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Search Ranking in 2021 – How to Increase Your Ranking Efficiently

MotoCMS Editorial 8 February, 2021

Search engine optimization remains an important component in the marketing arsenal of businesses in 2021. This comes as people rely on new technology to maintain a sense of continuity amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This reliance will only grow in the months to come, and organizations will need to invest more in positioning their brands front and center online. For this reason, many businesses are aiming for the top spot on the search engine results page. To achieve this, it is important to look closely at a few strategies that are expected to work well for search ranking in 2021 and in the long run.

Tips for Search Ranking in 2021 – Focus on Building Your List of Keywords

Keywords are the foundation of effective SEO, and it is important to focus on the most relevant ones. After all, you can’t create content that’s both engaging and visible without adding words or phrases that potential customers use. For this year, you should put more time and effort into developing a list of keywords that can help generate more traffic and convert more leads. To start building your keyword list, consider these steps:

Define Your Target Audience

Knowing who you want to sell your products or services to help you find keywords to include in your content strategy. Make sure to come up with an ideal client profile based on gender, age, and location so you can have a better idea of which keywords to use.

Analyze Each Keyword

You can use a keyword planner to help you find keywords and keyword variations that can provide optimal visibility and engagement. You can also try typing the keywords in the Google search bar and using automated suggestions to build your list.

Analyze Your Competitors

Which websites are in the top five positions for each keyword? You need to know since you will want to include the keywords they target to your growing list. You need to make sure that the keywords match the product or service you are selling.

Validate and Sort Your List

Now that you have a handful of keywords, you can start to work with them. You will need to narrow it down until what’s left is the most relevant and useful. Building a keyword list takes time, but the payoffs are massive. Still, having a list of high-value keywords to focus on does not guarantee immediate results. In fact, it’s what you can do with them that matters.

Search Ranking in 2021 – Create Content Around Your Keyword List

Marketers are expected to invest more in content creation. As online users become more informed and discerning when it comes to what they see, hear, or read from brands, it is imperative to come up with a good mix of materials that inform and influence your audience’s decisions. Besides, quality content gives your SEO efforts a boost since recent changes to Google’s search algorithm have highlighted the need to provide quality content to online users. You need to create a content strategy that focuses on delivering value and aligns with your SEO strategy. Here are the steps you can take to do this:

Write about Relevant Topics

Providing your audience with information about issues or problems close to home is the foundation of effective content marketing. You will need to spend ample time and resources brainstorming for possible topics to write about or make videos out of. However, you also need to choose your topics wisely and avoid falling into the pit of creating content that touches on sensitive political and social issues.

Focus on Video Marketing

As mobile technology becomes even more sophisticated, people are finding it easier to access video content from various platforms. In fact, videos prove to fare better at retaining and influencing audience decisions. For this reason, adding informative videos to a text increases the time users spend on site, effectively increasing your website’s SEO score. Consider creating tutorials and reviews that help people make important decisions.

Create Copy that Engages and Converts 

You still need your search-optimized content to lead customers towards making a purchase. Your SEO efforts will only go to waste if the content you publish doesn’t produce the number of conversions you wanted. When it comes to content, quality pertains to both substance and form. Besides writing about topics that people care about, you will also need to package and deliver this information in the most engaging way. For this year, you will need to focus on grammatically correct content and written in a tone that compels readers to engage.

You need to put your best foot forward in knowing which topics most people search for and create content that offers a fresh perspective on a trending issue. Not only does this increase your brand’s online visibility, but it also helps position your brand as an industry leader.

Improving Search Ranking in 2021 – Keep Track of Your Analytics

content marketing channels image

As you implement your SEO and content strategy, you will need to make sure every component is working in line with your business’s expectations. Analytics is still integral to your marketing efforts in 2021, considering the uncertainty that businesses face. Added to that is that search engines revise their ranking policies in ways that require organizations to make drastic changes.

To maintain your business’s gains online, you will need to calibrate your SEO efforts and adapt to the changes that take place on the ground. After all, SEO is a continuous venture, and it’s always important to set realistic targets to ensure that every cent invested in your strategy produces the best returns. For this, you might want to consider identifying success indicators such as the amount of organic traffic your website generates each week and the number of users that bounce away on their first visit. In case you are losing out on your goals, you can always use a website crawler or avail of SEO audit services to help you figure out any backend issues that need to be resolved.

Search Ranking in 2021 – Enhance Your Link-Building Game

This year, it’s important to focus on building backlinks that redirect to authoritative sources and help audiences stay engaged. For this reason, consider intensifying your link-building strategy through publishing guest blogs, using links that lead to knowledge sources, and fixing broken links. In terms of guest blogging, you might want to consider writing quality content for authoritative news sites such as Forbes,, and Business Insider. You only need to pitch your article well and reflect the industry that the website is targeting. You can also add value to your content by adding natural links to other informative content.

Lastly, you need to spend ample time during an SEO audit to analyze your competitor’s link-building strategy and trace the sites they are linking to. Once you are done with analyzing, you might want to adopt the best-performing links. This should help your website fare better in the same keywords. It takes time to build an effective SEO strategy, but it does pay off nicely if you make the best decisions and try out newer and better ways to outrank your competitors.

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