disable comments, choose language and the date, style, etc.).

Best Templates for Blogs with Advanced eCommerce Functionality

Even if you are starting an eCommerce business, there are many reasons why a blog page on the online store website is essential.

Get Additional Traffic

With MotoCMS best templates for blogs, you get one of the most effective methods in driving traffic to your online store website. Due to a blog page, the amount of content adapted for target keywords on the site increases. Thus, it positively affects indexing: new pages begin to rank in search. Traffic grows both due to search engines and because users start to share materials of interest on social networks.

Blog with Advanced eCommerce Functionality


In such a case, you develop customers’ loyalty to your brand. The blogging website design plays a vital role in the process of building a chain of actions that should help you turn a visitor into a regular client:

  • attract visitors to the website;
  • convert them into customers or registered users;
  • analyze marketing strategies.


Wix is a simple and fully customizable platform without strict editing rules. Besides all the standard features, it provides the opportunity to add animations of text and various elements and offers excellent social and marketing tools.

Advantages of best templates for blogs:

  • completely customizable;
  • adjust the colors and layout.

Show Expert Knowledge in Your Industry with Best Templates for BLogs

WIX Templates for Blogs

Whether you sell clothes or provide professional services, potential clients should trust you. Nowadays, if one doesn’t know something, the first thing people tend to do is to use Google to find a solution.

It’s your chance to become an influencer and post the answers on your blog. Valuable and engaging niche-oriented content is what readers are looking for today. Not all the information on the Internet is reliable, but a brand’s voice on a particular topic sounds as confidential as possible. Thus, best templates for blogs not only drive traffic but also build credibility and brand awareness.

Use your chance to demonstrate your competence and start making potential clients contact you rather than a competitor.


It’s well-known for affordable pricing plans, intuitive design, and friendly layout. Most of the themes have a simple structure due to limited design flexibility.

Advantages for a blog:

  • scheduling features;
  • social media sharing;
  • comment management.

Blog – Space for Your Stories

Weebly Blog Templates Being open with the visitors builds a bridge of trust between you and motivates them to perform targeted actions. You can talk about many things: from the strengths of your products, presented in a non-trivial way, to the history of the company foundation. Modern users love stories, so a short description of a product or service isn’t enough today. Between two websites presenting reasonable offers, a client will choose the one where every detail is perfect and made with soul and thought about customers. A blog is an ideal place for storytelling. Enhance best templates for blogs with additional content (video, images, infographics) and turn readers into buyers!


Duda provides modern UI design with automatic image optimization and resizing as well as adding engaging backgrounds (images or videos, parallax effects). It presents a wide variety of blocks and widgets for a good customer experience.

Advantages for a blog:

  • a universal layout for all blog posts on your website.

Blog Is Efficient for SEO

Though Duda doesn’t impress with some special blog functionality tools, it doesn’t mean that it can’t help you optimize your site! No matter what website builder you’ll choose, the section with articles is an indispensable assistant in search engine promotion.

Duda Seo Template

Blogging will help you get to the TOP of rankings and increase organic traffic on your site with quality SEO. SEO optimization is the greatest part of any online commerce success. Managing it regularly on your site (or on third-party platforms) will dramatically increase your search visibility and drive more traffic.

Make sure you choose relevant topics and try to include keywords in your articles and headlines pertinent to your industry. Google and other search engines value unique, high-quality, and relevant content, and blogging is one of the most straightforward methods to deliver such text content.


With Jimdo , you can change every detail at any time. Best templates for blogs have an intuitive interface, flexible layout, and include a free image library.

Jimdo Website Themes

Advantages for a blog:

  • track readers using analytics;
  • split posts into categories;
  • setting up an RSS feed ;
  • commenting on posts and sharing on social media.

Use Blog As an Effective Link Building Tool

Using internal and external links still plays an essential role in driving traffic, and a thematic blog is an excellent field for it. Stable internal links to product pages or sections improve customer experience, drive sales, and help promote your site in search results. As a result, blog posts are essential for online stores since it is easier to form high-quality links.

Besides, if you create helpful and engaging content, it will be shared on social networks and third-party resources, which is a valuable sign for search engines.

Shopify Providing Best Templates for Blogs

It’s considered to be the best website builder for eCommerce. Shopify offers some innovative features that other builders can’t (automatic carrier shipping rates, 100 payment gateways, video & 3D support, App store).

Shopify Ecommerce Templates

Advantages for a blog:

  • inserting images and video;
  • nice visual editor;
  • SEO for the title and description;
  • ability to schedule posts in the future;
  • best templates for blogs with opportunity to add comments and tags.

Blog Is Your Step Towards Niche Leadership

A blog is a good way to build trust and influence in the industry. Over time, posting valuable and informative blog posts regularly can turn your site into a constant resource for people interested in your niche, subsequently increasing leads and conversions.

Creating a blog is an effective way to understand your customers’ behavior, keep them informed about trends in your industry, and help them solve the problems they face during research.


GoDaddy ensures that websites from blogs and portfolios to online shops and professional services will look and perform well. Its owners guarantee solid page speed , decent uptime, and a 30-day money-back period.

GoDaddy Themes For Launching Websites

Is It Good for a Blog?

Noт-demanding users will be pleased with it, while those who look for a powerful blog functionality won’t be satisfied with all the limited features this website builder provides:

  • only headlines, body text, and image;
  • no bullets and numbering, sub-headings, meta-descriptions, and other essential options.

Blogging Can Make Your Brand Recognizable

Posting content on the site itself, then on relevant platforms, and sharing on social media are great ways to share the market with your blog and brand. Try to think not only of sales but of building customer loyalty and reputation. Let your words promote your brand and grow your audience.

After mixing this strategy with SEO optimization and building trusting relationships with clients, the blog website templates can bear fruit faster.


Strikingly is suitable for one-page websites . Convenient, responsive, and mobile-friendly pre-design page sections make using a website builder pleasant.

Strikingly One-Page Websites

Advantages for a blog:

  • creating draft posts ;
  • commenting feature;
  • RSS support;
  • AMP available to boost the loading speed.

Notice that published posts will be opened on separate pages.

Blog As a Tool For Formation of an Audience

With the help of a blog, you have the opportunity to retain an existing audience and attract potential clients. Thus, after regularly publishing exciting content and interaction in the commenting block, your audience will grow.


Tilda impresses by quite simple templates with eye-catching visual content (sliders, full-screen images, parallax effect, etc.).

Advantages for a blog:

  • easy editing(changes go live automatically);
  • adding news feeds;
  • categories and tags list;
  • customizable design;
  • scheduling posts.

A blog is a Great Investment

It may take time to start a blog online , but consider it as an investment in future growth. A blog can’t be compared to various types of advertising, which only grab customers’ attention for the duration of the campaign. Its value increases like a snowball over time.

In 2018, 71% of visitors stated they reviewed a blog on their journey , imagine how things have changed in 2021!

How to Create a Blog Website

After choosing the best template for your blog and customizing it, it’s time to develop your business marketing strategy . Now you know how effective blogging can be for conveying information to the audience about the benefits of your products and about you as a reliable and responsible business owner who is trusted. But there should be a moderate approach not to turn it into a resource of commendable self-advertising, which will only repel users.

If you have no blogging or content marketing experience, or if your current strategy is not effective enough, here are a few tips.

Experiment with Content Types

Choose from informational articles, reviews, news digests, interviews, reviews of trends and exciting events in the industry, photo and video selections. Track the results and prioritize your work based on how users react.

Organize Your Work

It is better to publish fewer articles on a regular basis than publish materials every day for one week and not make a single note the next one. Readers do not like guessing games. They want to know when to expect a new portion of content from you.

Be Careful with Advertising

Don’t turn your blog into a collection of news and promotional materials. Yes, it is an excellent platform for various announcements and making money(f.e. affiliate blogging ). Still, excessive enthusiasm for such content will only lead to a drop in user interest, a decrease in their enthusiasm, and an outflow of visitors.

Watch Out for Competitors

Track what leaders in your niche publish on their blogs. It will help you create a list of post ideas and form your content plan. Pay attention to the articles with many comments, which means they can raise the most significant interest of the audience.

Analyze Statistics of Best Templates for Blogs

Various tools, like Google Analytics, can help you understand which materials have generated the most interest from users, which keywords are in demand, what the conversion rate is.

Try to consider such parameters worth analyzing:

  • articles with the highest amount of search traffic
  • bounce rate
  • number of comments
  • time spent on the site
  • number of pages viewed
  • entry and exit pages, and so on.

Thus, you will highlight the most popular and effective pages in terms of conversion on the site, improve them if possible and adjust further work based on the data received.

How to Define What to Write About

Probably, planning topics is one of the most challenging tasks because sooner or later, the list of obvious issues will end, and you can spend a lot of time searching for new ideas. Therefore, to simplify the task of drawing up a content plan for you, we can suggest several aspects for brainstorming:

  • secrets and tricks relevant to your niche;
  • tips for using the products you sell;
  • “how to” guides(f.e. How to increase your ranking efficiently );
  • reviews and comparisons of popular products(advantages and disadvantages, photo, video reviews, and much more);
  • answers to possible customer questions and solutions to their problems;
  • digests and exciting selections, for example, in the style of the Top 10(f.e. Top themes released in 2021 );
  • essential industry news(f.e. your company was recognized as a highly rated one);
  • entertaining content that could potentially be of interest to readers;
  • trends and novelties, try to predict, analyze what is happening now or will indeed happen soon (f.e. Google core web vitals – why they’re important and how to pass them).

A blog is not a sales tool. Your main goal is to entertain and inform readers and create a source of relevant and useful information in your niche. One of any blog’s primary tasks is to create a space for communication between the business and its customers, presenting the company and establishing trust.
Still, it is necessary to understand that success won’t come to you just at night. It may take a lot of time but every article on your blog will contribute to organic traffic growth, and many of them will remain relevant for months or even years.

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